Thursday, January 14, 2016

iZombie, Season 2, Episode 10: Method Head

We open with some rather excellent reminders of everything that happened before the midseason break  - Ravi revealing that the cure is probably only temporary and Major (and Blaine) may be soon returning to zombiehood which is all kinds of sad and conflicted.

Which means they need to find some buried Utopian (zombie cure) in a field – a very very big field. They even bring in Blaine to help (since he also has a vested interest to remain human as well) to stop everyone being so sad and depressed (especially since Liv and Major have broken up for more angst).

In light of all this we very quickly zoom past Christmas and New Year – inevitably required in most series. I liked the little nod to both “yeah this happened, but let’s not dwell on it – on with the actual episode).

The actual episode is a murdered actor in a TV show about zombies. Yes this gets meta and amusing especially since Ravi has some awesome quips about Liv with her actor brain and the whole concept of the show. I mean how can you not love Ravi mocking the awful acting and plotting on a show that is more obsessed with youth and beauty than skill while being aired on CW! That was iZombie throwing rocks at its own network – kudos iZombie. In fact, every time they mentioned the zombie show it seemed to be an excellent sporking of CW-ness and even themselves.

Also, 1000 points for “She’s seen every episode. On purpose.” I am stealing that line.

I liked how Liv was brought back to Clive as well. Sure the separation didn’t exactly last long but they made it work. Not because she had the knowledge of the show (though that was a very convenient excuse) but because Liv unleashed some epic puppy-dog sad eyes and Clive was equally obviously feeling all kinds of guilty about the whole severing their relationship. It was nicely done

For added bonuses we also had a Deaf minor character who was being cruelly mocked and THAT, rather than a sex tape, is a terrible secret a celebrity wants to hide. In a show that has been less than perfect with disability issues, I appreciate that.

Added bonuses, Clive is freaked out by zombies and his loving all the free food. They really do work well together

We’re also reminded that rich zombies are continuing to disappear (killed by Major) which is making Blaine – a rich ex-zombie who may be a zombie again – kind of nervous. He has reason to be after Dale (the FBI agent investigating said missing rich people) visits (all the rich guys are Blaine’s clients, buying brains) asking questions. After seeing him, she recognises him from the artists’ impression that Clive has of the man involved in the massacre that ended the first season

Blaine’s got some ‘splaining to do. This is going to get messy fast – and may end up with Clive finally learning the big secret

Speaking of rich zombie death, Major is doing an excellent job of ingratiating himself with Vaughn who is pretty much falling for it because of his immense vanity. Gilda is quick to skewer this (and she’s so very very very very good at it) so Vaughn decides to test Major’s loyalty by setting him up with a whistleblower. The good doctor wants to spill all the big dark secrets about Max Rager to the press and wants Major’s help. So Major… tells Vaughn even though it means the doctor is almost eaten by the rabid zombies in the basement. Major stays firm – and wins Vaughn’s trust

And Vaugh now wears a convenient little bug around his wrist so Major can listen into all his conversations. Why Major, that was almost cunning.

I am just s very happy this show is back with us