Saturday, May 14, 2016

Zoo, Season 1, Episode 10: Emotional Contagion

I’m going to start by ignoring the damn “let’s show the middle of the episode in the beginning” because it’s a story telling tool I loathe with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

So, everyone is now being hunted by the police, they need to get to Zambia and they need a science thingy (I’m not even going to pretend to know what it is). Which they need to get in America, apparently because the whole African continent doesn’t have science or scientific devices. Certainly not something involved studying the DNA of animals… uh-huh – Abe should have slapped someone for that.

Leaving the country as wanted felons leaves them with few options – so they turn to Ray, an old Frenemy of Jackson and terrible animal right’s activist. Abe loathes him because he repeatedly got Jackson into trouble Abe had to get him out of – involving Abe having to resort to violence which, as we’ve seen before and is so excellently portrayed again here. Abe is not a fan of working with Ray

Mitch isn’t a fan either, finding activist groups like Ray tend to have a lot of passion but know little about actual animal welfare (or the conservation work of zoos with endangered species).

Still Jackson thinks they should since he’s the leader and Chloe supports him because of her laughable judge of character and is now increasingly become little more than Jackson’s love interest (yes we’re definitely going there complete with kiss this episode) so everyone’s objections are overcome. To be fair, they don’t have any better ideas

To get Ray’s help – and his plane – they end up signing up with him and his groups of reckless activists to rescue animals from a zoo. No-one likes this but they do get the science toy they need. The gang also has some ideas beyond “charge and hope”.

It still goes wrong and they end up in a firefight in which Ray gets shot, as does a random Black extra who is left behind for FBI-Guy-on-a-Mission to torment and torture in his quest to hunt down the people who killed his apprentice (oh the notable disposable characters again).

They do manage to escape with Mitch playing amateur surgeon (no Hippocratic oath, funsies!) and go driving with a truck full of angry infected animals (the Defiant pupil is now contagious) and all kinds of shenanigans eventually lead with most of the cast in a plane heading for freedom… except Chloe and Extra Lady being left behind

Yes Chloe, you become a love interest, kissed Jackson and now you’re heading towards a fridge for the sake of Manpain. Kiss of death, Chloe, kiss of death. Literally, the former leader of this group kissed Jackson and then was left behind. Don’t tell me this isn’t being done for Jackson angst.