Monday, November 23, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season Six, Episode Seven: Heads Up

Nicholas falls on top of Glenn and the zombies devour him, leaving Glenn safe on the bottom. With the zombies distracted, Glenn pulls his way to safety and hides under the dumpster.  Zombies reach for Glenn on both sides and he uses his knife to slash at those he can reach before passing out. Zombies slowly start to peel off and walk away.  Hours pass and it's now the next day when Glenn crawls out from under the dumpster.  Glenn reaches into his pack desperate for water but the bottle is empty.  Glenn does however manage to find a gun.  Enid calls Glenn's attention from a roof and throws down a bottle of water to him.  Glenn then climbs into a store looking for Enid and she calls out that there's another water bottle in the corner and that Glenn is to take it and go.   Glenn drinks the water down and finds Enid's stash of empty cans.   Glenn asks what Enid is doing there but she refuses to answer.  Glen then asks about Alexandria because of the gunfire and she replies that what happened is what always happened, "people died." Glenn thinks that the walkers broke through the wall and Enid replies that it was people, and again instructs Glenn to go.  Glenn asks about Maggie, but this time he gets no answer.  Glenn moves forward into the building looking for Enid, only to find that she went out a window and has taken off.  Glenn frantically attempts to follow.

Rick walks the perimeter of Alexandria, checking the walls, as Morgan works on his Kata.  Rick suggests to Morgan that they need to talk a little later and Morgan agrees.  Rick looks at the look out area where Maggie is standing watch and decides to join her. Rick tells Maggie that she doesn't have to be up there but Maggie says that she to be in case Glenn sends up a signal.  Rick responds that when they leave the walls it's never easy but they have come back from harder things.  Rick is certain that Glenn, Sasha, Abraham and Darryl will be back.  Rick is so confidant that he suggests not waiting on the missing members of the crew, but finding a way to draw the walkers away from Alexandria. Rick says that they can take their time and do it right so that when the others return they can walk right back in.  Maggie brings up Judith and the fact that Judith is starting to look like Lori. It seems that this makes them both happy.

Glenn continues his pursuit of Enid and pauses to kill a walker.  Glenn finds the note David wrote to his wife as a goodbye.

At Alexandria, Gabriel puts up a note informing the community of a prayer circle he plans on hosting. Rick and Carl pass by Gabriel and Rick grabs the note and crumples it up without skipping a beat. This even shocks Carl.  Gabriel simply puts another note back up but doesn't confront Rick.

Rick starts to teach Ron how to shoot a gun and Carl advises him that he has to be strong enough to wait for his moment. Ron suggests shooting at the walkers but Rick says no because of the sound riling the walking up.  Ron then suggests shooting practice in the middle in town but Rick simply looks at Ron. Ron says that he simply wants to learn more.

Morgan walks up to the infirmary but turns to walk away.  Denise opens the door and offers him oatmeal but he declines.  Denise asks Morgan what is up and he says that he is fine.  Denise tells Morgan that he can tell her if he is not.  Rick walks by and sees Morgan and says that it's time for them to talk.

Rick explains that he tried to cut off the herd with the RV and five people with the W's on their forehead stopped him. Rick says that they tried to kill him and that Carol said she saw Morgan, who said he wouldn't kill those people. Carol asks if Morgan let any of them go and Morgan responds that he didn't want to have to kill five people if he didn't have to kill. An angry Carol points out that the W's burned people alive.  Morgan questions why Rick didn't kill him in King County, after he pulled a knife on him and Rick explains that it's because he knew Morgan. Morgan says that back then, he would have killed Rick as soon as looking at him.  Morgan points out that Rick let him live and then he was there to help Aaron and Darryl.  Morgan adds that if he wasn't there, Aaron and Darryl  would have died, then maybe those wolves wouldn't have been able to come to Alexandria.  Morgan says that he doesn't know what is right anymore and that he did want to kill those men but he also knows that people can change. Morgan adds that all life is precious and that this idea changed him and keeps him living.  Morgan admits that he thought about letting that idea go and Michonne responds that he might have to because things aren't as simple as four words.  Morgan asks if he belongs here and Rick questions if Morgan can make it now without getting blood on his hands.  Morgans responds that he doesn't know.

