Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wayward Pines, Season Two, Episode Eight: Pass Judgment

As we know, not only did Margaret escape captivity, she managed to kill Megan last week.  To be clear, I have never liked Megan's true zealot character and in fact don't even really understand why the hell the writers brought her back for a second season considering that she should have died in the tunnel when the Abbies breached Wayward Pines at the end of season one. That being said, Megan is yet another female character to senselessly die on Wayward Pines. Furthermore, Jason has enough problems already, I didn't need to watch him deal with his mommy issues for eight freaking episodes.

The Abbies continue to surround Wayward Pines.  The residents clearly shiver in fear when they hear the abbies screaming outside of the walls.  Jason, the feckless leader decides to make an announcement that despite the clear threat, the residents are to work hard and enjoy their lives inside Wayward Pines. I suppose there's nothing like ignoring a life threatening problem to make it go away.

Okay, on to the good stuff.  Theo returns to work after having caught a few hours sleep, only to run into Kerry in the elevator.  In the last episode, Megan made a big deal about Kerry not pulling her weight because she hadn't gotten pregnant yet. This week we learn that the reason Kerry hasn't done her part to increase the population of Wayward Pines is because she cannot.  Because of the limited medical supplies, Theo isn't certain if the Abbie attack Kerry survived is the issue but regardless, Kerry will never be a mother.  Kerry takes this news very hard but does not completely break down in front of Theo.

Theo makes his way to the lab and of course finds Megan dead and Margaret gone, and so sounds the alarm.  There's no room for conjecture when it comes to Margaret's intelligence anymore.  We watch as she sneaks out of the facility, occasionally flashing back to Megan's so-called medical experiments. Clearly, Margaret also suffers from PTSD because she keeps thinking back to Jason shooting the three male Abbies. Margaret escapes through the drainage tunnels, and jumps off a steep cliff. At this point, I'm solidly team Margaret.

With the alert raised, Jason makes his way to the lab with armed guards. Theo explains how Margaret escaped and suggests that Margaret wants revenge for what the humans (read: Jason and Pilcher) have done.  Jason orders a search be undertaken to find Margaret as Theo stares at what is left of Megan. Theo wants to warn the town and points out that the Abbies outside of the wall are waiting for Margaret to attack.  Jason resists at first but then decides to tell the town but to have the townsfolk search unarmed for fear that they will be a distraction to the soldiers.  A frustrated Theo, stalks off to find Hassler.

Rebecca arrives at work and is immediately confronted by Xander, who wants to know if she's talked to Theo yet. Then the bomb drops.  Rebecca is pregnant and it's Xander's child, not Theo's. Xander clearly wants them to be a family and argues that inside of the wall they control what happens.  Rebecca walks away without answering. The phones start ringing, informing the residents of the threat.  At the school, the kids are ushered inside except for Lucy and Frank and couple who want to have sex.  Lucy convinces her brother that she will feel safer with Rebecca.

In the woods, Margaret sees Frank and Lucy as they walk to Rebecca's but she doesn't attack. Margaret has a flash back to seeing Frank at the carousel. Next Margaret sees the two Wayward Pine's kids making out in the woods.  Clearly, having watched Abbie famillies get slaughtered, Margaret seems to have a thing against killing kids.  Margaret makes her way to a residential area where she confronts a soldier who has just said goodbye to his family.  Margaret makes quick work of the soldier and then drags his body away. In the woods, Frank and Lucy hear the dying screams of the soldier and take off running.

Theo doesn't have to find Hassler because Hassler finds him.  Margaret carries the body of the soldier through the woods leaving behind a trail of blood.  Soldiers led by Mario arrive on Main street and begin their search.  Margaret makes her way across rooftops, leaping from building to building as the soldiers fire shots.  The aghast residents witness this through the closed shops they're hiding in. Margaret makes her escape, leaving Mario extremely frustrated. Hassler and Theo follow the trail of blood and Hassler points out that Margaret knows the area better than they do because she used to live there.

A grieving Jason stands over Megan's body. He remembers the way that Megan guided him after Pilcher's passing.  Jason feels guilty about not being their for Megan.  His grieving however is cut short when he is interrupted by a soldier but before leaving Megan's body, he promises to make Margaret pay.  Clearly, Jason has decided to remain purposefully obtuse. Tell me again why the people are following this twit? Jason communicates with Mario about the multiple sightings of Margaret.  They've had so many sightings that Mario doesn't have enough men to check them all out.

We all knew that Xander was hiding weapons and so it's no surprise when he pulls them out.  When Lucy lets slip that Rebecca built the town and that's why she knows it so well, the people are not impressed.  Xander hands off a pair of guns to a couple that wants to help search.  Xander and Rebecca talk about how the Abbies plan on getting in and Rebecca decides to head to the Mountain to get the original plans for the town, promising to meet Xander at her house in an hour.

