Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Strain, Season 2, Episode 10: The Assassin

It rather hilariously tells you how little plot-relevant things happened in the last episode that the recap-thing at the beginning of this episode barely mentions it

Feraldo’s war continues - and the mayor has got his way – the next stop on her vampire killing tour is the rich people area of Manhattan. He makes a big speech about it while she watches him with serial-killer eyes. Ferraldo’s speech contains a snarky reference to how rich and expensive the area is and how her backgrounds wouldn’t let her close to it. She also emphasises that they’re saving all of New York – and since they’re coming here first she expects the rich folks to dip into their vast pockets to fund the fight. The mayor is not happy about this. Nor are the rich people to which Feraldo points out the people of Red Hook came out of their houses and fought and died against the vampires – which she’s pretty sure these people are not going to do that.

I like her.

Eldritch goes to find Coco in her less than salubrious flat. He’s trying to win her back after she stormed off, making a plea for romance and her coming back to him, waving his tragic life as a flag. Coco isn’t buying it – he caused the break up by not trusting her and he isn’t the only one who has had a hard past, that doesn’t mean he’s entitled to her.

Dutch and Ephraim are setting up techy things in a sky-scraper to look at Eldritch Palmer were, possibly, in several episodes, they may do something. But probably not. While they’re there Dutch discusses the downsides of monogamy with Dutch referencing Ephraim’s multiple relationships and her caught in her love triangle.

They’re there when Coco and Palmer return, it looks like he convinced her. They mayor arrives before they can discuss their relationship more and he’s super shocked and horrified about Ferraldo’s tax and how it’s going to destroy him. Rather than talking to Ferraldo himself, he’s pleading with Palmer to appeal to her. So Palmer is going on a field trip which will give Ephraim chance to set up his sniper ambush. Yeah… last week proved that Ephraim isn’t actually good with that rifle… has he practiced a lot since then?

He decides to drink while waiting instead. Because that’ll work.

Feraldo is facing push back from the rich people but she has the best “I’m not impressed” face. She’s quite happy to take her people back to Brooklyn. She is so awesomely not impressed by their threats.

Palmer arrives and Ephraim finally takes the shot – he and Dutch flee the scene. But Palmer is alive… Ephraim has shot Coco instead.

You had one job Ephraim!

Their escape route is also blocked. However they manage to leave by cunningly removing Ephraim’s hat so he doesn’t look suspicious. It’s New York, apparently in the winter. Everyone in this scene has hats – including Dutch. Ephraim’s lack of hat, especially since he’s bald, makes him stand out and look weird. Police are still running around everywhere. I’m not sure what they’re doing since they have no idea who took the shot. They would have easily got away if Ephraim hadn’t bumped into a policeman and showed off his shiny gun.

They’re both captured.

Abraham, Nora and Vasiliy are out looking for the Occido Lumen, which is also cursed and brings disaster as well. Apparently. Abraham could have mentioned this earlier. They’re looking for a guy called Fornescu who has his book (a guy Abraham knew as a kid in one of his many flashbacks). Unfortunately there are a few of them in the phone book.

While checking many many books they hear of Ephraim and Dutch’s epic failure. Abraham is not impressed – he’s quite happy if they’ve succeeded in killing Eldritch. Abraham is furious that they’re running off to save Ephraim rather than finding his all important book

While in the car, Nora is not happy that Ephraim has crossed the line to killing people.

Ephraim watches Coco in surgery and he demands that Eichorst gets the Master help or he will desist all help. Eichorst is duly mocking and unimpressed. She is stabilised but the surgeon doesn’t know what condition she will be in – or I she will ever wake up.

In the police station, Ephraim and Dutch are separated and Ephraim is visited by Palmer to confirm just how much he has failed and trying to make Ephraim feel guilty about being a terribad man. Palmer tries to mock Ephraim for daring to resist and not lying down and dying. Ephraim tries to throw it back but Palmer just sees it as basic evolution. More powerfully, Ephraim mocks Palmer for thinking even for a second that Palmer is the Master’s equal

But Palmer has an epic come back – when Ephraim says the world would have thanked him for killing Palmer, Palmer points out the world won’t even notice Ephraim’s death.

The Master does visit Coco and Eldrith and give her some of his silver blood. She wakes up and sees a monster lurking over her before he vanishes. This means Eldritch now gets to give Coco the big reveal. She doesn’t look very happy about this.

Ephraim is in prison when a whole wave of angry vampires attack killing an entire room of cops – then Vasiliy and Nora come in and manage to kill a the whole room of vampires. Yes the whole room of vampires that just killed a room of armed police. Ephraim is now rescued, alas. Now it’s time to find Dutch.

Abraham is still looking for this fecking book and getting almost as frustrated about it as I am. At last, in the last minute of the episode, he finds the damn thing. Then is knocked out and it is stolen.


Dutch has been captured by Eichorst.

So we have another episode in which Coco – a side character who wasn’t moving the plot forward – is briefly injured before coming back. Thereore not actually advancing the plot unless you actually think Coco is integral to the story.

Abraham spends the whole damn episode going door to door before finally finding that damn book and then loses the wretched thing, so that’s another plot line doing nothing Ephraim was arrested and then conveniently released in the most ridiculously timed vampire attack ever (with vampires who completely ignore the humans beheading them in favour of waving their suckers at Ephraim in a cell). I also kind of want to know if this is really how police departments are laid out in the US? I mean, where an imprisoned man can see into the whole office, check out whatever information you have on your computer screens, overhear your conversations et al? And Feraldo is now stuck in political sniping rather than vampire killing.

Dutch is kidnapped. That’s it, I could delete this whole recap and just replace it with that line.

The mayor is not only pathetic, useless and appalling representation – but he can’t even be a decent villain. Honestly, appealing to Palmer to real Ferraldo in? If he’s going to be the self-interested bad guy at least give him a little spine! He’s not just evil, he has to be pathetic as well.