Sunday, November 22, 2015

Grimm, Season Five, Episode Four: Maiden Quest

"After three days and nights,
whoever tries
and does not succeed
shall be put to death"

Baby Kelly is crying and no matter what his parents do, they cannot seem to calm him, as they frantically try to cook dinner.  They decide to call Rosealee to learn if the baby has colic.  Rosalee and Monroe are trying to have a quiet romantic dinner when a frantic Adalind calls complaining that they have tried everything and that Kelly won't stop crying.  Rosealee suggests trying some fennel but suddenly, the baby stops crying, attracted by the light on the cell phone.  Nick is quick to suggest getting Kelly his own phone.

Daniel Troyer is leading a ceremony regarding vengeance for the murder of his only son and the prospect of marrying his daughter Emily. Three Wesen draw feathers to see who will be the first to attempt to seek justice.  It's Issac who draws the longest feather and he is ordered to bring Daniel, the headd of Frankie Atkins.  Before leaving, Issac tells Emily that he has loved her for years and that this is his chance to prove it.

Nick and Adalind sit and have dinner together.  Adalind admits that since her mother wasn't around, she had to teach herself how to cook.  Adalind then asks about mommy Grimm and learns that she was a good cook, until she disappeared when Nick was 12. Adalind reveals that her father took off when she was four.  Adalind then acknowledges that their arrangement is weird (um yeah, ya think) and that she appreciates Nick taking care of the both of them. Adalind then brings up the job opportunity, adding that she doesn't like to rely on anyone.  Nick however thinks that it might be too soon for Adalind to go back to work.  Adalind wants to contribute because she doesn't like feeling so helpless but then in a total twist, asks Nick to stay with her and Kelly in their room again tonight. Adalind feels safer with Nick sleeping next to her because she knows that he will kill anything that comes through the door.  Nick simply gives her the eye but does not respond.

Frankie Atkins prepares to leave his dance club when Issac enters.  Issac follows Frankie outside, as Frankie orders his bodyguard to go and get the car.  The bodyguard is knocked unconscious by Issac. As Frankie attempts to get into the car, he is knocked to the ground by Issac. Issac draws his sword to inflict the killing blow and finds himself attacked by another Wesen and killed, as Issac hides underneath his Humvee in a panic.

Renard meets Andrew, who wants to run for the mayor of Portland.  It seems that Andrew wants Renard's support and so Renard asks for more information on what Andrew plans to do.

Wu, Hank, Nick arrive outside of the club.   Wu gives Nick and Hank the details of the murder and that Issac was the son of a prominent defense attorney in town.  The cops examine the sword and Wu adds that Frankie claims that he was saved by someone wearing an animal mask.  Nick and Hank head inside the club to question Frankie, who claims that he has never seen Issac before and  that he hid under the Humvee until the cops.  Frankie is adamant that he has never seen anything like this before and that he owes the man in the animal costume.

Back at the station, Hank and Nick try to find a connection between Frankie and Issac, particularly why Issac was trying to kill Frankie.  Nick and Hank decide to discuss the situation with Renard because Renard knows Issac's mother Amanda Proctor.  Renard reveals that Amanda and her son are Weten Ogen and offers to go with the Hank and Nick to inform Amanda about the death of her son.

Adalind tells Kelly that he is not an only child and brings up Diana. It's Adalind's hope that they will all be together some day.  Adalind gets a call from Rosealee, who is checking in on Kelly and to say that she has put together a few things for them. Rosealee offers to come over and Adalind agrees to go to her instead, claiming to have fortress fever.

Daniel is holding court again and he informs the remaining men that Issac almost succeeded in his mission but failed at the last second. It seems that Daniel believes that one of the two remaining suitor took Issac out.  Daniel then tasks Eli with taking out Frankie. warning that now that Frankie knows someone is trying to kill him, the mission will be more difficult.

Eli heads outside and he is stopped by Emily, who tells Eli that he doesn't have to kill Frankie, because this tradition isn't worth it.  Eli is certain that what happened to Issac will not happen to him. Eli says that he has a way in and warns that if Amos gets in his way, he will kill Amos.  Eli tells Emily that this is their time and that together, they will make a great family.

Renard, Hank and Nick go to Amanda's office to ask why Issac would try to kill Frankie.  Amanda says that as far as she knows, Issac didn't even know Frankie.  Nick brings up Issac's criminal record but Amanda is adamant that Issac wouldn't try and kill Frankie. Renard then reveals that Nick is a Grimm and Amanda is not pleased that Renard brought Nick into her office.  Amanda woges and asks Nick if this is what he wanted to see.  The cops asks where Issac was before he tried to kill Frankie and Amanda tells the cops about Issac's dinner with Daniel and that Daniel is a Weten Ogen just like her.

