Friday, October 21, 2016

American Horror Story, Season 6,. Episode 6: Chapter 6

After the last episode I wondered how this show was going to continue?

Well, remember how the whole format was a documentary? Well that documentary was super super super amazing popular and made a vast amount of money

Enter Sidney, completely amoral TV exec who wants to make a sequel. A Reality show sequel. He wants to gather all the old participants, both the people who actually experienced it (Shelby, Matt, Lee) and the actors who played them (Audrey, Dominic, Monet and Rory – who played the dead guy Edward Mott). There’s also Agnes – who played The Butcher.

Of course, Sidney (and his sidekick Diana) don’t believe in ghosts and monsters – but the TV audience generally believes that Lee got away with murder – they think she killed Mason. Part of Sidney’s plan for drama in his murder house Big Brother is to get everyone so riled up that they can get Lee to confess. On top of that they manufacture all kinds of spooky scares for people and their hidden cameras

Oh and the show is scheduled to happen on the Blood Moon

Can I say now that absolutely everyone deserves to die, but especially Shelby, Matt and Lee who really really really really have no excuse to ever ever ever go back to that House. Why would anyone go back to that House? Why?! WHY WHY WHY WHY? WHYYYYYY?!

There is no excuse for this! None?!

In the time since then there has been some drama revealed in the lead up to the show and when they all arrive in the House (WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!)

Lee has made a lot of money selling a book on her experiences and is looking to try and clear her name. She has issues with Monet, the actress playing her because she thinks the portrayal is what cast her as a murderer. While Monet hates her because she thinks the experience of playing Lee is what drove her to become an alcoholic

And of course Sidney is very happy to try and sneak her alcohol as much as they can or at least turn a blind eye to her drinking because they’re evil like that

While Shelby had an affair with Dominic, the man who played Matt, so there’s all kinds of drama going on there. Especially since Sidney, who is the worst, invites Dominic to join despite promising Shelby he wouldn’t

Audrey and Rory fell in love and got married and are joyously obsessed with each other. But Audrey is definitely sensitive and self conscious about her age with a much younger husband. Shelby being Shelby pokes that sore spot good and proper

Agnes… Agnes isn’t invited. Because Agnes had a complete obsessive breakdown playing the Butcher, is obsessed with Shelby and inclined to run around screaming incoherently and attacking people with a cleaver. She has been expressly forbidden by restraining order from approaching the set. Something Sidney did expressly to provoke her

Did I mention that he’s the worst? Because he’s the worst.

Also there’s a collection of dead pigs that no-one put there.

Even Diana realises he’s the worst after an “accident” at the construction site has a man die by chainsaw. Sidney refuses to spend more than a minute worrying about that and she decide she is OUT

Diane is a very sensible woman.

She leaves, recording a video log of her moment of utter sanity – until the pig monster in the backseat crabs her

The footage is found. Her body is not

This is where the show tells us that this part of the season was never aired - everyone (but one who had better not be Sidney) dies and only the recordings were found.

In the House we have more spooky goings on and drama between the characters until Rory is alone. Rory whose name begins with an R. Rory in the house with the two serial killers ghosts who just needed one more death of a person whose name begins with “R” to finish their set. Bye bye Rory

I’m surprised at the pace of this… I mean first episode in the house and Diana and Rory are both dead already? That was quick

As for the concept? Nah. No way no way at all would Shelby, Lee and Matt go back to that house on the Blood Moon. That’s literally suicide.

I know a lot of people are annoyed by the whole “only one survived” and I can’t say I think it’s a good idea to throw that Spoiler in there… but this show does the homage thing in different seasons. This? This is a survival horror. Only one surviving (or none surviving at all) is a given to me.