Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Five: The Axeman's Letter

This week starts with a flashback to Aurora's romance with Klaus.  Klaus says that there was a bright light in Aurora which made him feel like the man he was.  He is morose about the fact that he created Lucian and is a killer.  It seems that in the middle of the feeding, Aurora burst in and caught Klaus with his face covered in blood.  She run into a field to mourn and he leaves her a letter explaining what the little he can filled.

In the present, Aurora has written a letter to Klaus. When Klaus does get the letter, he plucks it from the dead hand of the bloody delivery girl.  The letter contains a poem suggesting that Klaus find Aurora before she finds him.  Elijah remarks about how eager Klaus is to find Aurora.  Elijah then brings up his visions behind the red door but Klaus is adamant that he this is not time for Elijah's confessions.  Klaus walks off saying that if need be, they can kill Aurora together.

Vincent and Cami are in the Quarter where it seems that city of New Orleans has decided to throw a party celebrating a serial killer while the cops are busy tying to catch a serial killer who is terrorizing the city.  Vincent explains that the killer was actually witch who didn't kill people for a day because the city threw a party. Cami and Vincent discuss Lucian's involvement and Cami's desire to keep tabs on him because she is the one who convinced Klaus not to kill him.

Klaus and Elijah are in the Quarter looking for Aurora. Yes, another blasted flashback and this time, Klaus is in bed with her. Aurora tells Klaus that he doesn't have to treat her gently and asks him to turn her, saying that then they wouldn't have to hide their love.  Klaus tells Aurora that she doesn't know what she is asking and adds that she is perfect the way she is. Klaus asks her how it is that her hair smells like a summer's day. In the present, Klaus holds a bottle of perfume.  When Elijah turns around, he finds that Klaus is gone.

Klaus enters a perfume store and finds Aurora waiting for him.  Aurora greats Klaus by calling him her sweet love.

Davina thanks Jackson and Hayley for coming to see her and they point out that they have no choice because they are pretty much her slaves. Jackson asks what Davina wants and Davina says that this is her first public event as regent and is worried that it won't go so well since Van Nguyen blames her for murdering his mother. Umm yeah you think? It seems that Davina wants Hayley and Jackson to be her bodyguards and points out that if she dies, the candle goes out as well. Jackson tells Hayley to stick with Davina while he checks out the crowd.

Aurora says that it doesn't feel like a thousand years since she and Klaus were together.  Aurora snarks about Klaus arriving alone and Klaus says that Elijah has been texting him constantly about an ancient secret.  Klaus believes that the secret is that Aurora and Elijah slept together but she denies it. Flashback and this time Aurora is crying, saying that her mother died giving birth to her and that it makes her cursed and broken. Klaus says that there's a thing that he is done which he can never tell anyone because it would destroy his family. Klaus admits that he killed his mother in a fit of rage because she crippled him from becoming who he was meant to be.  Klaus reveals that he blamed it on his father and that they have been running ever since.  Klaus tells Aurora that she is not as broken as him. Aurora however is not repelled and says that this revelation means that they are the same.  Klaus vows to give Aurora anything and so she asks once again to be like him.  Well these two are well matched. Could they be anymore melodramatic?

In the present, Aurora claims that she is here to protect her sire and surprise, surprise, her sire is Rebekah.

Elijah sits down with Tristan at a restaurant to discuss the threats facing the Mikaelsons.  Elijah hands over Aurora's note. Tristan says that Aurora is in one of her dark periods.  Elijah however wants to know where Aurora is because she cultivates misfortune.  Tristan denies that Aurora is in New Orleans because Aurora has not made contact with him. Elijah walks away telling Tristan that he shouldn't be so sure about that.

Lucian is still walking through the Quarter with Cami and Vincent hot on his heels.  Vincent says that everyone likes a charismatic killer and that he doesn't practice magic anymore because he was drawn to Eva's darkness.  Lucian suddenly disappears and when Vincent scans the crowd, Lucian's takes the opportunity to snatch Cami. Lucian questions why Cami is haunting him and says that what is between them needs to end, as he strokes Cami's face.  Cami is quick to threaten Lucian with Klaus but Lucian makes it clear that Cami has no idea what he is capable of.  Lucian makes a quick exit after warning Cami that she is about to find out.  When Cami walks around the corner, she finds another victim.