Rick is now talking to Michonne about how to draw away the walkers.  Rick believes that they need to get their people on it. Michonne asks about adding the Alexandrians, but Rick is adamant that they need to keep it to themselves now. Michonne points out that they are catching their breathe right now and are in here together.  Michonne says anything else is just an excuse.  Deanna joins them with plans for the expansion and when Rick says that they have other things on their plate. Deanna explains that these are for what Alexandria can be after this. It seems that Deanna is certain that they are all going to get through this.

Rosita is instructing the Alexandrians and Eugene how to fight with a blade and kill walkers.  All pretend to slash away except for Eugene. Rosita orders Eugene to get a grip and questions what he is so afraid of. Eugene responds death and Rosita says that dying is simple, it's the people around you dying that's the hard part because you have to keep living knowing that they're gone.  Rosita argues that what Eugene should be scared of is living knowing that he didn't do everything to keep the others here.  Eugene walks off after Rosita taunts him about the noises scaring him.

Enid stares at a piece of paper with JSS on it, before grabbing her things to peak outside.  When Enid opens the doors walkers walk past but before she can leave, Enid is grabbed from behind by Glenn. Glenn tells Enid that he is taking her home and asks why Enid gave him water. Enid responds that she had it and he needed it but  adds that it doesn't make them friends. Glenn agrees with this assertion and makes it clear that he is doing this for Maggie because she wouldn't leave Enid behind or want him to leave Enid behind. Enid asserts that she is not friends with Maggie either but Glenn makes it clear that he is not having this conversation and that they are leaving now.  When Glenn moves to grab Enid, she pulls a gun on him.  Glenn demands the gun but Enid tells him to turn around and walk away.  Glenn simply reaches out and grabs the gun and Enid calls him an asshole. Glenn says that they are headed out the back. A resigned Enid grabs her pack and walks out with Glenn hot on her heels.

Rick is working on reinforcing the walks when he is joined by Tobin, who says that Rick looks like he could use a hand.  Tobin suggests building up the brace on the walls, as Rick continues to work.

Glenn and Enid make their way back to Alexandria, and Enid stops to kill a walker.  They find some helium balloons and Enid ties them to her bag, saying that they can be used to distract the walkers.

Tobin continues to work side by side with Rick and they both notice the blood pouring through a hole in the fence.  Tobin tells Rick that he scared people when they first saw him with the beard and the way he looked around like he was seeing things they weren't.  Tobin tells Rick that things moved slow in Alexandria and then things just started moving to fast but asks him not to give up on the Alexandrians.

Enid finds a helium tank in the bushes and Glenn asks who she stayed with back home. Enid declares that Alexandria is not her home and that she lived in Olivia's place, but she was on her own.  Enid fills up a balloon with helium.  Glenn says that he knows that Enid is scared but she denies it. Glenn says that Enid doesn't want to lose anything again but that one honours the dead by going on.  Glenn adds that one should live because the dead don't get to.  Glenn asks Enid if her parents wanted her waving around a gun because she is afraid and Enid yells that they don't have to talk.

Olivia sits reading a book and when she hears a crash, she goes to check it out. Olivia finds cans on the ground and bends to pick them up. Ron uses Olivia's distraction to sneak into the armory and steal bullets.

Enid and Glenn approach Alexandria and see that it is surrounded by walkers.   Enid turns to walk away and Glenn has to chase after her. Enid asks what's the point and says that the world is trying to die.  Glenn tells Enid that she is wrong that that they are not supposed to let the world die. Glenn tells Enid that he won't let her die.  Glenn points out that both the houses and walls are still up and promises that they will find out the rest.

Rick and Tobin return to the fence to see Spencer using a grappling hook tied to a rope to pull himself outside of Alexandria and across the field of walkers.  Rosita calls out to Spencer as the grappling hook starts to shake.  The hook loosens and Spencer finds himself hanging from the rope with his feet dangling. The rope snaps and Spencer lands on the ground. Rosita fires into the walkers, as Spencer gets up and tries to climb back up the rope with Rick and Tobin pulling him up. Rick and Tobin are joined by Morgan and they manage to pull Spencer to safety. Spencer says that he was trying to get to a car and draw the walkers away.  Rick tells Spencer that when he has an idea, he is to come to him. Spencer questions if Rick would even listen.

