Monday, April 10, 2017

Supernatural, Season 12, Episode 17: The British Invasion

This episode is brought to you by a whole lot of Supernatural writers who only know Britain from the books they’ve read

So we see a flashback of Mick’s life in Kendricks, - the Men of Letter’s Hogwarts (and yes, it blatantly is) where everyone has a surprisingly posh accent. Also, Dr. Hess, the headteacher is definitely failing her next Ofsted report because she requires the kiddies to fight to the death to progress a year

Given that, in Mick’s own words, front line ruthless fighters are hardly needed in the Men of Letters, given his whole team’s general incompetence when it comes to killing anything – I really question why? I mean what is she training them to be ruthless FOR? And if you’re going to train them to kill their fellow tweenagers, could you actually train them to be able to kill actual monsters? I mean, yay, you’ve got a cadre of soldiers who are capable of killing 13 year olds but collectively shit themselves when facing an actual monster

So this is Mick’s traumatic past – a past so traumatic it completely changed Mick’s accent. Also he’s truly loyal to the Men of Letters because he was a street kid controlled by Fagin picking pockets and he accidentally pickpocketed a member of the Men of Letter’s (we don’t know their name, I’m going to call her Nancy) who then decided pickpocketing is actually a useful skill for Men of Letters. Unlike, y’know, killing monsters.

Because the writers have read waaay too much Dickens.

So that’s Mick’s back story. It’s cringeworthy in it’s ridiculousness and I’m resisting the urge to call Mick “Oliver”.

Anyway in the modern world Mick drips in on the Winchester cave, using his key. Because every chapter house of the Men of Letters has the same key

Ok, can we talk about this as well? We already saw the Men of Letters create a base made of storage containers with minimal defence – and now this? Think about this – the American Men of Letter base has been abandoned for generations, generation on generation – any monster could have got their hands on the keys to this place, but the other Chapter Houses in Britain – or around the world –didn’t think to change the locks? You take down one of Chapter houses and you’ve got the keys to all of them? This makes no damn sense.

He’s there to out-drink them (he’s British, he doesn’t drink American allegedly-beer)

Anyway he wants to talk to them about the Nephilim which has just hit the Men of Letter radar. He wants to tell the Winchesters who, of course, already know.

He wants to apply The Code and demands to know why they didn’t just murder Kelly and be done with it as the Men of Letters would do. The Winchesters are not ready to kill an innocent and point out that Mick was pretty broken over killing an innocent werewolf last week. Also, Mick’s on his second strike so calm your murdering. Of course Mick is very “son of Lucifer is an exception”. They also tell him where to stick his Code.

Of course Mick is still reporting to the Men of Litters – in particular Dr. Hess, the headteacher who had him murder his childhood friend. She has decided that the whole Nephilim situation means they have to stop courting the American hunters – they either get with the program and obey orders or they’re all going to be murdered

By Arthur Ketch. On his own. Entirely. Because he’s the only British hunter who can actually hunt. Because this I really a good idea.

Meanwhile Kelly is still in the care/custody of Dagon who grudgingly takes her to the doctor to look over her care since she’s feeling kind of icky. Dagon happily mind controls the doctor to get on with it – she doesn’t care about Kelly’s health and she’s pretty certain baby demon is going to be absolutely fine.

You’ll note no-one here cares about Kelly, the mother’s health or choices. It’s like a Republican convention on women’s rights. Except with Demons – so less evil.

Lucifer is also in touch with Dagon here, but more on him later.

Mike is definitely doubting the whole code thing – because a life time of indoctrination and traumatic accent changes can just be overcome in a couple of weeks. So Dr. Hess decides that she’s going to send her lack, Renny Rawlings (oh my gods, Americans, really? Do you think English people actually have names like this?) to hurry over and supervise. Despite taking an overnight plane to America and hurrying to spy on Mike, he still manages to find a bone china cup and tea from somewhere (really, Americans? Really?)

