Thursday, May 18, 2017

iZombie, Season 3, Episode 7: Dirt Nap Time

Last week we discovered that the cure works – and has gone missing – and there’s a but of fallout from that. When Liv hears that Natalie took the last cure she’s… uncharitable about this. But she corrects herself – this is something I like. We do live in a world where prejudices exist and people have to work past them – showing Liv have a prejudiced reaction to Natalie as a sex worker, and then take it back and recognise she is being unfair is well done.

So it’s finding the cure – Liv focuses on Blaine but after going full-on zombie on him (which is quite persuasive) she is convinced he isn’t the one.

Let’s dip our toes into the crime of the week, which involves Liv a bit more and Clive using detective skills and is actually fairly well don even if, again, Clive is very out of the metaplot. I really like how Clive is in on the brain now so can do things like stop her getting out the puppets and trying to tone down her excesses

The brain is annoying though. The murdered man is a primary school teacher; killed by vigorous application of a nail gun. She’s now treating everyone like they were small children. Now I have friends who are teachers – if they’re anything to go by she needs a big bottle of vodka, to think children in cages is a good idea and a nervous twitch that means accidentally tasing any human being under four feet who approaches outside of work

Also the guy was a womaniser – that’s the whole point of his death, every year he has affairs with pupil’s mothers and he currently has 3 different women he’s sleeping with. This rand me down weird tangents with the Liv brain, involving him having sex and occasionally saying things like “multiple orgasm! Gold star for you!” To say nothing of the puppets. My brain is a strange place at times.

So Liv is intensely annoying and the writers continue to show their inability to grasp how, well, people work. But with investigating and Liv’s visions and Clive’s investigation the culprit is caught (again, while Liv annoyed me, Clive bouncing off her worked) though I’m a little sad about who it turned out to be as I thought the open marriage suburban couple was a nice twist in opening their jaded eyes and challenging preconceptions. Also everyone woman talked about what a “good listener” he was. Meh don’t be so clichéd – it’s ok for women to have sex with a man because he’s hot.

Major is human though and he makes the… troublesome decision of staying with Fillmore-Graves and not telling them he’s human now. A human in a zombie mercenary company not telling them he’s human. When all it takes is one full-on-zombie moment to get him eaten – or one assumption that he is immune to a bullet in the chest and this is going to be messy

Of course, as he tells Justin, who guesses his secret, there aren’t many employment opportunities for a suspected serial killer.

Still with his zombie colleagues, Major also discovers Donny’s speak-easy which is super popular ad packed with zombies. Thankfully Donny recognises him so Major doesn’t have to eat the hot chilli-pepper to get in but while his friends are partying he gets suspicious. How come there are so many zombies in Seattle and where do they get the brains?

This needs examining – so they plan Liv to go in. With Justin – because Justin is totally into Lin, so it’s a date. Which seems to go quite well because of Primary School Teacher Listening skills and cutsey notes taking. Liv also decides that Donny hasn’t stolen the cure – because he’d be much richer if her had. At least the date went well

What didn’t go well is when talking to Major afterwards, Justin gets a call from Fillmore-Graves about the gun not-zombie killer heading to their base. They intercept the man and he and his friend drive off, injuring Justin in the process. Justin goes full-on zombie but doesn’t catch them – his zombie-ness is caught on their dashcam though which is going to cause problems.

Peyton also has issues – she’s concerned about James, the man who confessed in the dominatrix murder. His lawyer, rightly, points out that without the confession the case against him is poor; he’s also not a man who can really afford to pay for dominatrices in cash. Still she’s running with it until his case is suddenly taken over by a high powered lawyer he definitely cannot afford who pressures his client into a plea deal which certainly isn’t in his interest – but does bury the memory stick of all of the dominatrix’s clients. It’s clear Mr. Thorne is far more concerned with this stick disappearing than his client’s wellbeing

As becomes clear when said client kills himself

Troubled Peyton turns to the morgue to begin her Ravi-Peyton rekindling romance which we know is going to happen because people can’t grasp the idea that if love interest #1 is an arsehole that doesn’t mean she has to get with love interest #2 who is a lesser arsehole and really more love triangles could easily be solved if the idea that “someone else who hasn’t laid claim on me” or “no-one at all because I don’t need this shit and am focusing on my career and lots of hot meaningless sex with primary school teachers who are good at listening (and rock sexy stubble) and gold stars” were considered reasonable choices for women.

She wants Liv to eat the man’s brains for some visions – but Ravi takes it to the next level by marinating the brain in the blue goo of vision-enhancement. Liv is not going to be thrilled since the client had mental health issues. I’m not going to be thrilled because that promises to be a hot mess.

And Blaine’s world falls apart. Being very depressed he continues to neglect Candy and she is happy to side with Donny and his dad’s muscle to take over his business and take his brains. And then said goon has a present from daddy – a bullet in the stomach. And then a bullet in the head – though Blaine seems able to talk him out of the second one. I am glad Candy told him where to go. And there’s no way they’re killing off Blaine.