Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sense8 Season One, Episode Six: Demons

Will heads to the bar and in England, Riley sits alone having a beer.  It's not long before Will makes his way to Riley and the two have a conversation.  Clearly, there's an instant attraction between the two of them.  They are both amazed by the connection between them and even exchange phone numbers and call each other to test if what they are experiencing is real.Will hands his phone to Diego who hears Riley ask for Will.  It's now confirmed for them both that they are connected.   When Will comments that he always wanted to go to London, it's Riley who points out that this is where he is now. Will finally reveals that Julius said that there are 8 of them. Both Riley and Will  recount seeing Angelica, which makes sense since Angelica is supposedly the mother of them all.

Sun walks into the office with a look of determination and sadness.  Cops are busy pulling out files. Sun walks towards Nomi and the two women make eye contact but don't speak. Files continue to be taken out of the building by cops.

Nomi and Amanata are go through their things and realise that the cops took everything, including some private items.  Nomi is distraught and says that they will never be left alone, unless they make them. Nomi suggests that they find a place with someone who can keep a secret.

A brave Sun makes her way  to the podium and as her father and brother watch, Sun lies and says that she embezzled funds and acted alone in this. Yes, Sun actually chose to sacrifice herself.  Sun is led away by police.

 It seems that it is time for Riley to pay the piper.  Nyx shows up and he wants his drugs and money but unfortunately, Riley cannot return them because she gave away the money to a busker and threw away the drugs.  Nyx unsurprisingly is not happy with this answer and is determined to torture the answer he wants out of Riley.  To that end, Nyx puts a plastic bag over Riley's head making it impossible for her to breathe.  At the bar, Will who is still connected to Riley struggles to breathe. Will takes over and fights Nyx and his henchmen but back in the bar, it appears that he is fighting off the cops who are trying to help him.

Nomi and Amanata arrive at Amanata's mother's place and the are greeted warmly. What they don't know however is that they are being watched.

Kala awakes to find herself surrounded by her family. Kala assures them that she is fine and in return, her family expresses concern for her well being.  Kala is then informed that Rajan is waiting downstairs to see her.   I don't suppose she will be able to explain that she fainted because of the ever so naked Wolfie. Speaking of Wolfie, he is still naked but he is waking up.  When Wolfie looks over, he sees Kala dressed in her undergarments looking for clothing.  Kala isn't actually having luck finding clothing because she is looking in Wolfie's closet and not her own.  Kala immediately runs and locks the door and then accuses Wolfie of ruining her life.  Wolfie is quick to point out that Kala didn't actually want to marry Rajan.  The chemistry between these two is strong and I much prefer them to Riley and Will. Kala complains about Wolfie's nudity and he explains that Germans aren't so up tight about nudity. Kala however counters claiming that this is about decency. Wolfie accuses Kala of looking at his junk and she goes into complete denial.  Wolfie explains that from the moment he saw Kala that he wanted her and that he feels she wants him to0. Of course, Kala is still in denial.

Hernando, Lito and the fetishist (yes I refuse to call her by her name) are at a wrestling match.  The two men explain the drama behind the wrestling to the fetishist and she is clearly captivated by Hernando.  Why are these two gay men allowing the fetishist to sit between them? Just gross. I cannot stand her character.

A nervous Kala joins Rajan downstairs.  They chat briefly about food and relatives.  Rajan makes an interesting point when he says that Kala's grandmother would have a problem getting the same recognition that her father gets because he is male.  Who knew that Rajan had a bit of feminist in him. Kala turns the subject to the wedding and wants to talk about Rajan's feelings, saying that she completely understands if Rajan doesn't want to marry her any longer. Kala is not getting out of the wedding that easily though because Rajan wants to move forward with the wedding.  It seems that for Rajan, Kala fainting is a positive and a sign that they should get married.

Capheus goes to see Silas to question what his next task is.  Quite surprisingly, it's not anything nefarious.  Silas introduces Capheus to his daughter Amondi.  Amondi has leukemia and receiving stem cell therapy. Silas tasks Capheus with making sure that Amondi arrives safely for medical care.  Silas makes it clear that Amondi is his entire life and warns Capheus that his life will be over if something happens to Amondi. Well, it seems that even a gang lord has his human emotions.

Sun stares blankly ahead while the prosecution goes over the case.  Because they believe that Sun stole millions of dollars, she is denied bail and taken away. Sun notes her father and brother in the courtroom but neither man says a word to her.

Diego has a conversation with Will about the fact that his fellow officers are starting to talk. Diego suggests that Will get his shit together fast.

Capheus returns to his bus and finds it full. Capheus informs Jela that the bus has been charted for private use by Silas for the next three days. Capheus pays Jela a wekk in advance and Jela tries to tell him not to do this. Capheus is determined however because it means medicine he could not otherwise afford for his mother.