Morgan returns to the infirmary to see Denise and tells her that everything is fine. Scott is still lying in bed unconscious.  Morgan notes what Denise calls her cheat sheets - the medical information that she studies.  Morgan tells Denise to have faith and she asks what he wants.  Morgan asks how well the community is stocked with antibiotics because he wants to dress a wound.  Morgan says that he didn't come in earlier because he didn't want to get Denise involved in something that she doesn't want to be involved in.  Morgan explains that it's a secret and that the wound he needs dressed isn't his.

Carol stands on her porch and watches as Denise follows Morgan down the street.  With Judith in her arms, Carol follows at a distance.  After watching them from the bushes, Carol turns around and tells Jessie that help is needed at the watch point and asks Jessie if she can watch Judith for a moment. The two women head inside so that Jessie can put away her tools.  Sam calls to Carol from upstairs asking what happens if you can't live with it.  Sam asks if the people who came were the monsters and if his father turned into one.  Sam then asks if Carol turns into one of the monsters. Carol answers that the only thing that stops someone from becoming a monster is killing.  Carol hands Judith off and leaves.

Carol then lets herself into the cell but is met by Morgan.

Carl walks down the street and Ron follows behind him, pulling the gun out of his pants.

Alone on a porch, Michonne looks at Deanna's plans.

Parts of the wall continue to crumble as Rick and Tobin continue to work on shoring things up.  They are approached by Tara, who is looking for Denise.  Rick apologises for yelling at Tara over her efforts to save Spencer, saying that she could have died.  Deanna joins Rick and Tara to thank them for saving Spencer.  Rick is adamant that what Spencer did was stupid and Deanna says that at least he tried. Rick adds that when the walkers were going for Spencer, there was a gap and that he could  to get a car.  Rick believes that Spencer would have died but he would have been able on his own to get to a car and lead the walkers away. Rick explains that he helped saved Spencer, because Spencer is Deanna's son.  In response, Deanna tells Rick that he gave the wrong answer.

Everyone looks up when they see the balloons floating in the sky.  Maggie runs to Rick and says that this is Glenn.  The walls start to creek and the watchtower falls over.

Let me start off by saying that they need to get someone other than Olivia to watch the pantry and the armory.  People are either always tricking her or pushing right past her to get what they want.  Olivia might as well not even be there for all the good she does. Okay not that I have that off my chest, let's talk about the rest of the show.

Glenn is alive! I said, Glenn is alive! Thank goodness.  I knew that they wouldn't kill off a character as major as Glenn this way.  I still however think that Glenn is in grave danger given that the time is quickly approaching in the comics where Glenn died.  There's also the issue that this season, all The Walking Dead has done is kill off Alexandrians and it's clear that before the season is done, we are going to lose someone major. Please let it not be Glenn. I am perfectly fine with seeing Darryl killed off.

What I found interesting this episode was Glenn's interaction with Enid.  In many ways, Glenn was parenting Enid on the spot and showing her how to move forward.  It made me think of Sophia from the comics and the way that both Maggie and Glenn adopted her after Carol's death.  It also made me think of Maggie's pregnancy.  It seems that Glenn is gearing up for what it will mean to parent in the zombie apocalypse.

What is going to happen with Morgan? He knows that he is on thin ice because he didn't kill the five invaders.  Here's the thing though, they let Eugene and Gabriel stay though they are both useless as all get out, so I don't see why Morgan's refusal to kill should mean that he doesn't have a place at Alexandria.  I think it's interesting that Michonne made a point of saying that things aren't as simple as Morgan is making it out to be in a zombie apocalypse. Humans are just as dangerous if not more so and refusing to kill leaves one vulnerable.  What I did however find strange is that Morgan wasn't more conscious of Carol.  He once told Carol that he knows that she sees everything and still was obvious enough in his actions for Carol to suspect him.  I thought Morgan was smarter than that.

Okay Eugene with a knife is not a good idea. Yes, the man is a coward but also given his other actions on the show since arriving, we know he doesn't have the sense of a concussed penguin. We do however know that when forced to, Eugene can be brave.  I wonder if he will get his chance next week.

Ron is the last person Rick should have been teaching how to shoot. Yes, the boy needs to learn how to protect himself but he also has a huge chip on his shoulder and still blames Rick for the death of Porch Dick despite the fact that Pete abused his entire family.  I actually thought that Ron's target and so was surprised to see him following Carl.  It does however make me wonder if this how Carl ends up losing his eye?  Will Ron even have time to shoot now that the wall is down?

So far only one day has passed on The Walking Dead this season though we have had seven episodes. It will be interesting to see if they move the story forward after this.