Hassler and Theo continue their search and Hassler uses the opportunity to once again point out that Theo is perhaps the best person to be leading the town.  Hassler and Theo find the body and realise that Margaret used the blood from the body as a decoy. Rebecca talks her way into Jason's office to get a look at the plans.  Rebecca is caught by Kerry, who points out that Jason wouldn't approve of her stealing but Rebecca argues that the plans don't belong to Jason.  Rebecca pauses to ask the million dollar question: why the hell is Kerry still with Jason? Rebecca rightfully argues that Kerry could so much more than simply standing behind Jason. Kerry tries to turn the tables by asking why Margaret is with Xander. Rebecca quips, "there's the man you marry in Boston and then there's the man you marry in Wayward Pines." Rebecca makes it clear that she is not defined by either Theo or Xander and that Kerry should try and be her own person. Wait, did Wayward Pines just spend a minute trying to empower a female character?

I don't expect it to last however because whenever women show the slightest bit of skill or power on this show they are quickly wiped out. 

Theo and Hassler disagree about what direction to head in and so decide to split up.  Unfortunately, Wayward Pines just had to prove Jason right about something this season.  The two civilians given guns by Xander, end up accidentally shooting Mario and another soldier in their hunt for Margaret. Tom, the man that shoots the soldiers gets shot in the neck for his trouble.  Margaret witnesses it all. 

Theo stands between the soldiers and the injured civilians.  Theo quickly declares Tom dead and then talks his wife out of shooting the soldiers. Theo lectures them on the ways in which the town and the system isn't working and after repeated orders to disarm, both sides lower their weapons.  Together with the soldiers, Theo gets Mario to the hospital.

Kerry's shows up at Jason's where he has set up a command post to announce that the amount of Abbies outside of the fence has tripled.  Jason takes her to a secret area where he has pods set up for them to go back into stasis.  His big plan is for them to go back to sleep and then wake later and repopulate the earth. Yes, he actually envisions and Adam and Eve situation.  In that case, I say let humanity die out because Jason is not smart enough to be a founding father of humanity.  Kerry finally comes clean about her inability to have children. Jason at first suggests that Theo is lying about the test results but Kerry makes it clear just how earnest Theo was when he told her.  Kerry cries and Jason says that if he had known, he would have handled all of this differently. Really? What would this fascist jackass have done differently?  The two then profess their love for each other. See how quickly Kerry forgot about Rebecca's empowerment speech.  Yeah true love conquers all. 

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Rebecca is making her way back when she runs smack into Margaret.  The two stare it out for a moment and when Margaret approaches with her hand raised to attack, Rebecca grabs her stomach. Margaret pauses and remembers back to the Abbies in the woods with babies that Pilcher slaughtered. Xander being ever so timely, shows up and shoots Margaret in the arm, causing her to flea.  The two start to talk about the weakness in the fence and Xander brings up the pit where he was being held.

Xander and Rebecca make their way to Jason's to discuss what they've found. It seems they know exactly where Margaret is heading.  Margaret has finally made her way to a tunnel but before she can escape, she is confronted by an armed Hassler.  Margaret flashes back to Hassler defending her when she was locked in the cage.  Margaret however refuses to beg and stands up straight, and squares her shoulders staring Hassler down.  When Hassler lowers his weapon, Margaret escapes through the tunnel.  After a moment of thought, Hassler throws down his weapon and follows Margaret into the tunnel.  

Xander, Jason and Kerry arrive at the tunnel.  When they hear the abbies screaming, they decide to blow up the tunnel to block them from entering.

Back at the hospital, Mario awakes after surgery.  Mario asks if the town is dead but Theo can only answer maybe.  An upset Mario says, “I think that having a happy and productive life in Wayward Pines is the most important contribution I can make, sir.” Struggling to hold back tears, Mario keeps repeating this mantra, as if this will somehow keep him safe from the threat the abbies pose to Wayward Pines.  Theo slowly backs out of the room as Mario struggles with his fear.

Hassler has made it safely outside of the wall and is quickly confronted by some male abbies.  Margaret screams and warns the male abbies off as Hassler moves through the group with his hands up. Clearly, Hassler has decided to flea the sinking ship which is Wayward Pines.  Unlike the residents, he knows how to live outside of the safety of the walls, even if it means being lonely.

Theo confronts Xander about the fact that he gave out weapons.  Rebecca is quick to stand up for Xander and Theo asks why everything here is someone else's fault.  Rebecca simply says that Xander was trying to help and that accidents happen.  A pissed off Theo storms off. Can we just end this love triangle now. Does anyone really give a shit?

On the monitor, the number of Abbie is visible.  Margaret makes her way to two Abbies cradling her wounded arm.  She's clearly been bleeding heavily.  Margaret again flashes back to the Abbies in the woods during Pilcher's attack.  We see the Abbies trying to run and the dead they leave behind.  Margaret looks up at the sky and then closes her eyes.