Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Originals, Season Four, Episode Eight: Voodoo In My Blood

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It happened. The moment I really didn't want to see arrived; Davina made an appearance on The Originals. The only thing I can take comfort in is the fact that she's still dead; however, I don't think that she'll remain this way.  I knew it was too good to be true when we got rid of her at the end of the last season.  

Okay, let's go into this suffering together.  Hope gets a message from the ancestors informing her that if her family wants to know what the hell is going on, they've got to get to St. Anne's to talk with the ancestors. Once they get to St. Anne's, Klaus and Hayley are given a frosty greeting by the latest group of harvest girls, and honestly can you blame them? After giving up some blood, Klaus and Hayley pass out in pain in a circle.

Enter Davina, and she's got a story tell and naturally this must include some flashbacks scenes because The Originals just loves those.There were two tribes who were tired of fighting and so decided to join together, using a marriage to signify their new found unity.  The marriage resulted in a pregnancy and to because the elders wanted this child to represent their new found prosperity, they visited the young mother and gifted the still unborn child with power. As luck would have it, said child grew up to be a psychopath who enjoyed killing her own people for funsies. 

Klaus of course has no patience for the history lesson and wants to get to how to take out The Hollow.  Davina promptly sends Klaus for a nap because this really only concerns Hope and Hayley anyway. 

Realising that their little psychopath baby was going to be the end of them all, the tribe joined together and used wolves to hunt The Hollow (as she had become known for her lack of a conscience) down. The strongest members of the tribe band together to create a magical weapon and it's left to The Hollow's mama to take her out.  Just before the killing blow is struck, The Hollow casts a spell turning everyone present into werewolves.  And how does this connect with Hayley? Well Hayley's bloodline is related to The Hollow's mama.  The tribe creates a big ass bonfire but they are not able to destroy all of The Hollow's bones and so the bones are divided up with each person vowing to keep the bones apart for eternity.  This btw, is how we ended up with the various werewolf packs.

Back in the church, Davina asks Hayley trust her and tells her that her blood is the key to all of this.  To make sure that Hayley stays onside, Davina points out that if Hayley doesn't pull this off, the responsibility then falls to Hope.  Hayley is nervous about this but agrees to leave, Klaus with Davina so that she can channel him to take out The Hollow. Cause it makes so much sense to leave Klaus at mercy of Davina, when Davina has tried countless times to kill him. 

While Hayley and Klaus are learning a little history, Elijah is tasked with meeting up with Alaric to collect one of the bones on the old Lockwood estate. Elijah decides to enlist Marcel in order to keep an eye on him. Marcel is reluctant to tag along so to sweeten this idea, Elijah offers to turn over the one weapon that can kill Marcel. Their road trip is sprinkled with Marcel snarking about Elijah's expensive suit and how it doesn't hide the tarnished person underneath. Marcel makes it clear that he will never forgive Elijah for what he has done and then surprised when Elijah admits that he cannot forgive himself either. 

On his way there, Alaric is ambushed by none other than Sofya. I guess now we know that Sofya wasn't inhabited by the ancestors but The Hollow herself.  Having spent so much time dealing with supernatural creatures, Alaric is more than prepared to deal with Sofya. When Sofya gets close to his car, he sets off the explosives he packed his care with.  

Alaric isn't left on the side of the road for long because Elijah and Marcel show up. It's all snark city but Alaric passes off the finger bone, as well as the name of another family who was tasked with guarding a bone. When Alaric describes his attacker, Elijah and Marcel are quick to realise that Sofya has been compromised. Naturally, Elijah's suggestion is that they simply kill off Sofya. Marcel is quick to point out that this is always Elijah's go to solution, despite the fact that he prides himself on being reasonable and well dressed. Marcel wants to find a way to save Sofya.

Elijah and Marcel head to the crypt and quickly find the bone.  Of course, Elijah wants possession of the bone believing that leaving it with Marcel is a risk; however, Marcel disagrees. Before they can get to deeply into it, Hayley shows up with Sofya on her heels, demanding her bones back.  Marcel and Elijah choose to fight but aren't able to put up much of a defense. Hayley is full of herself having been told that her blood is the key. Hayley cuts her palm open and then stabs Sofya with the bloody knife. Hayley does manage to hurt Sofya but is a long way from killing her because a lot more than Hayley's blood is needed. Sofya so clearly relishes telling Hayley that it's going to take a supernatural sacrifice.  Sofya knocks everyone over and snatches her bone and leaves.  

Marcel Elijah and Hayley quickly put it together that the reason Davina kept Klaus was in order to sacrifice him. Duh. Gee who could have seen that coming? They quickly make their way back to St. Anne's, where Hayley is waiting for the harvest girls to bring back thorns from the killer rosebush to take Klaus out for good. With Marcel's arrival, Davina realises that she no longer has to wait for the thorns.  Marcel and Hayley try to beg her not to do this but Hayley wants to go full steam ahead. Elijah bursts into the room and much to Hayley's horror volunteers himself for the sacrifice.  The matter is resolved however when Hope marches into the room and banishes Davina, before running into her father's arms. 

When it's all said and done, Marcel pays a visit to Davina's grave and explains that because he wasn't taught morality as a child that he developed his own code to live by. He admits to going a little wild with grief after Davina died and says that he gave he Mikaelsons the hell they deserved but now he's choosing hope. Marcel explains that he stopped Davina because he had to and he believes that there's another way to stop The Hollow.

Alaric meets with Klaus to offer Hope a place at the school that he's running with Caroline.  Alaric believes that Hope will fit in there and learn to use her powers for good.  Alaric's last selling point is his belief that Klaus won't be able to keep Hope under wraps for too much longer. Rather than responding, Klaus simply sends Alaric on his way.

Hayley is not at all pleased that Elijah choose to offer himself up for sacrifice. Elijah of course reminds Hayley that Hope needs her daddy. Hayley counters by saying that she needs him and loves him.  Hayley asserts that for this to work she has to believe that they can have some happiness and normalcy when this is all over.  Ummm, did Hayley forget what family she's involved with? Elijah thinks back to the one place he was happy, which is a little village in France and promises to take Hayley there some day. 

Considering that this is a short season, it sure as hell feels as though the writers are dragging this story the hell out.  I suppose I should be thankful that we now have a creation myth for the werewolves and that they decided to show and not tell but it all felt so damn unnecessary.  

I really do like Marcel keeping it real with Elijah and snatching his damn edges every single time he gets a chance.  For far too long, Elijah has been cast as the good one, covering all his sins with an expensive suit and smooth way of moving around.  The fact of the matter is that he just as evil and violent as Klaus, that he does so in the name of family is not an excuse. I do however think that it's worth mentioning that Marcel is essentially functioning like Jiminy Cricket in that he is trying to teach Marcel morality. The call out is great, but because of the ongoing relationship between Marcel and the Mikaelsons, Marcel functioning as Elijah's conscience is a problem.