Thursday, May 11, 2017

iZombie, Season 3, Episode 6: Some Like it Hot Mess

Like the last episode, I’m going to brush over the murder – because these murder cases are increasingly becoming less and less relevant to iZombie. Similarly so is Clive – even as he takes more point on the murders and relies less on Liv’s abilities

It’s frustrating that I thought he’d be much more involved in this series once he knew Liv’s secret and we’d have more fun seeing him understand the brains Liv eats, and using them and working round them. But beyond being less confused that hasn’t really happened. The crime scenes and the brain personalities have become less and less relevant. Liv herself has, as I’ve pointed out, become less and less relevant but at least she is linked to the other plot lines. Clive is not – Clive does a great job of tracking down the red herrings, grudges and other issues in the murder victim’s life with great skill and observation and limited help from Liv. Go Clive. Shame we didn’t actually spend any real time on that or it was really relevant or not completely lost in everything else. More than any other character, Clive is fading to obscurity.

Liv is also much reduced. Her brain this week basically made her a party girl with zero organisational skills. So she’s just been ditzing around the edge of the episode and adding little useful at all.

Instead let’s turn to Major – he took the cure last week and he now faces losing his memory. It starts with utter childish glee which makes me want to smoosh him so much. He’s sooooooo cute. And I’ll help him clear up that ice cream. Very very carefully. Yes, yes I will.

Major can now taste food again which is super awesome and happy and being human seems great again – and Ravi and Liv test him and he appears to have full memory as well. All is joyful and cute and smushable! Oh and Major touches on keeping with Liv which she puts down to a very emotional moment and not necessarily putting them in relationship mode but it does look like they’re heading that way.

Ravi and Major also manage some super-cute bonding over computer games again, bringing us back to their awesome friendship and scenes where I don’t want to strangle Ravi – so yay! Peyton and Blaine are also all settling in all snuggly and happy – yay. All is yay

And then Major starts to lose memories. Yup, looks like it’s all coming crashing down and we have emotional scenes as Major writes goodbye letters to the people he cares about to open when his memories finally go.

He ends up on a bus (ditzy Liv wasn’t watching him) and ends up at his mother’s house – who he’s apparently been estranged from for a long time since she left his father and entered a relationship with another woman (hey, it’s taken 3 seasons but this may finally be recurring LGBT inclusion). He’s taken to her when he’s found wandering, alone and confused with no memories.

At the morgue, zombie screw-up Donny tries to get Ravi to give him the cure as he has a client who wants to buy it. Ravi refuses because he has a limited supply and the whole memory loss – to which Donny insists, backed by some dubious anecdote, that Blaine is totally faking his memory loss

So when Peyton arrives to discuss something work related he makes sure to pass on this highly dubious rumour from a highly untrustworthy source to her. Of course he does. Ravi is risking becoming an outright villain on this show.

Peyton treats him with all the contempt her deserves for again trying to split up his relationship out of his obsession for her

She goes to her romantic evening with Blaine – but now she has doubts. She talks to him about how happy they are, and mentions Ravi’s rumour in passing which Blaine dismisses. She pursues with an artful “I’m so happy now I almost don’t mind how we got here”

To which he confesses – he did lose his memory. But it’s temporary, after a while it all comes back again. But he so wanted a fresh start and a new life that he kept it up – he wants to be who he is now, who he is now is real and he wants to forget and discard his past.

Peyton is Not. Amused. Apart from anything else this means Major and Liv had the cure for ages and didn’t use it because they feared the memory loss. She is duly pissed and charges out

This is good news to Major – who now has all his memories back, has a brief visit with his mother before calling Liv and heading home. And Liv, who has been getting steadily more tired of eating brains is now super excited that she can take the cure. She even has a moment with Clive saying how she won’t have visions any more.

Until they realise that the stash has been stolen by someone: Blaine or Donny? And the last dose Major had he already gave away. Liv’s hopes were up and now are plummeting again

Oh and Peyton apologises to Ravi

No. Really, no. Peyton has every reason to be suspicious of Ravi’s “help” and his motives are not pure. More, just because Blaine is out of the picture does not mean that Ravi should be free to step in and all is forgiven. Nothing Blaine has done means Ravi is suddenly absolved or not an arsehole. In no way can Blaine’s sins be taken as Ravi now being totally pure and ready to step in his shoes. No no no don’t do this. Do not make this “see she was wrong and should have been with Ravi”.

Also, where’s Katty Kutts or whatever her ridiculous name was? Was she literally just introduced to be The Other Woman?