Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vampire Diaries, Season 8, Episode 2: Today Will be Different

Enzo and Damon are still servants to the Siren Sybil though she’s getting more and more annoyed by Enzo’s resistance – even though he seems completely compliant he’s just not eager to be her happy murder bot. Damon also thinks Enzo needs to stop fighting and seems quite content to work with Sybil to turn him into a happy murder bot (he also continues to live in terror of the damnation she showed him). She pokes around in Enzo’s skill until she digs out Sarah Nelson’s name as someone he cares about. So naturally they have to kill her

Sarah Nelson? Let me put on my recap hat.

Some time ago when Damon was having his evil streak #9868757 he decided to kill lots of people including a large chunk of the Salvatore’s last living relatives. This included a prgenant lady. There was much angst over this death. Stefan decided to step in and save the baby, unknown to Damon and she became Sarah Nelson, with a chunk of money from Stefan and some advice on how to keep herself safe from vampires just in case Damon has yet another evil streak and tries to kill her for funssies

Can we even come close to address this? I mean, really? Because we’ve spent so many series trying to centre Damon as sympathetic and a good guy but he still doesn’t know who Sarah is because everyone who knew about her – including his own brother – feels that they can’t trust him not to target her in yet another of his gazillion killing sprees

Bonnie, Caroline and Stefan even refer to it this week:

“the worst thing he ever did.”
“it’s on the list”

Because, yeah, he has killed so many people and done so many terrible things that they’re not even sure where massacre including pregnant ladies actually stands on his moral compass. Yet here they are trying to save him. Not the siren’s victims. Not even stopping the siren – actually no-one has made that remotely a priority. The issue is saving poor Damon

Damon and Enzo go on a killing spree of several Sarah Nelson’s tipping of Caroline and Stefan so it becomes a race to find Sarah Nelson before she is brutally murdered.

Sarah Nelson is, unsurprisingly, super suspicious and really really annoyed by all of this. She trusts almost no-one and is sick of all this vampire nonsense. She’s also equipped with Vervain which she uses to try and stop Damon’s initial murder rush with Enzo’s help

Since we’re all vervain drugging people, Bonnie decides to do the same with Enzo so she can take him far away and save him from the siren because she loves him. Apparently. Honestly I am still completely not buying this relationship. And by “completely” I mean “not even slightly”. I’m really not valuing Bonnie’s storyline chasing after a guy with no real emotion or foundation behind it. It feels like a really convoluted insert to keep Bonnie “invested” without actually working on investment.

Unfortunately for their reunion, Sybil’s control over Enzo means he can’t go too far from her: she has to return. And, yes this would be tragic but I still have zero investment in this.

Back with Sarah Damon arrives to try and kill her and Stefan manages to talk him out of it – until Sybil arrives and stabs her then uses siren woo-woo to prevent Stefan saving her. He tries to talk Damon into saving her but Sybil realises that Damon has a crack in her control over him. A bit of his mind that still clings to humanity – yep it’s Elena memories. It’s always Elena. Sybil roots around in his memory, finds the Elena bits and replaces them with him. Damon is officially hers and is happy to let Sarah bleed out.

Returning to my point about how Damon is still presented as good and redeemable: Stefan manages to convince Damon he’s redeemable because he didn’t actually kill the baby when he killed the pregnant lady. So he killed a room full of people including a pregnant mother but the baby lived so GOOD GUY! YAY!

Uh-huh. Y’know I wonder how many people would by this is everyone on this show wasn’t so ridiculously hot.

This is also a preview for Enzo – because he handed over Sarah’s name to Sybil so he wouldn’t think about Bonnie. But now he’s spent so much time with Bonnie he can’t keep her name from Sybil so it’s going to be more memory raiding in Enzo’s head

Time to check in with Alaric and his intern Georgie. They go through various research about artefacts being delivered and related to the Armoury and the cell where the siren was kept. This includes the journal of the dead guy they found who was apparently targeted in 1790. An artefact dating back to 2200BC It also includes a symbol which freaks out snarky intern Georgie because she’s seen it before and had it tattooed.

Georgie has a near death experience- after drink & text driving and killing her friend in a car accident. Before she was revived she describes a horrific and terrible experience of Hell – not dramatic, but deeply sad and creepy which manages to be more effective. Kudos Vampire Diaries on that one

I have a feeling damnation and redemption are going to be a theme this season. A terrible, awful, disastrous theme

We close with one argument that is both awesome and terrible

Awesome because when Caroline calls out Bonnie for not following the plan, Bonnie hits back about her plan, painfully telling Caroline how she feels and how that has been sidelined. In response Caroline apologises and promises to make Bonnie a priority in her life and acknowledges

And it’s terrible because this moment of Bonnie call out, so needed, is about Enzo and the perfect family life she wants to have with him. Aaargh, this is when Bonnie finally draws the line in the sand?