Saturday, May 13, 2017

Supernatural, Season 12, Episode 21: There's Something About Mary

Damn it Supernatural you killed Eileen. She was looking like an interesting recurring character with some much needed inclusion and you done killed her. By Hellhound – controlled by Arthur Ketch

This is part of the ongoing campaign of the Men of Letters to kill all American Hunters and apparently make them look like monster attacks

And some of those attacks are by Mary.

Mary is being imprisoned and brainwashed by the return of Lady Toni and her skill with mind altering substances to generally break down someone’s will and reality.  Mary is duly terrified that she is losing herself and she is going to end up hurting and killing people she cares about. She desperately struggles, she desperately appeals to the connection she has with Arthur which, despite obviously hitting a chord, doesn’t move him. She even tries to commit suicide though he stops her.

She’s definitely sinking.

Meanwhile her sons are definitely noticing something is up. Mick is out of touch. Mary said something was up and then fell off the grid and more and more hunters are suddenly dying to the monsters. They expect a certain level of death, it’s not the safest profession after all. But the rate us suspicious

I do wonder why the Men of Letters are going to so much work to make it look like monster attacks – especially since that includes going so far as to actually use hellhounds

And where do they get hellhounds? Turns out evil Dr. Hess has a deal on with Crowley – demons can operate in the UK so long as they confine their activity to people who are making deals. The argument being that if they chose to make such a deal that it’s their own silly fault. At the same time Dr. Hess is awfully high handed with Crowley and the king of Hell takes exception

We also see that wonderful Men of Letters way of motivating people – the leadership of the new American Hunters will fall under either Arthur or Toni. Because the British Men of Letters believes in throwing their people against each other because team building exercises, I guess. Also everyone has slept with everyone so let’s have some more office tension.

The Winchesters begin to catch on that the Men of Letters are behind the deaths when they get a letter from Eileen from before her deaf asking for sanctuary because she thought the Men of Letters were hunting her – and that they were bugging her. They search the Winchester Cave and find confirmation that they are being bugged as well.

Time for a really bad trap

I mean they managed to kill several extras (these could have been helpful around about the time the Men of Letters were being attacked) and kidnap Toni by they then end up back at the Winchester Cave with seemingly no plan at all to take down Arthur and his minions waiting for them which seems to be pretty inevitable. It seems long term planning remains not a Winchester Skill.

What does remain a Winchester Skill is killing and they manage to kill many many extras and capture both Toni and Arthur

Until Mary arrives – fighting on the side of the Men of Letters. Ooooh that’s some very very fast brainwashing. She and Arthur leave – and they leave Toni behind as well

Because this is how the Men of Letters work – they throw their best at each other so they can never trust each other and constantly end up killing each other and it’s a stupid system. Seriously “it hones skills” no it doesn’t – because this constant infighting doesn’t in any way train you how to fight werewolves or vampires – killing human hunters isn’t helping that. It just means every time a team is dispatched everyone on the team is waiting for their fellows to double cross them.

For added James Bond flare, Arthur decides to lock Dean, Sam and Toni in the Winchester cave and wait until they die of thirst rather than, y’know, shooting them in the head.

Over to Lucifer and Crowley and it looks like Crowley’s trap for Lucifer has finally fallen apart. With the help of Drexel, Lucifer has reversed the binding on him, now meaning Crowley is his puppet

I keep waiting for Crowley to turn the tables again – but is Lucifer just one step more crafty than Crowley?