Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3, Episode 15: Incommunicado

At the end of last episode the Hidden One decided he was officially done with everyone and he was going to take matters into his own hands – but killing the Witnesses himself.

So he attacks Ichabod – and Ichabod is completely helpless in the face of him. Y’know this would have been a much shorter season if the Hidden One had done this around episode 3.

However, it turns out the nifty little symbol Abbie has been loving is called the Emblem of Thura and it has the shiny ability to absorb evil god powers and create a prison to lock them up

That sounds good to be but there’s two down sides. 1) Crane is locked up with the Hidden One (where they then talk about Ichabod’s feelings, art, theology, Ichabod’s insecurities and the fact that being a Witness is hereditary. This is news to Ichabod. This is news to Ichabod despite him having found a Witness artefact in his family crypt. I mean, Witness paraphernalia being family heirlooms suggests a level of inheritance to me). And 2) The Hidden One is officially Not Pleased about being locked up and may nuke all the things to try and get free. Since no-one wants to be nuked this means we’re going to have an… unlikely alliance between Abbie and Pandora.

It’s tense to say the least, but the plan is to get Pandora to use magic from a dark monster of some kind and then direct it at the prison and open it up. The one snag is that when Sophie, Joe and Jenny go to capture a passing banshee, they end up having to kill it. Oopsie

Luckily they do have a second option – Joe has been having Wendigo issues. He’s very worried about becoming all monstery and hurting Jenny (not entirely unreasonable, though I think it’s equally likely he will go monstery and Jenny will have to kill him). This means he’s willing to volunteer to be the monster battery for Pandora – even if it means he may die. (Who here actually thought he might die? Nah, the plot armour is strong with this one).

There’s another snag as well, according to Pandora – she needs the bits of her box that Team Witness has in order to direct the Wendigo power. While absolutely no-one trusts her and they all call shenanigans, they don’t really have much choice since Ichabod and Joe will both die without her help.  With their arms behind their backs they hand over the box and Pandora completes the spell to free them.

They are freed and Joe is now Wendigo-free so that is kind of a win for Team Witness. We also see more of Abbie and Ichabod together which is great – and Joe and Jenny are going ever closer together which is also awesome because I really like them. We also have Sophie working with Abbie and Jenny and respecting each other, working together well and generally being awesome. How sad is it of my expectations that having three women on the same team not hating each other is something I feel the need to praise?

But, ultimately, this seems like a win for Team Hidden One. Sure, he didn’t kill Ichabod, but Pandora got a bit of her box back and Ichabod and Abbie lost the emblem of Thura and the tablet Ichabod inherited. They spin it as a victory, but I don’t see it – they’ve lost this one

During the whole battle, Pandora did appeal desperately to Abbie revealing how guilty she feels about failing her master (and, yes, I will mention yet again how much we loathe the dynamic between these two): revealing she told humanity about the Emblem of Thura (which allowed the Hidden One to be imprisoned in the first place) AND didn’t tell the Hidden One that Ichabod had it despite the fact she knew about it. And now he knows… so lots of tension incoming.