Friday, July 7, 2017

12 Monkeys, Season Three, Episode Six: Nature

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Of course, we're back at the Emerson hotel again and who should arrive but Gale. Yes, the FBI agent who hooked up with Cassie and Cole in Berlin and died as a result.  When Gale bursts into 608 with his partner, he finds a couple engaged in some spanking. This leads to laughter from Gale's partner about Gale's futile search for a connection with the Monkeys. Suddenly, the lights start to flash on and off which of course signals the arrival of Cole and Cassie, looking for help from Gale. Gale explains that after what happened in 1944 that he almost got fired and he became a laughing stock because of the report he wrote about time travel. Gale has spent his time looking for the army of the 12 Monkeys.

Cole and Cassie share the timeline written by the Witness. There's a notification for the winter of 1953 in Hope Valley and it's described as the winter of ash and blood. The plan is take down the Monkeys before they can even get off the ground. Cassie tries to get Gale to stay out of it but he's in with both feet.


Adler and Jones are discussing project Charon when Deacon interrupts them. Jones has declared this a need to know mission and therefore has no interest in sharing the details with Deacon. Proving that he's no slouch, Deacon immediately picks up the reference to Charon, the ferrymen who carried the dead across the Styx and Acheron.

Jennifer returns in the Splitter machine after convincing Lasky that she needed to go back in time to get some Valium and her uncle's ashes. Jennifer actually went back to grab her turtle Jerry which she of course has to introduce to an older version of Jerry.  Jennifer then gets a vision of someone in a dark cape and cowl wearing a mask. Jennifer immediately goes running and who can blame her.


It's Christmas time in Hope Valley and Gale decides that he is going to pay a visit to the local sheriff to find out if anyone strange has recently come to town. The moment Gale leaves, Cassie suggests that it's wrong of them to use Gale in this fashion because they know that he dies in 1961.  Cassie blames herself for Gale's death and wonders about warning Gale but Cole is worried that this would jeopardize their accomplishments in 1961, leading to the Witness getting his red forest. They switch topics and start talking about their son. Cole is adamant that they cannot save him and that everyone dies because of the Witness's plans. An explosion in the mine happens, bringing an end to their conversation, as smoke and ash float up in the sky, covering the town. Cole makes eye contact with Christopher Lloyd.


Jennifer tells Deacon that she sees dead people and that she frustrated that her primary skills won't let her see the whole puzzle.  Deacon is curious about why it is that Jennifer never sees him in her visions, noting that everyone is involved but him.  Jennifer continues to be frustrated that she keeps seeing a ghost who stares at her and points which makes her worried that she will be locked up. Deacon assures Jennifer that she won't be locked up and that she has a purpose because her name, unlike his, is on the document.  Deacon suggests that Jennifer try speaking to the apparition. 


Gale meets back up with Cole and Cassandra and reports that the explosion was not caused by the 12 Monkeys but they must have known it was going to happen. Gale then lays down newspapers listing various disasters in which many people died. There has also been a spike in disappearances after these events. Cole, Gale and Cassie realise that the 12 Monkeys are targeting people at the funerals of their loved ones. In one of the articles, Cole recognises Lloyd, the man that he saw on the street after the accident.  The plan is too allow themselves to be recruited so they can join the first gathering of the faithful.

Gale and Cole stake out a graveyard and Gale reveals that he knows that Cole and Cassie are a couple.  Cassie is pretending to be a mourner when she is approached by Lloyd and a little boy. Cassie sees a vision of the pallid men when the boy puts flowers on the grave. Cassie is told by Lloyd that she wears the mask of loss but does not feel it and therefore does not qualify for what he has to offer.  Cassie admits that she isn't actually grieving her husband because she lost him long before and that time was their enemy. Cassie talks about a time when there were just the two of them about to the three and how it felt like they were exactly where they were supposed to be.  Cassie starts to cry, saying that it had to end and they ended up apart and lost their child. Cole is listening to the whole exchange in the car as Cassie talks about being stuck in that one perfect moment, wondering what their family would have been like. This time Lloyd is convinced and he hands Cassie a Black envelope.

