Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wynonna Earp, Season 1, Episode 12: House of Memories

This episode is a lot about Willa and I’m kind of torn about the whole introduction of this character. Mainly because we have virtually no episodes left and therefore no time to develop her or what she means or the implications.

I think part of that means we don’t really get to explore all of the development of her or her relationship with Wynonna and Waverley. The speed we’ve been introduced to her also means we don’t really get a lot of time to go through her emotional transition, her memories, going from cult member to now out in the world, being reintroduced to her family, being reintroduced to revenants and being the heir et al – that’s a lot of things to process

In doing that we have a lot that feels almost random – we get brief insights to Willa and Waverley not being that close as children. We get more hints about the deal Bobo and their father made. We get Willa going from hating Dolls and any authority and being a one-track Revenant killing machine and then a party loving woman the next. We can explain all of this because humans are complex and what she’s gone through has just added to that complexity – but we’ve gone so quickly that it all feels a little random and rushed.

Far better is Nicole and Waverley’s relationship which is still going strong with kissing, making out and Willa finding out that Waverley is “a gay” which prompts so examination between the sisters. And a lot more genuine affection between Nicole and Waverley this whole episode which I really really like. It’s not a one off or barely mentioned part of their lives – it’s present and it’s important.

Also interesting is Wynonna faced with the fact she’s not the heir, especially since peacemaker is shorting out on her… the real heir is back and she’s losing her heir-y powers. Which adds further questions to what exactly happened to Willa

The chemistry between Wynonna and Dolls continues to progress – I really like how it has built over the whole season and it’s because they’ve made such an effort to built it that makes it feel so real. I feel far more chemistry between Wynonna and Dolls than I do Wynonna and Doc because it has grown all season, respect, affection, humour has all built between them to make it feel very real before he kisses her

And yes, they kiss. No will-they-won’t they any more!

Except there’s still Doc.

He was kidnapped last episode by some meth taking Revenant of less than pleasant demeanour who is still something of a fanboy of Doc’s. I’m not sure why he even has doc except to allow Doc to spy on his chemistry experiments – producing a substance that makes people foam at the mouth and apparently kill themselves. It’s a rather clumsy way to push forward the plot and reveal info

Convenient and slightly clumsy plot points also apply with Wynonna and Willa remembering about a letter that their father hid with Bobo has been looking for. It’s a letter that conveniently tells everyone all about the Earp curse and how to break it, and how to free the Revenants from the triangle left by their dear old ancestor. How does Bobo free his fellow Revenants? By having an Earp heir willingly cross the boundary with him.

Well that sounds rather hard to achieve; especially as we focus on the red herring of the episode and Bobo’s apparent plan to poison an entire hotel full of party goers (finding this out involves Doc’s convenient escape and appearance – just in time for him to see Dolls and Wynonna kiss – as well as questioning the judge who commits suicide to get out from under Bobo’s thumb and dealing with Waverley’s homophobic ex. Which Nicole does, awesomely) all dressed to the nines. Naturally including Wynonna rocking a red dress.

It looks like we have a plot – as Bobo demand the entire poisoned hotel bring him Wynonna alive – the plan seems to be to use all these deaths to force Wynonna to cross the boundary with him

But twist – Willa meets Bobo outside and walks away with him. She has some more of her memories back – and it looks like she and Bobo were involved. Willa, the true heir, is likely willing to cross the boundary willingly with Bobo. Now there’s a twist.

But where can they go with this? In the very little time we have left this season, what can they do with this plot line?