Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Sixteen: Alone with Everybody

When we last left The Originals, Hayley, Klaus and Hope had left town because there were too many vampires seeking revenge against Klaus.  The ball is firmly dropped in Elijah and Freya's hands as everyday, news of the last remaining piece of the white oak circles the globe.  As you might well imagine, the white oak bullet is extremely valuable.  Elijah puts Josh, Marcel and Vincent to the task of tracking down Sofya - the vampire who now possess the magical bullet.

Well how did Sofya get the bullet? Why she stole it from Vincent when he retrieved it. In the meantime, Marcel and his Stryx have demanded that Elijah stay in the compound because of course if he dies, they all die.

You would think that with the threat that the white oak bullet represents,  the Original family wouldn't have time for drama and angst but you would be wrong.  The spell which brought Kol back to life also brought Finn back to life.  The last thing Finn did before he disappeared into Freya's necklace was to ensure that Kol died in Davina's arms.  Kol is not about to forget the way that his brother wronged him.  Elijah is forced to play peace maker between his two brothers but it looks like this is not going to turn out to be a happy family reunion.  When Kol and Finn end up fighting, it's Lucien who breaks them apart.  Anyone else wonder how it is that Lucien managed to restrain Kol given that one, Kol is older and two, Kol is an Original vampire?

In the meantime, Hayley is convinced that Klaus needs to change his look so that he doesn't stand out. Umm, yeah, has she seen his cheekbones and gorgeous mouth? That man is going to stand out anywhere.  I need a moment to fan myself.  At any rate, Klaus is absolutely certain that he is going to hate this plan.

A peeved Josh goes to see Marcel. It seems that the youngling is not impressed to be sentenced to the sidelines while Marcel and the Stryx search for the magic bullet.  Josh wants to join in the search but Marcel is adamant that Josh stay out of it. This is when Josh pulls his trump card and brings up that he learned about an auction for the magic bullet using his super duper tech skills. Yeah, I'm snarking but at the same time, I'm glad that they finally showed that Josh does have a skill other than being a servant to Davina.  Vincent joins them and asserts his belief that the auction is real based on the fact that he had his butt handed to him by an older vampire.

Lucien tries his man on the make moves with Freya but it doesn't get him anywhere.  To me, rather than a sexy or even romantic approach, Lucien comes off like a cheap used vacuum cleaner salesman desperate for love. Also, there is such a thing as timing. Kol very much wants to kill Finn and oddly enough, I am solidly #teamkol on this one. Let's not forget that this isn't the first time that Finn has decided that his siblings need to die.  Freya however is certain that Finn has changed.

Josh helps Marcel get into the auction and all are shocked when the bidding starts at five million dollars.  Marcel instructs Josh to type in Latin that he is willing to offer one mission completed by the Stryx no questions asked.  The bidding is immediately closed and Josh is notified by telephone that they have won the auction.

Klaus, Hope and Hayley end up at a bar which is one of  Hayley's old haunts.  Klaus, who is miserable in one of the ugliest hats in all of creation, does not receive a warm welcome.  It's not until Hayley is recognized by one of the bartenders that things get a little warmer.  It seems that the werewolf pack in the area has greatly dissipated.  The bartender agrees to help Hayley, Hope and Klaus lie low for awhile.  It's not long before Hayley and Klaus are back to bickering which of course makes laying low difficult. The bartender gets a phone call and then tells Hayley that a girl she used to babysit has triggered her werewolf curse. Hayley naturally wants to help but Klaus is more interested in moving on, citing concern for Hope. Cue a massive argument about Klaus being an unfeeling bastard. Yeah, surprisingly enough, I'm kinda #teamklaus on this one.

It's time for Elijah and Finn to have some alone time.  It seems that Finn doesn't want reconciliation with his brothers. Colour me surprised.  What Finn wants is for Freya to put him in a witch's body, thus allowing him to live out a normal mortal life.  Finn promises that once this happens, he will leave his family for good and never return.  Naturally, Davina overhears this conversation which tells us that Finn is not going to get his wish.

Josh shows up to collect that magic bullet.  He gives a fake name to Sofya but she already knows who he is. Josh puts up a great fight (really, who would have thought he had that in him) but he is overpowered.  Sofya orders Josh to get a beating to deliver a message to Marcel before leaving. Fortunately for Josh, he only has to take a punch or two before Marcel bursts in and rips out the heart of his attackers.

Klaus pops Hope into her car seat and gets ready to leave but Hayley is not done by a long shot. Hayley argues that all Klaus has done is attack her friends who've tried to help them.  Klaus however is more than happy to use Hope as his trump card for getting out of there. Hayley argues back that the vampires are only out to get them because of Klaus and asks if he wants Hope to be raised this way. Hayley finishes by saying that showing kindness to Kayla won't make him weak.