He tells everyone he graduated top of his class – because the Men of Letters are all about exams and not about field work. Of course, that sounds a lot harder when you realise their exams involve murdering each other: shame it doesn’t actually involve killing actual monsters. Everyone, hilariously, is utterly uncaring about his exam results.

Meanwhile Arthur and Mary are getting all close – with Mary again insisting she can be mother Mary AND hunter Mary. They also have sex. The Winchester sons probably don’t want to hear that. She makes it clear this is just casual fun and Arthur agrees with a definite puppy-dog-crush-eyes going on here

Back to the other Winchesters Eileen, a hunter we’ve met before who is definitely fun (and the bonus of being a Deaf character played by a Deaf actor) is one of the hunters (because the Winchesters have called in all the Hunters) tracking down Kelly. She also doesn’t care about Renny’s exam results. By killing a demon hunting her, she has managed to find where Kelly is allowing the Winchesters to set a trap.

Which they do and try to appeal to Kelly – but Mike and Renny just want to kill her. While they’re arguing Dagon arrives. Dagon is a prince of hell. Dagon isn’t playing. Dagon knocks them all about quite easily and normal bullets have no effect on her. Eileen manages to get her hands on the Colt – but when she fires Dagon uses super speed/hallucinations/both to get out the way – the bullet hits Renny. Alas he is dead, along with his magical ability to conjure fine china cups of tea.

Dagon leaves with Kelly and now resorts to chaining Kelly up and making it clear she’s not escaping again, she will give birth to Lucifer’s kid. And she will die in the process – mothers never survive giving birth to Nephilim.

At the war zone Mick has to follow the code – which means shooting Eileen. The Code has absolutely no concept of collateral damage in a war zone? (of course not, there’s only one fighter in the entire British men of letters. Unless Arthur kills himself in a mission. In which case he would then have to be executed by the Code. Hey it makes as much sense as the rest of the Code). Sam and Dean object to him wanting to shoot Eileen (she’s not a fan either) and demand he do what’s right rather than what the Code says

It helps that the Code is really really stupid.

Mick breaks his lifetime of accent-changing-conditioning which is surprisingly easy and agrees to spare Eileen

But when he goes home it seems he has another special visitor – Dr. Hess has now arrived and is demanding some explanation for the complete failure (she isn’t drinking tea, but she is drinking whiskey which is English beverage code for Hardass). Except not really because she doesn’t listen to other people – instead she’s laying out demands:

1. Eileen is shot.
2. Dean and Sam are investigated, judged and then shot (as Mike points out, Hunters never survive these trials)
3. All American Hunters are judged and then shot

Mick objects – wanting to do what is right rather than the code. She argues back for order and the law which would make sense of the Code weren’t the stupidest thing ever written down (barring the odd executive order). I mean, everyone doing what they personally think is best when it comes to killing other people is generally not a good idea. But when the code is “kill everyone. Kill everyone nearby. Kill them too. And more killing. Hey let’s make kids kill each other yet. Did he look at us funny? That’s a killin’” then personal judgement is a definite improvement.

For objecting Mick is shot. This shocks no-one. Arthur does it because he’s the only Men of Letters who can actually fight. Dr. Hess updates her instructions – kill everyone. See what I mean about the Code?

This is going to put Arthur in a bind because everyone will include Mary Winchesters

Also he’s one man and that’s a whole lot of hunter killing

Back to Lucifer as I mentioned earlier. He is apparently completely submitting to Crowley, not fighting or resisting at all. He’s so cowed that Crowley is even willing to show him off to all the demons to command their loyalty and be impressed at how Crowley’s in full command

It doesn’t work out – sure Lucifer says the right words, but his winking and tone makes it clear he’s going to be on top again soon and any demon who doesn’t pick the right side now is going to be in so much trouble. Crowley, Crowley, you’re smarter than this.

Of course even with a minion helping, the demon who actually made Lucifer’s vessel into a cage is now dead. Crowley is, indeed, smarter than this.