Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Once Upon a Time, Season 5, Episode 20: Firebird

We saw Zelena being kidnapped by Rumple and Pan last week – he’s now using her to blackmail Hades: he wants 2 things, the contract being ripped up so Hades no longer has a claim on his first born. And a heart, a living heart because that’s what Pan needs to finally leave the underworld

He gets the first, but not the second because Hades actually appeals to Emma for help. Yes, Hades appeals to Emma for help – and she gives it. She also points out to Rumple that he got the contract ripped up so does he really need the heart? Since Rumple officially owes his daddy absolutely nothing, he decides not. Zelena returns to Hades and they have True Love’s kiss – the kiss breaks his curse, breaks his banishment. He can now leave the underworld. All of them can.

Yes, Hades seems genuinely to be trying to ingratiate himself with Team Goodguy, he even offers a potential way to get Killian, who is dead, out of the underworld. This involves a reference to Orpheus and Euripides and the fact there is a stash of ambrosia in the sub basement which will allow Killian to leave (he can’t at the moment because he’s been dead and smelly for rather a long time).

While they do that (which also involves a cobbled together Ma’at test which involves yet more heart ripping. Emma is really tired of all the heart ripping thing this episode). Everyone else is kicking their heels waiting for the portal to open to the living world (it’s a brief opportunity) and they decide to pass the time by helping other people resolve their issues and move on. Yes they’re abandoning them all but without Hades there to mess around with them all they should largely be able to resolve their problems on their own. But Henry, with his nice Author powers and his ability to tell everyone’s story is excellently placed to help people fast forward the process

Until The café witch (from Hansel and Gretal, I can’t remember her name) and Cruella intervene out of random spite – locking everyone in the library with a spell to seal them. A spell, Regina points out, that was far too good for the witch to cast. Yup Hades double cross.

Which is also why Emma and Killian find no Ambrosia and no way for Killian to come home with her. Killian is stuck in the underworld and all Emma can do is have a tragic farewell with him. It’s very very sad.

Speaking of double-crosses we also have the Stiltskin family: Rumple needs Pan to give him Pandora’s box so he can lock Belle away (since true love’s kiss isn’t working on the sleeping curse. I don’t know why he can’t just carry her to the portal, but apparently not for… reasons). Rumple pretends to get Robin’s heart and instead gives him a chest full of evil soul water. See, when Rumple decides to go evil, he doesn’t cure corners and doesn’t play nice. He is so very good at being bad. Yes, yes he is. And that is Pan out of the picture.

When Emma returns from her tearful goodbye, she and Regina break the seal and all of them can run to the portal, but not without Emma having a whole lot of soul searching and pain over leaving Killian behind. She’s definitely going back to get him

We also have the obligatory flashbacks because every episode should have one. This is a really nice one about Emma, why she became a bounty hunter and her major learning curve about family an love and her leather jacket. And she is most certainly going back for Killian

We all get this right? Killian is totally not gone. Even if they are all heading back to Storybrooke

I also need to poke Robin – because here Robin is confronted with redeemed Zelena and he’s totally poked into forgiving her even though he clearly isn’t. There’s really no attempt to address the issues he has or what she did to him – it’s very brushed over. Regina has forgiven her sister so Robin has to – I’m really not ok with this.