The cops leave the office and decide to go and see Issac, to see what they can find out.

At the spice shop, Monroe prepares to leave for a repair.  Rosealee holds an letter from a guy she used to know in Seattle, and worries about opening.  Monroe wonders if he should leave Rosealee with the letter and she makes it clear that there's nothing he shouldn't hear.  Rosealee reads the letter and learns that Carlos, a man she used to know in Seattle is dead. Rosealee puts the letter down in disgust and claims that both the letter writer and Carlos were not good men.  Both Rosealee and Monroe agree that they want to put the past behind them.

Hank and Nick approach Issac's home and discuss whether or not to reveal that they know that Daniel is a Wesen.  Emily answers the door and agrees to take Nick and Hank to see Daniel. Hank and Nick ask about Issac, and Daniel claims that what happened was very sad.  Daniel says that Issac and Emily used to play together as children and that Issac was at their home last night.  Emily gets emotional and starts to cry.  Nick asks about Frankie, and Daniel says that he doesn't know Frankie, or if Issac knew Frankie. Nick and Hank are told that Issac left at eleven and that no one was there besides the three of them. The cops leave but Nick is certain that this is all connected somehow.  Nick gets a call from Wu, as they get in the car.  It seems that a golden feather was found in Issac's autopsy.  Wu now believes that it's all related but also doesn't know how.

Frankie is in his office when Luis knocks to inform him that they have new bodyguards. Among the men is Eli, who swears that he is ready to die to protect Frankie.

Nick holds Truble's chess piece wondering where she is.  Adalind joins Nick and asks how work was and admits that this sounds too domestic.  Nick brings up that he was told to keep Chavez's phone and wonders why he was told to keep it, if no one is going to contact him.

Back at the dance club, Frankie prepares to leave.  Frankie tells Luis to make sure that everyone is watching his back.  When Frankie hops in the Humvee, it's Eli who is driving.

Nick hops down a tunnel which leads away from his residence.  Nick finds a door but is unable to get it open.  When Nick returns inside, he is filthy and finds an equally filthy Adalind, who is covered in baby puke.  After some awkwardness, they agree that Adalind will use the bathroom first.  Of course, Adalind forgets to bring a change of clothing into the bathroom with her and so sends Nick to find her something.  After going through Adalind's drawers and finding them empty, Nick grabs one of his shirts and gives it to Adalind.  Nick tells Adalind that she should buy some clothing with the credit card he gave her but Adalind claims that she would feel awkward doing that. Nick points out that not having clothing is more awkward.  Adalind leaves the bathroom in Nick's shirt and yes, there's a moment when he checks her out.  Nick strips down in the bathroom and notes, Adalind's bra hanging off a hook.  Yep, now they're domestic.

Eli has driven Frankie home and is ordered to stay outside after putting the car away.  Frankie orders Luis to make him a sandwich and settle into a home routine. Eli enters the home and knocks out one bodyguard and then attacks Luis as he is making Frankie a sandwich.  Eli delivers the sandwichs to Frankie who is not impressed to see him having ordered Eli to wait outside. Eli knocks Frankie down and prepares to deliver the killing blow but Eli is attacked as Frankie hides under the bed.  The Wesen rips out Eli's throat and Frankie watches in horror.

Wu, Hank and Nick arrive at Frankie's and Wu report that Frankie is starting to fall apart after what happened.  Frankie questions why two men tried to kill him with a sword and an axe when guns are available anywhere.  Frankie is clearly drugged right up.  Frankie says that the same freak who dresses like an animal saved his life again.  Hank questions what happens after the animal saves his life and Frankie replies that he just kills and leaves.  Nick asks Frankie who would want to save his life and Frankie says that it's quite the opposite in fact. Frankie goes on about the yellow eyes and tries to convince himself that he saw a mask.

The cops then head to check out Eli's body and note that it's the same MO as Issac's.  When they reach into Eli's pocket, they find yet another golden feather.

Hank and Nick decide to go and discuss the situation with Rosealee and Monroe, and learn that since both the killer and the victim were both Weten Ogen, that they are dealing with an old tradition - a mating quest.  Monroe however points out that the quest doesn't normally end up with the participants death.  Monroe questions who  the beautiful maiden is and Nick answers that it must be Emily.  Monroe and Rosealee say that the killer is probably the third competitor.  When the cops leave, Rosealee asks if Monroe would slay a dragon for her.

Daniel offers Amos a drink, informing him that it's his turn next, now that Eli is dead.  Amos is shocked by this news and responds that he didn't kill Eli.  Daniel tells Amos that he has proven his cunning but now he must complete his quest.  Amos makes it clear that he doesn't even want to be here and that his mother made him do this.  Amos adds that he doesn't want Emily, and is in fact gay. Daniel informs Amos that he cannot back out, or Daniel will kill him himself.  Amos takes the drink. Amos heads outside to his car and drives off but is unaware that Hank and Nick watched him leave. The cops pull Amos over and he is ordered to exit the vehicle.  Nick pulls the feather out of Amos's pants.