Klaus makes it clear to Aurora that she didn't have to come to New Orleans to protect Rebekah because Rebekah has moved on.  Aurora yells that her fate is bound to Rebekah's. Flashback time and this time, Rebekah comes across Aurora who has slit her wrists and gives her some of her blood. Rebekah calls Aurora stupid and questions why she would do this to herself.  Aurora apparently tried to commit suicide because Tristan forbade her from seeing Klaus. Aurora says that her mind haunts her and points out that Mikaelsons are never wounded. Rebekah says that they have their own torments.  Rebekah is angry and yells that they are cursed. Aurora asks Rebekah to leave, saying that she wants to sleep and that the Mikaelson curse is nothing in comparison to hers.  The moment Rebekah leaves, Aurora stands and makes her way slowly to the window.  Aurora then jumps out of the window and plummets to her death.

Davina is brought a goat from the coven for their gift.  The witches all stand holding various animals and Davina is clearly flustered and so excuses herself.  Alone, Davina tells Hayley that she is sick of having to sacrifice goats and would just like a gift card.  Davina acknowledges that this is tradition and that is not for her.  It seems that Davina believed that if she were more like Josephine, that the witches would respect her.  Hayley admits that she is not happy that she was made to murder and that apparently, neither is Davina. Hayley believes that Davina is pretending to be someone who she is not. Hayley recommends that Davina be who she is, if she wants the respect of the witches.

Elijah tells Marcel that he heard Tristan's heart pound when he accused Tristan of working with someone.  Elijah wonders if Tristan was telling the truth about Aurora, causing Marcel to suggest that what Elijah wants is for him to investigate. Marcel is clear that he won't break his cover just because Elijah heard Tristan's heart beat fast.  Marcel agrees to have someone trail Tristan.

Aurora tries to get her flirt on with Klaus but he is resistant.  In flashback mode, Aurora approaches Klaus as a vampire. He is absolutely horrified but she grabs him and kisses him, biting him in the process. Cue angry vampire make out scene.  Aurora questions if Klaus remembers what the first time felt like because she was every bit as tormented, powerful and cursed as him. Aurora asks Klaus if he can look her in the eye and say that he has not thought of her.  Aurora admits that after a thousand years of trying to forget him, she is not over him.  The two then kiss.

The police collect the dead body, as Vincent and Cami talk.  Cami asks Vincent what he would say if she told him that there's a way for him to perform magic without actually using it. Will shows up and is very suspicious that Cami is the one who found the body and in fact was alone with it.

Van has gathered a bunch of witches and after doing a spell, prepares to stab a doll with a knife.  Jackson bursts in and attacks.  Van asks if Jackson is going to murder him like his mother was murdered.

After a steamy kiss, Klaus tells Aurora that must have forgotten why it is they are not the greatest love story every told. Flashback time with Lucian telling the family that word has spread about the Mikaelsons's feeding habits.  It seems that Kol is to blame.  Rebekah's first concern is that if the villagers know, that means that Michael might know soon.  Klaus asks Aurora to run away with him and she is not impressed with the idea at all.  Aurora calls Klaus a cruel wretched thing and unworthy of anyone's love.  When Klaus asks if she really means that, Aurora uses the fact that Esther turned her back on Klaus and that he killed her.  If that isn't a lesson about being careful when you reveal your secrets, I don't know what is. Tears fall down Klaus's face, as he tells Aurora that she is breaking his heart but she makes it clear that she could never love him and that they are not alike.  Klaus turns and walks out of the room.

 In the present Klaus tells Aurora that no one has talked to him like that and lived in 1,000 years.  Aurora says that she was not the architect of their heartache and reveals that moments before Klaus asked her to leave, she saw Elijah.

More flashback time and this time, Aurora confronts a panicked Elijah who says that Michael is coming and that they have to leave.  Elijah says that Aurora is not their blood but Aurora charges that she knows things about Klaus that Elijah never will. When Aurora won't betray Klaus, Elijah demands to know what Klaus said to Aurora. In the present, Aurora claims that she couldn't stop the words pouring out of her mouth.  In the past,  Aurora  says that cannot understand why she revealed Klaus's secret and claims that she loves Klaus in spite of it. Elijah then compels Aurora to see Klaus as a monster.   In the present, Aurora says that this is the first time that Elijah experienced the ability to compel and when he understood what he did, he did not undo it. Klaus realises that this is the secret that Elijah wanted to tell him, as Aurora looks at him with tears in his eyes.

Jackson drags Van to see Davina, who says that since he tried to murder a regent that he should be hanged. Van snarks about the fact that the first place Davina's mind went is to murder. Van asks if she knows what he was using to attack her and shows Davina a doll.  Davina says that the doll wouldn't have killed her and Van explains that if he had stabbed it in the heart, the victim would have been compelled to confess their darkest truths. Van says that at least this would be justice and Davina argues that Van's mother wanted her dead and people would have died as a result of the split it would have created. Davina adds that she has seen things done the old way and even done things the old way and that it doesn't work. Davina tells Van to leave if he doesn't want peace but asks him to stay so they can work together and change things.  Van walks out. Did she really expect him to buddy up with her after she had his mother slaughtered?