An angry Kol goes to find comfort in Davina, who tries to distract him with sex.  Things start to heat up and Kol feels the compulsion to take blood from Davina and quickly makes himself scarce.  A shocked Davina heads into the library in search of Kol and spies a grimoire instead. Davina decides that it's time Finn got a taste of his own medicine.  How long are the writers going to allow Davina to mess in Original business without paying any kind of price?  I just want someone to mush her already.

It's time for Kol and Elijah to have a heart to heart. Elijah demands that Kol stop his scheming because he believes that the best revenge would be to kick Finn out of the family. Kol goes on a destructive rage and Elijah attempts to remind Kol to hold onto his calm and civility.  Kol finally admits that he had forgotten how much anger he feels in a vampire body and that he is having difficulty controlling his emotions. Kol is desperate to hold it together for Davina's sake, citing the fact that the Originals hurt everyone they love. Oh please, let him hurt Davina right off this show.

Vincent uses Josh's blood to track down Sofya.  They manage to get to her before she can leave the city and overhear her tell her employer, "it's done." They demand to know the name of Sofya's employer but she says that if she reveals his identity, she's as good as dead.

Hayley finds Kayla and offers what comfort she can.  Hayley reminds Kayla that she is tougher than she thinks she is and adds that there's someplace she would like to take her.

It's time for Davina to have her big showdown with Finn.  Finn begins by telling Davina the story of a women who Kol wronged but naive Davina doesn't believe it and besides even if  it is true, Kol has apparently changed.  Finn is adamant that Davina is on the wrong side this time because Kol will always be a monster.  Davina does a spell which traps Finn in his vampire body forever.  Once Finn realises what Davina has done, he goes on the attack but fortunately for her, Kol is there to pull her ass out of the fire. Dear writers, couldn't you have let Finn mush her just a little? Freya and Elijah arrive and tell Kol to stop the beat down.

A pissed off Kol tells Elijah that this is not his fight and leaves, refusing to spend another moment with his family.  It's time for the big reveal.  Elijah has the magic bullet but when he tosses it into the fire, Finn leaps forward and saves it.  Finn says that he is trapped as a vampire now and cannot imagine spending the rest of eternity this way.  Finn begs Freya to do away with him.

Hayley brings Kayla to the place where the pack used to meet when someone triggered their curse. Hayley gives Kayla something owned by the man she killed and says that things are going to get rough once a month during the full moon. Unbeknownst to both women, Klaus is listening to this exchange. Hayley warns Kayla not to let the past consume her and that this place is a place to honour the dead and accept becoming a werewolf.

Elijah asks Finn for the bullet while Lucien encourages him to just burn the damn thing already. Finn argues that forever is a very long time. Elijah thinks it over and agrees with Lucien's suggestion that the bullet should be given to Freya to hide.

Vincent and Josh are tying to find out who Sofya works for and she starts to laugh, explaining that she allowed them to have the bullet.  Vincent gets a painful flash of instructions from the elders and then promptly snaps Josh's neck and releases Sofya.

Marcel and Elijah have a drink to celebrate that the magic bullet is under the control of the Originals. Elijah just wonders that this is was all to easy but Marcel, who is feeling himself says that he is just that good. When Marcel heads back home, he finds Sofya gone and Josh unconscious.

Freya is taking the bullet to be hidden when Vincent sneaks up on her. Because it's Vincent, she isn't immediately alarmed. Freya is quickly taken out and shoved into the back of a van. Who should make an appearance but Lucien.

Klaus comes out of the bushes. It seems that in order to gain trust, he left Hope with Hayley's friend. A contrite Klaus thanks Hayley for not running out on him and suggests that they start to work as partners. Klaus then notices the card that Kayla hung up and realises that the problem with the wolves is that they are being hunted.

Klaus then gets a call from Elijah to come home because everything with the bullet has been handled.

With everything going on with the bullet, which is actually a threat to all of the Original family, it irked me that the writers had to include so much angst. Yes, most of the vampires want to kill Klaus but that doesn't mean that the bullet cannot be used to kill the others.  Still yet, Finn and Kol just have to go at it while Freya and Elijah play peace maker. Sometimes, I think that the writers really overdo it on the drama and the angst and it makes it hard to watch the show without rolling my eyes.

I am once again irked to see Freya overpowered so easily.  The Originals has a tendency to turn its female characters into frail victims.  Freya is supposed to be a powerful witch and yet she is constantly attacked or kidnapped or overpowered.  She is a victim in need of saving and is only strong when the writers need woo woo to move the story along.  I'm about done with the way this show treats women.

As aforementioned, it was nice to see Josh in on the action instead of risking life and limb for Davina's safety and or happiness.  I wish however he didn't have to take a beat down for his trouble. I hope that this is the start of something new for Josh. Yes, Davina and Josh will always be friends (as long as they allow her to live)  but he needs a storyline and a purpose all of his own, if he is ever to become anything other than a pathetic trope.

As for Davina, just mush her already. How many times are they going to let her character mess with a member of The Original family and escape unscathed? Why hasn't any of them mushed her to bits by now? Really, it's not as though she is relevant or even necessary for the story to move on. At best, she's an irritant.