Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lost Girl, Season 5, Episode 15: Let Them Burn

I am not even touching the “start in the middle” opening scene because they get on my very last nerve

After the loss of Trick and Bo coming out of Oz Bo then gets two new shocks – Vex with his throat slit (his vocal chords – he can’t talk but he is alive. Of course since the whole point of Vex on this show is sassy quips, him being unable to talk is virtually death) and Tamsin has been kidnapped by Hades. Naturally Dyson responds with instant push for violence but Bo, to everyone’s shock, insists son thinking rather than just attacking the super powerful guy who will just kill them all.

So she decides to go after Priapus, Hades’s fire breathing scary horse. As an aside, Ares is the one who had firebreathing horses, Hades had 4 horses and none of them were called Priapus. Anyway this means checking in Bo’s midwife who they’ve, randomly, decided must have the answers (because everything is all about Bo so all the answers must be revealed by Bo’s birth and we’re not so much logical leaping here as logical plummeting). Thankfully Vex knows who this midwife is (because reasons) and directs them to Evony – who is now rocking life as a human with lots of money and a whole lot of passion and effortless awesomeness because she’s Evony and it’s what she does.

Directed to her stable hand who was once a Midwife, they go to see Mary Lou and her various creepy horses (and a flatulent unicorn) until they find Hades’s horse (we also have her sad story but, sounding callous and all, he sad past of a vanishingly minor character is pretty irrelevant). The horse is wild and dangerous and needs to be tamed and broken which no-one can manage – except Bo with her succubus touch

Yes, there are strong bestiality implications with this. No, we’re not going to think about this. No we’re not. No.

Only then they discover the big horseshow Hephaestus made them doesn’t actually fit the horse – time for some more logical plummeting! The Peripus isn’t actually a horse it’s a metaphor and is really Bo! (What, does the show fit her or something? That doesn’t make the horseshoe make any sense! What do you do, hit her in the head with it? Problem solved!) and to extend the metaphor still further, Hades needs to break and tame Bo

This reminds Bo and Kenzi of all the times Bo has had super powers, sucking chi from multiple people and this is proof of her naughty dark evilness inside, especially since she can’t control herself when she’s all peripussy.

So she decides the only solution is to surrender to Hades. Not even exchange her life for Tamsin, just flat out surrender. I hope there’s some kind of plot here

Of course, Hades isn’t all that interested in Bo now since he has plan b: Tamsin pregnant with his baby to make a new Peripus. So Bo has to prove herself – by burning down the clubhouse and all her friends.

I reaaaaallly want to know what possible plan she could have that would justify this.

Meanwhile Dyson has actually had a good idea and wants to FINALLY summon all the fae elders so they can use their awesome powers to fight Hades. This could have been done much more effectively when Trick was alive but no-one thought of it

Mark decides they need both the Light and Dark fae because Dyson is just being provincial and prejudiced and small minded and Mark may become Dark anyway – did you think of that, dad?! Honestly he’s actually talking sense but in such a melodramatic whining teenager manner that it’s hard not to see the sense as coincidental to his actual point, getting in Dyson’s face.

Of course, there is a downside to summoning the Light and Dark Elders – without an Ash or a Morrigan, there’s no way to stop these two groups from arguing incessantly

Thankfully Mark times this moment to have his first change, which inspires and motivates Dyson to actually make the elders work together – in the name of Trick, the Blood King, the man who could have used his awesome power to kill them all but opted for peace instead. It’s a good moment and really a much better send off for Trick than the last episode ever was.

Mark also implies he’s not going to chose between Light and Dark fae, just like Bo.

Tamsin, sadly, is just suffering endless abuse. Captured by her rapist, he mocks and taunts her while her resistance (though often excellent – she refutes the idea she’s supposed to the put the child’s life before her’s or that it’s “his” child since it’s her body) is pretty ineffectual and she ends up pretty broken by the end. Good messages but no power behind them. We also learn that Valkyries die in childbirth – and why didn’t Tamsin mention this before?!