Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Librarians, Season Two, Episode Six: And the Infernal Contract

This episode was all about Baird and the role of the Guardian.  From the moment Baird took on the role of the Guardian, because of her training and skill, the audience believed strongly that her main job was to ensure that the Librarians survived their missions.  Though all of the librarians are incredibly smart, it's fair to say that they lack combat skills.  In this episode we learn that Baird's job is actually more important than saving a physical body.

This episode begins with the usual nonsense - an excited Jake is serving up barbecue courtesy of the chupacabra and the team is reasonably turned off. Cue the book with a new assignment for the Librarians which just so happens to be in the same town were Baird is visiting a friend.  Eve's mini vacation comes to an abrupt halt when it turns out that the Librarians are there to investigate the disappearance of her friend's intern.  Sam (Eve's friend) wants to make a difference particularly because the town of Hawthorne is corrupt.  Unfortunately for Eve, after a cursory review, the evidence seems to indicate that Sam did have something to do with the missing staffer.

Eve, Sam, and the Librarians, arrive at the hotel where Sam and the missing intern were set to meet. They look around the room and find no hint of the intern.  As they begin to discuss a marking on the ceiling, the body of the missing intern drops through a magical hole and lands on the bed.  Eve now has no choice but to explain to Sam that magic is real.  Even after what Sam has witnessed, Sam's not ready to be convinced. Eve compares magic to a nuclear bomb to help to contextualize what is going on.

Back at the Library, Jenkins tells the crew that they are actually dealing with the devil.  The devil can appear as anyone but is most likely to appear as whatever its target finds the most appealing. The devil also feeds on souls.  After some research, they realise that the Keating family has been under contract for 44 years.  A disaster occurs and one of the Keatings comes to the rescue.  Interestingly enough, a new contract is due to be signed.

The Librarians figure out which building the contract is stored in and they sneak in under cover. Jenkins plays Cassandra's sugar daddy, Stone a chauffeur and Jones a waiter.  The Librarians manage to find the contract but security is on to them. They go for plan B and push the contract done a chute which is caught by Eve.  In the meantime, the devil is conversation with Jenkins and he warns Jenkins that the closer they get to the contract, the worse their luck will turn.

Outside, Eve gives the contract to Sam to give to Jenkins and Sam punches her in the face.  The Devil appears, excited by the chance to entrap someone new.  Sam wants his reputation restored. Most of all though, Sam wants to be a hero.  Eve tries desperately to talk him out of it but Sam signs the contract.  A car appears and Sam gets in.  The devil and Sam then disappear together. Eve is joined by the Libarians and Jenkins.  Together they figure out that for Sam to be a hero, a disaster of some sort has to happen.  The mayoral debate is going to be in the center of town, so that is where the team heads to.

Once at the town square, the Librarians figure out that gas lines are being prepared. Since the contract always creates a disaster out of what is available, the Librarians head under ground to turn off the gas. They manage to turn off the gas but it vents into the room they are in and the door slams shut trapping them.  The devil appears and starts to taunt the three librarians so that one of them will sign the contract and in the process save their lives. The Devil promises Cassandra health, Jake the ability to defeat Prospero and Jones the chance to travel the world.

Above ground, Eve catches up with Sam.  Sam is trying to figure out how to save the most people. When Eve reveals the possible scope of the disaster, Sam hands over the contract. Eve signs her name over top of Sam's. The devil appears to Eve and informs her that she needs to make a wish or the disaster will still happen.

Jenkins heads underground and the contract throws everything it can at him.  This is when we learn that not only is Jenkins immortal, he is indestructible.  Jenkins easily frees the librarians.  This means that the devil cannot fulfill his contract and to put the final nail in his coffin, Eve wishes that the devil become mortal.

When they head back to the Library, Jenkins gives the librarians and elixir to help them heal from the exposure to gas.  Off to the side, Eve expresses responsibility for what happened. It is then that Jenkins explains that the role of the Guardian is not to protect the life of a librarian but their souls. It seems that the librarian before Flynn gave into the temptation and power.  Jenkins congratulates Eve on how well she protected the librarians against the threat and temptation they faced today.

I really like that Eve's role was so beautifully defined.  It's nice to know that while her skills are valuable it's her incorruptibility that the library wants.  When you think of what is possible with the library given the various artifacts the temptation must be enormous.  Even if one desires to do good and do something about human suffering, it's still meddling with dangerous magic.  Some things cannot and should not be changed regardless of how horrific they are.

The team is really starting to gel together.  I like that they look to each other's specials skills.  Jones continues to be comic relief of the show and him stealing Jake's wallet to prove that he still the bad boy was funny.  Jones may be on the side of good but it only goes so far.

Not only did we learn about Eve and her role as a Guardian, we also learned about Jenkins. We already knew that Jenkins true identity is Sir Galahad.  We also know that he is great with sword and doesn't seem to age.  I do however wonder if it's a choice to appear as old as he does.  This week we learned that Jenkins cannot die and is immune to many things. Jenkins wasn't bothered by the leaking gas nor did the small stone avalanche bother him in the least. In fact, Jenkins was more bothered by the destruction of this suit that anything else.  I wonder if there are any limits to Jenkins at all?