At the station, Nick and Hank ask how well Amos new Issac and Eli and Amos claims that he didn't know them.  Hank then asks about Daniel and Amos claims that Daniel is a friend of his father's and that he wanted to see Emily.  Amos then asks about a lawyer and Nick reveals that they know all about the quest and that Emily is the prize.  Amos says that love has nothing to do with what is going on. Nick then informs Amos that he is a Grimm and Amos Woges and admits that he was a part of the ceremony.  Amos is insistent that he didn't have anything to do with Issac and Eli's death.  Amos rambles and insists that the cops talk to Daniel.

Frankie is in his office when he is told that Amanda is there to see him.  Amanda informs Frankie that it's Daniel who is attempting to have him murdered. This shocks Frankie because he has never met Daniel but Amanda informs him that one of his goons killed Daniel's son, making Frankie technically responsible.  Amanda reveals  that since Daniel is responsible for the death of her son, she now wants Daniel dead.

Daniel is on the phone conducting business when Frankie enters his office holding a gun.  Frankie orders Daniel to put his phone down.  Outside, Nick and Hank arrive and pull their guns when they see Frankie's car.  Daniel denies trying to have Frankie killed and Frankie says that if it weren't for the guy in the animal costume, he might be dead. Daniel woges and asks Frankie if his savior looks like this.  A shocked Frankie fires his gun, as he is attacked from behind.  Nick and Hank enter and order Frankie's attacker to step away.  Daniel returns to himself and calls out to Emily, who returns to herself and rushes over to her father.  Nick and Hank call for an ambulance and Frankie starts to freak out about losing his mind.  Nick tells Emily that he knows all about the ceremony and she says that this was their tradition and not hers because she didn't want to marry anybody. Daniel is quick to tell his daughter that it's okay.  Daniel says that the quest was about making sure that Emily had the strength to take over and that she has proven herself to be more worthy than any man. Emily questions if she is going to be arrested and Nick says that they are going to arrest Daniel. Hank explains that every time Emily killed someone, it was to save Frankie's life. Frankie is a mess and is cowering in a corner and Nick explains that Daniel is under arrest for the solicitation to kill Frankie.

Nick arrives home to find Adalind trying to comfort and upset Kelly.  Nick takes the baby to give Adalind a break and lays the child in his bassinet.  Adalind tells Nick that she was worried about him because of everything that is happening.  Nick then takes a teary Adalind in his arms.  The embrace is interrupted by a loud bang and Nick heads outside to investigate.  A beaten Truble stumbles around the corner and collapses into Nick's arms.

This has become a weekly thing I know but it must be said repeatedly that what Grimm is doing with Nick and Adalind is beyond wrong.  Adalind to be clear, is Nick's RAPIST.  The fact that they are parents to Kelly doesn't negate the fact that Adalind violated Nick in the worst way possible. Last week, we had Nick getting into bed with Adalind because she was upset and now this week, they have not only upped the intimacy between the two, Nick is now willingly embracing Adalind to comfort her. No rape survivor seeks to comfort their rapist.  It's clear at this point that Grimm is never going to acknowledge what Adalind did to Nick and seems determined to set this two up on a path to a relationship.

Nick is now officially back to work and whatever reservations Renard had seem to have disappeared. Grimm is yet to explain to us Renard's swift change in attitude and clearly it only existed to make it seem like Nick was on his own fighting against the world. I absolutely hate it.

I very much enjoyed Wu snarking about the time that he spent in mental institution to Nick and Hank. The problem of course is that this is about the only real rage that we have seen from Wu about this. It is not sufficient to address what Hank and Nick did to Wu with simple snark as though it wasn't harmful and as though Nick didn't take extremely strong drugs because they lied to him.  I suppose this is just one other thing that Grimm is determined to ignore.

This episode finally introduced an LGBT character to the Grimm world. That's not something to praise - a show that has lasted for 5 seasons with so many characters and only just brings in an LGBT character is something to be ashamed of, not praised. On top of that the gay character exists for less than 5 minutes and is being forced to be part of a straight mating ritual. It's almost impressive that you can have such vanishing "inclusion" and still make it problematic

Finally, we have the return to Truble. I can only surmise that there is some tracking device in the phone which allowed whatever group Truble was with to find Nick's new residence.  It will be interesting to see what we learn about the war going on with the Wesen's and how the two Grimms fit in.  That said, if nothing else, Truble's presence will hopefully give us a rest when it comes to the growing intimacy between Nick and Adalind.