Sunday, August 7, 2016

Killjoys, Season 2, Episode 6: I Love Lucy

After the traditional opening where we see the Killjoys be their usual silly, fun selves. I do like these little preludes that remind us that normal life (such as it is) goes on.

But the gang needs answers and the best way to get this is with the green goo they have in Johnny’s pet Mossapede. Taking inspiration from Pawter’s mother they decide to experiment by injecting said goo into someone and seeing what happens –namely D’avin since he has all kinds of gooey woo-woo in his system

It turns out that injecting random animal secretions into yourself is a bad idea. The goo forms a mental bond between D’avin and the Mossapede which is most unpleasant. Life in a bug’s head is not good. From this they conclude they need some pure goo

Thankfully Pree has a contact from his Stylish Dictator Days that may provide just that.

San has a ship on an asteroid and is a collector – you know the trope I don’t need to spell out the oceans of shiny things he has. And he wants to trade for more

He’s all jaded and not impressed and ends up double crossing them (to the shock of no-one) and doesn’t instantly get mauled by Dutch because he has 3 illegal sexy, deadly female androids.

Yes, sexualised jokes are included but I have seen so much worse. Much more fun is Lucy hacking one of those Androids and clearly having a huge crush on Johnny to the point of being willing to sacrifice her new shiny Android body for him. It’s actually fun and kind of touching and I think I’ll miss Android Lucy.

The main story is Dutch and San – he wants her Sitarra, her musical instrument and the story behind it and uses woo-woo tech to see what she sees to see their past

We hear her tragic story of her past. Or some of it: of her being placed in a Harem, of her having Khlyen as a tutor who taught her how to play music and her promise of leaving the harem when she marries. It’s all very very sweet right up until Dutch shares the rest of her story – at the Harem she was taught to find a good husband. But to kill him. The musical instrument has poisoned strings that are then used to garrotte… and all of Khlyen’s promises about her not having to kill once she got married were a lie – because her mission was to kill her husband and with it all her dreams of being free.

It’s tragic, heartfelt, incredibly powerful and brutal. Her singing before the whole garrotting is beautiful and hits all his emotions as well and longings as well. It’s an awesome scene.

But he’s not dead – and we get his story. Aliens invaded his planet 4 centuries ago, he was tortured and he betrayed his people (he and Dutch strike a commonality with the idea that they both traded other people’s lives for their freedom and now hate themselves for it). He sought medical help – and ended up being filled with illegal nanites that, effectively make him immortal by healing all damage.

He has found common cause with Dutch, she understands, she invokes emotion so perfectly – he wants someone to stay with him. He wants someone to make him a better man. He wants Dutch to make him a better man.

“I’m not your Manic Pixie Assassin”.

I would love this show eternally for that line alone. This come back is awesome and a perfect counter to so many depictions of just this trope. A woman’s purpose is not to help a man improve himself or find himself or grow or change or evolve. And his emotional need does not define her existence. She also scores some extra green goo from him

The killer androids are dealt with by D’avin and his shiny new goo-manipulating powers that gives him a sense of purpose and strength from this and has apparently shed a lot of baggage. So has Dutch – and she urges him to see Sabine

Which is nice to see her put away some of the hating all women near her menfolk. But when D’avin and Sabine have sex, she bleeds green goo from her eyes and has a seizure. That’s a major goo side effect right there.

Dutch perhaps feels free to let D’avin loose – because she has decided to get with Alvis at last. And in their post-sex musings they talk about the green goo being mentioned in Scarback holy writ as “sap of the tree of life” which sounds kind of cool. But they also speculate the reason scarbacks cut themselves is to prove they haven’t been filled with green goo – that they can bleed and scar. Which suggests the tree of life is a not good thing.

And Pawter and Johnny are also getting it on. Heteronormative relationships everywhere!

I still give all the points for "not your manic pixie dream assassin". I mean, every time I start to frown at this show for sexy androids or Dutch hating other women it drops a line like this...