Monday, October 3, 2016

Fear The Walking Dead, Season Two, Episode Fourteen: Wrath

Here we are folks at the penultimate episode of Fear the Walking Dead.  This episode is basically about getting the characters into position for the season finale.

 Alicia brings a plate of rice and beans to Travis, claiming that the food is really good cause everything is cooked in lard.  Alicia then expresses her sorrow about Chris and Travis tells her that she was right to be scared of him.  It seems that Travis is finally ready to acknowledge what a monster Chris had become.  I'm actually glad to see this because I was worried we would see some victim blaming when these two finally reconnected.

 At the end of the last episode, the two dudebros showed up at the hotel. They still haven't learned anything and continue to be as obnoxious as possible.  Despite being the only White people in the room, they aren't shy about letting their racist flag fly. Not only are these two assholes, they are absolutely clueless about their environment.  It's a symbol of the their continuing belief in the safety their whiteness grants them that they behave in the manner they do.  It's enough for Alicia to want to see their backs and inform Madison.  After a brief chat with them, Madison quickly figures out that the dudebros are the pair that Chris left with.  Their callus talk about Chris's death is enough to worry Madison.

In Travis's absence, Madison has really come to depend on Strand and that's who she runs to to figure out what to do.  Madison thinks that maybe she should tell Travis that Chris is dead but Strand is adamant that those rules belonged to their old lives. Strand feels that it's the hope that Travis might one day see Chris again that's keeping Travis going.  It's Strand who reminds Madison that she lives for Alicia and the hope of one day seeing Nick again.

So the big plan is to get the dudebros out before Travis can see them and learn the truth.  Madison, Alicia and Andreas escort the duebros to the gate but its enough to rile up the new refugees who want to know what's going on, thinking that the dudebros are getting special treatment.  The ruckus alerts Travis and he goes running outside when he recognizes the dudebros.  Well, so much for well laid plans.

The Dudebros are taken to a room where they promise to say what happened to Chris as soon as Brandon has his dislocated shoulder fixed.  Brandon tells some story about a car accident because Chris supposedly fell asleep at the wheel and then Chris dying.  Travis is distraught at this and heads towards the door until Derek, not being the brightest bulb makes some comment about dragging Chris out of the wreckage.  That's enough for Travis to realise that these two are lying.  Travis locks himself in the room with the dudebros, as Madison bangs on the door begging Travis to stop.  Travis begins the beat down as Derek and Brandon beg for mercy.  Finally, the dudebros explain that they killed Chris and felt that they had no choice.  We get a flash to Chris crawling out of a truck with a broken leg and then begging for his life before Brandon shoots him in the head.

 That's enough for Travis to lose his ever loving shit and beat the dudebros to death.   Somehow, I still don't think we have seen the end of Creepy Chris.

At the colonia, Nick grabs the drugs and heads off to make a trade.  Nick's informed that the gang now know where the colonia is and want it. Nick is advised to pack up his shit and get moving if he wants to live.  Nick heads back to the colonia and starts packing, explaining to Lucinda that they have to leave.  Lucinda however has gone all true believer and is not willing to leave.  In a case of fortunate timing, one of the people that Alejandro has been treating dies, turns and goes on the attack. Nick manages to protect himself from being bit but the same cannot be said for Alejandro and two other members of the colonia.  Watching Nick kill that zombie by squeezing his thumb through the eye socket was gross yet somehow awesome.

Here comes the big showdown.  The community members gather as those who were bitten walk through the bus to become part of the zombie crowd which guards the Colonia. With his arm now bandaged, Alejandro comes to see Nick and Lucinda. Nick snarks about Alejandro's fear and questions if he cleaned the wound well.  Nick then demands that Alejandro tell Lucinda the truth otherwise she'll never leave with him.  Alejandro finally confesses to what we've known all along, he's a fraud. Lucinda checks Alejandro's forehead and he has a fever because he's infected.  Alejandro didn't really get bitten and simply allowed people to believe that.  Nick points out that Alejandro did this because he was afraid to be alone but Alejandro claims that this is what allowed  the community to be formed and for people to be saved. Lucinda is shocked because she and her brother spread the word about Alejandro's supposed immunity.  Lucinda declares Alejandro dead to her but is still not willing to leave the colonia.  Yeah considering that Alejandro is dying, it's a little to late for Lucinda to declare him dead to her.

Finally to Ofelia, who is making her way stateside. Things are going well until her truck overheats and she is forced to stop.  Ofelia tries to fix the truck but is attacked by a few zombies.  Ofelia however takes them out in the most magnificent fashion then grabs her things and a bottle of water and keeps going on foot.  When next we see Ofelia, she is confronted by a man holding a gun to her head and welcoming her to America.

For me, it was almost cathartic watching Travis beat the dudebros to death. Yeah, I know it sounds awful.  This is the most in the moment that Travis has been since this show started. Also these two had it coming.  I do however wonder what remains for Travis now.  Is he going to go into a depression and force Strand and Madison to carry the weight of their new community? Is Travis going to run off and look for Chris's body?  Is Travis going to realise that he really lost Chris a long time ago and is just feeling the after effects now?

At this point, I kind of just want to see Nick drag Lucinda out of the colonia.  She's been a strong character but at the same time duped and ready to follow a fraud.  From almost the beginning, Nick knew damn well what Alejandro was and clearly played along. I cannot say how much Nick's competence gets on my damn last nerve.  He's had access to drugs in the Colonia and hasn't even been the least tempted to get high and not only that, his addiction is supposedly what makes him capable of surviving in this new world.  Look, I know that a zombie apocalypse isn't real but they could at least deal with this properly.  It sends completely the wrong message.

Ofelia is off doing her own thing.  I really want to see her survive this even if going off to find her former lover is a ridiculous mission.  I love that she's changed enough however to embark on this alone and has proven herself capable. Yeah, I know that she's in a bit of trouble right now but I'm certain that things are going to work out for her, at least they'd better.