Elijah calls Klaus and leaves a message asking him to call.  Marcel enters and reports that he had his men follow Tristan and saw him enter a building but never come out.  It seems that bootleggers used a tunnel under the building it in the 20's and that Lucian is the one who owns the area that the tunnels leading from the building lead to.  Marcel suggests that Tristan and Lucian are brokering some kind of truce.

Klaus yells at Aurora that she has had a thousand years to tell him of Elijah's betrayal and questions why she is doing so now. Aurora points out that there has never been a prophecy spelling out their doom before now. Aurora admits that she killed the witch and when she was shown the Mikaelson's destroyed. Klaus wonders if Aurora's plan is to turn him against the only brother he has but Aurora points out that the prophesy said  Klaus would be undone by friend, foe and family and questions who the family might be.  Aurora suggests that family might just be the one closest to him.

Davina thanks Hayley for telling her to be herself.  Hayley grabs a candle saying that she asked the ancestors for the magic to lift Hayley's curse and since it is a celebration day, they granted it. Davina blows out the candle saying that keeping Hayley and Jackson as slaves seems like something the older generation would do.  Davina hands the candle to Hayley and adds that she would rather have her as a friend.

Vincent is going through Cami's witch supplies that she inherited from her uncle. Vincent tells Cami that she doesn't even want to know what this stuff does and questions why she didn't tell him before.  Vincent adds that in the wrong hands it could destroy the city.  Will shows up and demands all of the artifacts, brandishing a search warrant, claiming it all has to do with a murder case. It seems that all Will had to do was to give the judge Cami's history and the fact that the only prints at the murder scene where Cami's. Will then places a shocked Cami under arrest.

Aurora tells Klaus that she has given him a lot to think about and suggests that he go to Elijah and ask him himself.  Aurora tells Klaus that when he finds his answers, he should come and find her.

Elijah sits having a drink when Klaus arrives.  Elijah calls Aurora's revelation convenient but Klaus sees Elijah as a traitor.  A calm Elijah stands and the brothers begin to fight. Klaus screams that Elijah set his course but Elijah believes that he protected their family.  Elijah calls Aurora a powerful lunatic and reminds Klaus that Michael was in pursuit of them. Elijah adds that despite all of the horrible things that Klaus has done, he always stood by him. Klaus asks if Elijah is guilty and adds that his secret betrayal is the cause of everything he became.  The brothers fight and Klaus manages to get a big bite out of Elijah's hand.  Elijah asks Klaus to look at himself and says that he is done carrying him.  Elijah finishes by telling Klaus that if he wants a fight, then so be it.

Well it didn't take long for the Mikaelson brothers to be at each other's throats once again.  They are seem to just thrive on hurting each other repeatedly.  Elijah may have convinced Aurora to despise Klaus but he didn't kill her. How many women that Elijah has fallen in love with has Klaus either murdered outright, caused the death of or simply hunted ceaselessly? If you ask me neither of them is a decent person.  Elijah had a thousand years to tell Klaus what he did.

Klaus's reaction was pure typical Klaus.  Really? Blaming Elijah for all of his actions simply because he had to separate from Aurora is ridiculous and I am glad that Elijah said so.  A broken heart does not explain or justify all of the nasty shit Klaus has been up to for 1,000 years.  That being said, it really was easy to throw a wedge between these two brothers. Even with everything at stake, they still came to blows.  Are they really 1,000 years old?

This episode should have been called simply melodrama.  I am used to Klaus's manpain after all of these years but watching it play out on the screen with Aurora was almost vomit inducing.  I normally love Joseph Morgan's acting but this was just over the damn top.  Can we please have a break from the weeping sociopaths please?  Also can we avoid having Klaus and Aurora in the same scene together ever again?

Davina's story line this week read like an after school special. Yes, I am old enough to remember those.  Really? Just be yourself? That's the best the writers could come up with?  I gotta say that I love that Van walked out in disgust.  She killed his mother and then expects them to work together. Is there any chance that they are going to make Davina a little less naive anytime soon?

On to Cami.  This woman seems to love courting danger.  When you play with immortals, you get bit. How many times has Cami seen this?  Yes, humans are getting killed but they die everyday at the hands of other humans.  Is anyone else starting to wonder if they are going to ship Cami with Vincent?  I really think the writers are just tossing around looking for some kind of plot to involve these two in and it's perhaps the weakest story line this episode this season. Maybe Will locking her up will give us a much deserved Cami break.