Thursday, December 15, 2016

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 5: Radio Silence

Stiles is back….

…uh-huh that means Teen Wolf is powering up a major gut-punch to the Feels, doesn’t it?

Stiles is in a train station. Yes, apparently the Wild Hunt dumps everyone in a train station and then just kind of leaves them there. It’s not even a good station with free wi-fi and great snack shops and maybe a couple of decent coffee shops – just rows of benches and the occasional radio announcement

Everyone, despite waiting there hours and hours, seems to be almost comatose. As Stiles repeatedly pokes their stories and exposes the nonsensical holes he still can’t convince them something odd is happening. When the wild hunt rides through now and then, smacking people and dropping new captives off in the waiting room, everyone quickly forgets. At least Gwen is reunited by

It’s not really explained why Stiles is the one who is able to remember the hunt and not just stare into space

But he isn’t the only one – there’s also Peter Hale. Yes, Peter Hale, evil wolf, Derek’s relative, Malia’s dad, the werewolf who bit Scott and generally not a nice man. He was last seen in Eichen house and he managed to escape during the power outage caused by various hijinks from previous seasons. He is pretty much giving up but tolerates Stiles’s repeated attempts to escape.

Which doesn’t get very far. But they do find another guy who has been there far longer and is at the end of his patience and driven to desperation. He can think of one way to escape – the portal where the Hunt enters and leaves, guarded by supernatural fear and requiring you to jump on the back of one of the Wild Hunt’s horses

It’s brave to say the least. And turns out to be foolish since it gets you horribly horribly burned to death. Not nice.

Peter succumbs to despair and tries to tear down all of Stile’s hope by randomly taking his possessions to point out how useless all of it is because they don’t exist any more.

Of course Stile’s doesn’t give up – and remembers the intercom system announcing various stops from the non-existent trains which speaks now and then. He hopes to use the radio to communicate with the outside world…

So to the outside world and Lydia leads Scott to Stiles’s Jeep, which involves both bribing a repo man and then Malia ripping off bits of his truck. Because Malia doesn’t do deals

Inside the jeep Scott finds all of their scents – which makes no sense to them because none of them remember being inside. Malia is in complete denial about Stiles. As Stiles is another person she’s lost, another loss she can’t take.

And at the station, Peter looks at the list of stations on the board and has a realisation – one he doesn’t share with Stiles, but which changes his mind and instills a lot of urgency in him. He declares Beacon Hills is well and truly doomed – and that he has to get out. Ostensibly so he can escape, but really so her can save his daughter, Malia. And no, he’s not fooling anyone, least of all Stiles.

He jumps on the back of one of the Wild Hunt horses. He thinks he can survive the horrible burning death because he’s a werewolf with major healy woo-woo.

He arrives in the real world and his agonised, pain filled roar is heard by Scott and Malia – they rush to find his horrifically burned body and their memories of him are suddenly restored, much to their horror of having forgotten him. He’s also carrying Stiles’s jeep keys

With those keys they can get Stiles’s jeep working – including the radio, allowing Stiles to contact them. And their memories to come back. FEEEEEEELLLLLLSSSS. ALL THE FEEELLLLLLS. All the beautiful feellllllssssss. Among the emotional moments,  Stiles asks them to find one of the places on the destination list: Canaan.

Now I don’t recognise Canaan (except the ancient history thing), but I do recognise Pripyat and Bannack – they’re abandoned towns in Ukraine and US respectively.