Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lucifer, Season Two, Episode Four: Lady Parts

Lady Parts is the episode of nothingness.  For the first time in a long time I found my attention wandering while watching Lucifer.  I even looked at my watch to see how much longer the show had to go.  At times, the show even seemed desperate as it tried to be funny.  At it's heart, Lucifer is a police procedural; however, Lucifer is at its best when it's moving the meta along, instead of circling around in a holding pattern. 

The episode begins with Lucifer arriving at Linda's for yet another counselling session. Lucifer has just gotten his first cell phone and is enjoying sex words games with friends and Tinder (no surprise there). Linda of course picks up on Lucifer's distraction and sees that he is using it to actively avoid his problems. Lucifer,, being Lucifer, hears that distraction will make his problems go away and leaves. 

Cue procedural time.  Yes, it's time for Lucifer and Chloe to begin investigating a murder. Lucifer being the empathetic being that we're used to decides that Chloe needs to head out and have a bit of fun because with the divorce, having to move out of her mother's place, work, and facing being a single mother she's got a lot going on.  He goes on to taunt her about not having three friends to call to go out drinking with. Chloe is sort of saved by Dan, who runs down the case. They track down Daria Mitchell's uber driver, who says that Daria jumped out of his car and used his phone to call her boyfriend. Yep, that's lead number one. 

Maze decides to check in on Charlotte, who is being punished by Lucifer to live out the life of the human woman's body she decided to borrow. Charlotte is not enjoying the domestic bliss because it means burning casseroles, cleaning up after children and having sex with her husband when he asks too many questions. Charlotte clearly considers this situation to be hell but recognizes that tolerating it allows her to spend time with her family.  

Back to the case which involves Lucifer and Chloe going to see Ella where they learn that the victim was poisoned by Mandrake. Lucifer and Chloe then head to the boyfriend's house and are met by a man covered in blood wielding a knife.  Both Lucifer and Chloe are taken aback until the man mentions that he is making artisanal sausage in the back and only responded the way he did because he thought Chloe and Lucifer were militant vegans. It turns out that Daria's boyfriend is actually married but being a lecher, was out with yet another waitress from his restaurant the night Daria died.  He tells Chloe and Lucifer that Daria was having a girls night out with her roommate and friend.  Lucifer notices the man's garden and so starts asking about growing weed but is forced to stop when Chloe confronts him about his distraction.  Chloe tells Lucifer that he can talk to her about anything but of course, Lucifer simply sees Chloe as a buzz kill.  Lucifer then gets on the phone with Maze and agrees to trade his convertible, if Maze will take Chloe out for a good time and get her good and bloody drunk. 

Amenadiel heads to see Linda to return a book that he borrowed. Linda is quick to pick up on the fact that something is wrong with Amenadiel and encourages him to talk about it because they're friends now. Amenadiel explains that his problem is physical and that things aren't working the way they used to.  Given that Linda doesn't know that he's an angel, she assumes that the problem is impotence and encourages him to relax and have a few drinks, then assures him he's still manly.  This is all played for humor but given how emotionally painful ED can be, it really didn't work for me. 

It's off to Daria's apartment for Chloe and Lucifer.  The door is opened for them by Daria's neighbour as Lucifer goes on about hating cats.  When they enter, Lucifer immediately starts complaining about the smell of litter but what he's actually smelling is death. That's right, Daria's roommate is also dead and she has the same marking on wrist that Daria has. 

At Lux, Lucifer has managed to gain the attention of two women and is about to seal the deal when Chloe arrives to talk about Ella's lab report.  This of course ruins Lucifer's ménage a trios.  Maze joins them and suggests they check out the bar where the young women were at.  Ella arrives and decides to tag along for the fun.  The women head to a tiki bar where they are joined by Linda, who Maze invited for this impromptu girls night. 

Instead of drinking and having fun, Chloe has been showing a picture of the murdered women around the bar and getting nowhere.  Linda decides that they should each share a secret to break the ice and reveals that she worked her way through college as a sex operator.  Yeah, that one surprised me. Ella admits that she used to steal cars and Maze that she was forged in hell.  When it's Chloe's turn, Chloe admits that she is barely holding it together thanks to having to move, the divorce and being a single mother. On that note, Linda orders drinks.

Lucifer finds Amenadiel at Lux drinking cosmos of all things. Lucifer calls it a lady drink. Amenadiel reveals that he's pissed that Lucifer didn't take Charlotte back to hell.  Lucifer explains that he's punishing Charlotte in his own way which technically isn't breaking the deal he made with Daddy. Lucifer then tells Amenadiel if he's so upset about it he should take Charlotte back to hell himself. 

The women get their drink on and even head on stage to do some karoke. This is a new experience for Chloe and she's thrilled to finally have a group of women that she can just hang out with.  Maze discretely takes a photo for evidence for Lucifer. Chloe then spots a man across the room with the same tattoo as Daria and drags him back much to the horror of Ella, Linda and Maze. The man's girlfriend steps up thinking that Chloe is making the move on her man and a bar fight breaks out with Maze getting to do some damage. The man finally admits that the stamp is from a sex club.

A beat up Chloe heads back to the station where Dan's laughs at her for her beat up state and lack of memory of what happened at the tikki bar.  Chloe gets even by telling Dan that he has to go to the sex club to investigate since it's men only. Because she's worried about Dan being made as a cop, she's sending Lucifer along with him.

Lucifer and Dan arrive at the sex club where they are joined by Amenadiel. Dan wants them to just hang back and be low key. This means no drinking, dancing or flirting with the women.  Inside the club, Amenadiel quickly does his own thing and starts dancing, much to Lucifer's disgust. Before Lucifer can pull Amenadiel away, Dan notices the bartender pouring drinks using nitrogen.  The bartender tries to run and is stopped by Lucifer.  Dan and Lucifer learn that there was another girl and a man with the two murdered victims. 

Back at the station, Chloe and Dan talk about the case. They wonder if the murderer is the wife of the restaurant owner since she knows all of the victims. Chloe decides to head out and stops to grab Lucifer, who shows her the photo that Maze sent him. Chloe is furious about being set up and sends Maze a picture of her giving the finger. 

Lucifer and Chloe track down Yuri, the man who was with the murder victims.  Yuri is sick having ingested the poison himself.  It turns out that the murdered victims were supposed to be his date but they balked the moment they saw him and learned they were in a sex club. Yuri does have a picture of the third woman with the murder victims and it turns out that it's Lilly, the neighbour of the murder victims. 

When Lucifer and Chloe arrive at Lilly's, she's packing her things to return home. When Lucifer and Chloe make it clear that they are here to arrest her, Lilly grabs Chloe and puts her in a headlock and puts a box cutter to her throat.  Lucifer takes the opportunity to snark about him not having a gun. When Lucifer's cell phone rings and Chloe uses the distraction to take Lilly down.

Back at Lucifer's place, Maze walks in and announces her intention to move in with Chloe.  Lucifer is not pleased with this because of the potential of the women in his life ganging up on him. Lucifer offers Maze his car keys to pay off his debt but it turns out that what Maze wants is for Lucifer to pour her a drink for a change. 

Lucifer's next visitor is Amenadiel. Amenadiel wants to know what Lucifer asked daddy for in exchange for bringing Charlotte back to hell.  Lucifer admits that he asked for Chloe's life and explains  his doubt that their father will take interest in one small human life. Amenadiel suggests that Chloe's life is in danger.

Chloe is on the way to pay a deposit for her new apartment when she gets hit by another car.