Sunday, December 6, 2015

Grimm, Season Five, Episode Five: Rat King

Nick grabs Trubel and rushes her to the hospital, after informing Adalind where he is going. I suppose we can't have the little woman  rapist worrying.  At the hospital, the staff is in shock as they peel body armor and various weapons off of Truble.  Nick covers by claiming that Trubel is a cop who was working under cover.  When Nick looks through Trubel's things, he finds various forms of identification and various kinds of currency.

While pacing around, Adalind decides to answer the phone Nick took from Chavez when she died. Adalind is surprised to recognize Meisner's voice.  In a flashback, we are reminded that it was Meisner who helped Adalind escape from the Royals.  Adalind calls Nick at the hospital to give him a heads up about the phone call but their conversation is brief because Nick is called away by the Doctor.  Nick asks to see Trubel and is told that she has been given a sedative and will need to stay in the hospital for observation.  Nick rushes in to see Trubel before she passes out and all she manages to tell him is that she has so much to share. The nurse asks Trubel her name and she says "Lauren Cole", which is the name on the fake identification that was in her pocket.  On the way out of the hospital, Nick stops long enough to hand over Trubel's fake license and his contact information and is told that he will be alerted when Trubel wakes.

When Nick gets home, Adalind gives him a little bit of information about Meisner but Nick is preoccupied by finding out what is going on with Trubel. To that end, he calls the precinct and gets a hold of Hank to get a trace on the plate from Trubel's motorcycle. Hank quickly hands the task over to Wu. When Hank and Wu get back to Nick, he learns that the bike is worth at least 30K (Trubel was living large) and that the I.D. of Lauren Cole has Trubel's picture on it.  Nick decides to stay and check out the bike and asks Hank and Wu to check out Lauren Cole's apartment out of uniform. Nick heads outside to tinker with bike and when he finds a few mystery buttons which accidentally sets off the bike's defenses, Nick thinks the better of it and shuts the bike down.

At the hospital, Trubel's nurse is done playing nice.  Nurse Ratchett slaps Trubel across the face several times trying to get Trubel out of her deep sleep. Finally, Nurse Ratchett pulls Turbel's eyes open before woging so that she can watch Trubel's eyes dilate. I guess this is her way of confirming that Trubel is a Grimm.  Nurse Ratchett reports her findings to the Doctor (no, not that Doctor) and he decides to schedule a CAT scan. Looks like Trubel is in danger.

While all of the Nick/Trubel has been going on, the Wesen have of course been busy.  A group of Klaustreich have decided to head to a junkyard to mess with a Reinigen.  Like typical bullies, the Klaustreich gets angry when their victim tries to defend himself.  The beat down however is brought to an end when a large creature appears.  One of the Klaustreich manages to get away while the other two die screaming.

The two dead Klaustreich are found in the bed of their truck the next day.  When the phone of one of the men rings, Nick answers it and ends up speaking to Joanna.  The cops decide to head to Joanna's to deliver the news about the death of the two Klaustreich.  Upon hearing the news, Joanna Woges forcing Nick to tell her that he is a Grimm and that he is not there to hurt her.  Joanna then tells the cops about where her friends and Johnny went the night before.

Nick and Hank go to check out the junkyard.  Nick reveals that he is a Grimm but oddly enough, this inspires absolutely no fear. After not really learning much the cops leave.  The mechanic that they were speaking to is full of bravado and makes it clear to a friend that he is not afraid of the Grimm and is interested in finding Johnny, so that they can give Johnny the justice they feel he deserves.

Where do Nick and Hank go when they cannot figure out something Wesen? Why to the spice shop of course.  Once at the shop, Rosealee and Monroe inform the cops about the long standing feud between the Klaustreich and the Reinigen, when they learn that the night men died they had gone torment the Reinigen.  It's Rosalee who suggests that the rat king might be responsible but Monroe is quick to dismiss the story as too fantastical.  Apparently, the legend states that when the Reinigen are in trouble, they join together and the Rat King appears.  The cops decide to head back to the junkyard and Rosealee chooses to follow hoping to get a glimpse of the Rat King. Monroe follows along only because Rosealee is going.

When they arrive at the junkyard, they find Joanna who has been kidnapped by the Reinigen and Johnny's dead body.  Joanna is all freaked out because she thinks that she might be next. They free Joanna and head outside, only to be met by the clan and their leader who wants revenge for their dead prince. Nick says that they still have to call in the murder of Johnny. The Reinigen all run away which shocks everyone.  When they appear again, they have all become one entity - the Rat King.  Everyone runs to hide and Nick forces Joanna to Woge so that the Rat King can scent her.  When the Rat King approaches, Hank shoots out the power lines, causing the Rat King to be electrocuted. When they approach they find all of the Reinigen on the ground.

Meisner shows up at Nick's and Adalind spots him on the cameras. Meisner says that he cannot stay long and demands to know where Trubel is.  Adalind however is not comfortable giving out that information.  Is it me, or do these two have some chemistry?  Does this mean we are going to see an Adalind/Meisner/Nick love triangle. Don't even think about it Grimm.

A frustrated Meisner calls Nick when Adalind fails to give up any information as to where Trubel is. Adalind takes the phone and tells Nick that she trusts him. I guess she does since she has been looking at him all doe eyed.  Nick says that Trubel is in the hospital and Meisner is quick to reveal that Trubel is in danger.

When Nick arrives at the hospital he os told that Trubel's brain is bleeding so they took her for emergency surgery.  Nick races through the hospital, as Trubel is being taken away on a gurney.  Nick runs to the basement and catches up and the fight is on.  Meisner arrives and joins in and the two men fight together. After taking down a few assailants, Meisner tells Nick to get Trubel to safety and he chases after Nurse Ratchet.  When Meisner catches up with the nurse she says the same phrase all of the rogue Wesen have been saying and Meisner ends her life.

Adalind has made up a bed for Trubel  when Nick returns with Trubel.  Trubel once again says to Nick that she has so much to tell him.

This week we had the typical Wesen of the week story along with a very small advance of the meta this season.  I found the Wesen of the week story to be a complete and utter distraction. I really could have done without the Rat King, particularly because oths chemistry between them.  I know that it will mean Nick losing baby Kelly but I want Adalind to ride off into the sunset with Meisner to end all the ridiculous home making and flirting that has been going on between Nick and Adalind.  Given how horrible Grimm has been about Nick's rape, I think that what we are probably going to see is a love triangle.

In the recap I didn't mention anything to do with er than one really good shot of CGI, it was really a nothing story.  Here we have this powerful Rat King of legend and he is defeated with great ease by a cop with a gun.  What the hell was the point of that?

We didn't learn nothing about where Trubel was after Meisner released her or why she was taken in the first place.  I would like to know how Trubel knew where Nick lived given that he didn't exactly broadcast his new address. The only thing I can guess is that there must be some tracking device in the phone.

Adalind was clearly pleased to see Meisner again and there'Renard but for those who are curious, Renard had a meeting with Andrew Dixon, who is running for Mayor.  Obviously, this is going somewhere but as far as I am concerned, it's still to early to be even remotely interesting.