Sun's first introduction of prison life is the loss of her privacy when she is forced to shower in front of the guards.  Sun is then taken to see a doctor and forced to reveal her private medical history.  Lito and Sun switch places which is awkward because Lito is in the middle of an interview.  Sun is ordered to stand up, remove her underwear and squat over a mirror but it's Lito who objects.  The interviewer is completely confused and Lito covers by claiming that he said a line during the script and got lost. When Lito is asked the secret to being a great lover, he pictures having sex with Hernando before answering.

Silas drops off Amondi with Capheus and he starts the long journey.

Nomi starts to make the moves on Amanita in Amanita's childhood bed. Okay creepy. Who wants to have sex in their childhood bed?  Will is working out at the gym and similarly, Hernando is spotting Lito who is working out.  Weight lifting done, Lito starts to come onto Hernando.  Wolfie sits naked in a pool, as a naked Kala makes her way in the room.  Will still lifting weights suddenly finds Lito kissing his cheek.  Back in Mexico, the fetishist is taping Hernando and Lito but stops to masturbate. The Sense8s find themselves in what can only be described as an orgy.  Once finished and clearly cumming in his shorts, Will looks around and finds himself alone.

Later, Nomi wonders why she is connected to these people and it's Grace who suggests that this is part of the evolutionary process.  Nomi talks about how the emotions come out of nowhere and questions how she can stop it from happening or at the very least control it.  Nomi is worried that her sense of self will disappear.

Riley sits quietly crying and a sad Sun sits alone in her cell.  Sun soon finds herself visiting with Riley.  I think that this is the first meeting for these two. When Sun mentions that she would kill for a cigarette, Riley offers her a hit of hash.  Sun is hesitant at first but takes a nice deep inhale.  Sun says that she can taste it but the experience is more like a memory.  Riley questions why Sun is in jail and Sun answers that she has just made the biggest mistake of her life.

Amondi is done her treatment and comments that Capheus is watching Van Dam again.  Amondi compares Silas to Van Dam.  Apparently, she looks at her father through the eyes of a child, still too innocent to see the truth.

Riley and Sun talk about the fact that to some degree both women feel that they've been hexed because of the negative things which have happened in their lives.  Sun advises Riley to go home and see her father because she will be safer there.  Sun then reveals that tomorrow she goes to prison and that she is afraid.  Riley tells Sun that she will be safer there than where she was.

Sun then has a meeting with her mother and is told that she will always be loved.  Sun's mother advises her daughter to be careful and that she will be hurt if they find out what she is. Sun asks what she is and Angelica whispers, "the future." Sun awakes and finds herself still in her jail cell.

I really loved this episode.  First off the orgy scene was hot and beautifully filmed. After I finished fanning myself however I stopped to think about the meaning of it. I believe at the heart of the story that Sense8 is trying to tell is the human condition.  No matter where people come from, what their gender or sexuality is, sex and sensuality is innate (note: except some asexuals) They may be in different places but this must basic urge, this most basic drive for connection with someone else drives the Sense8s just as it drives almost everyone else.  I think that this is about the fact that something regardless of our differences are simply innate.  I do however have one final question about the orgy: was I the only one curious as to why Sun and Capheus were left out?

Clearly Sense8 is setting up Riley and Will and Kala and Wolfie.  Both couples have really good chemistry together but the couple I am rooting for is Kala. Wolfie is so outside of her experience and is clearly the bad boy she didn't know that she wanted.  I like that Wolfie keeps it 100 and calls Kala out on her shit that those closest to her seem unable to see through.  Wolfie defies where he came from and Kala follows a script all well pretending that she is so modern and forward thinking.

I think that the connection between Sun and Riley felt very strained despite the fact that they shared some Hash.  These two more than any other Sesne8 pairing I just don't buy.  Someone needs to explain to me how Riley, who has known Sun for a New York minute knows that Sun is safer in jail. Speaking of Sun, she had a little visit from Angelica.  It seems to indicate that Grace's theory that what is happening is about evolution is actually correct.

The last and unexpected connection we saw is between Capheus and Silas.  Make no mistake, Silas is not a man to be played with and he is very dangerous; however, what he loves most in life is his daughter.  This is something that Capheus can absolutely relate with because of his feelings towards his mother.

Finally, I must bring up Daniela who I repeatedly call the fetishist.  I simply cannot stand her character. She has made herself at home with Lito and Hernando and has insinuated herself into every aspect of their lives.  Fetishism isn't cute,, it isn't a game and it isn't natural. When Daniela starts to masturbate watching Lito and Hernando have sex it was absolutely disgusting. Daniela treats Hernando and Lito as though they are there solely for her amusement. I absolutely hate the way that Daniela is constantly monopolizing all of Hernando's time.  I'm sorry but I would have to throw her out on her ass. Daniela has totally taken advantage of Lito's desire for a beard to protect his career.