Back at the Emerson, Gale Cassie and Cole they look over the invitation. Cassie talks about how all faiths and cults promise an end to pain or a reason for it. They talk briefly about fate but Cassie stops short of warning Gale about his impending death. 

Cole, Cassie and Gale drive out to what looks like an old fashioned revival complete with a tent in the middle of nowhere. Before Cassie gets out of the car, she tells Gale that he is going to die in 1961, trying to cross the wall. Gale asks how and Cole explains that Gale helps them escape and then he gets gunned down. Gale wants to know if his death makes a difference but Cole simply says that Gale isn't the first friend that they've lost and won't be the last. When Cassie leaves, Gale notices a man is approaching the revival. Gale uses the door of the car to incapacitate him, so that he can steal the man's invitation. Gale gives the invitation to Cole and tells him to go with Cassie. Cole suggests that Gale go home to his family and ignore him when he calls for help in 1961. Gale and Cole shake hands and Gale says that Cole will find out in 1961 whether he decides to help or not.

Cole enters the tent and joins Cassie and they talk about what Cassie said at the cemetery. Cole explains that the happiest day of his life was the day when he found out he was going to be a father. Cassie explains that she still gets visions of their son. Cole however is convinced that the Witness exists because of a past that shouldn't exist. To Cassie however, the Witness is more than an idea because she carried him and give birth to him. 


Jennifer heads to the splitter machine to have a little chat with time. Jennifer calls out that she's ready for whatever it is that time wants to show her. The lights in the room go out and the woman appears once again. Jennifer tells the lady that she would like to help and the lady points. Jennifer walks in the direction she's told and she sees skeleton like creature in some kind of aquarium of sorts. Jennifer hears whispers and when she looks, the dead lady is bleeding from a gash in her neck.  Jennifer continues to follow the vision until she comes to a crypt. She gets even more freaky ass visions before being sucked back to her own time. On the ground is an ouroboros. 


Cassie and Cole listen Lloyd lecture about how time works and the possibility of an eternity where all of time exists at once. This is made even better apparently because there will be no death and no life.  Cassie and Cole wonder if they kill Loyd if it will change the path for their son. Suddenly, the lights start to flicker and Magedalena makes an entrance with the young Witness. This is the first time that Cole and Cassie are seeing their child. Magdalena says that only one person will be chosen to have their mourning ended. The Witness starts to draw and it creates a connection between him and Jennifer. Cole reaslies for the first time that The Witness is a primary. The Witness makes two drawings and one of them he hands to the child who travels with Lloyd. The Witness points at a woman and says that she is meant for them and that she is 12. The woman is told that she will find peace in the red forest. The woman is brought to the front and then disappears before the watching crowd. Some of the Monkeys leave the tent locking it behind them so no one can escape. Gale is waiting outside of the tenet and is handed the Witness's drawing by the child and is told that it represents his fate. Inside the tent, the monkeys put on gas masks and the Witness releases gas before disappearing with his minders. A panic starts inside the tent and so Gale is forced to let the Monkeys leave, so that he cans try to save the people. Cole and Cassie splinnter away and Gale looks at the drawing which is of him before he dies.


Deacon meets up Jennifer, who is busying drawing everything she has seen. Jennifer has drawn a man she thinks she is supposed to save, along with a mausoleum. Once again Jennifer has drawn everyone except for Deacon. Jennifer is adamant that something bad is going to happen and Deacon walks away saying that Jennifer is missing a piece. 

Deacon heads to see Olivia to find out how he fits in. Olivia implies that Deacon is an interchangeable path.  Deacon angrily says that he is not a red shirt and has a purpose. That's the perfect time for a Star Trek reference. Olivia calls Deacon a lost soul and suggests that if he wants to know his purpose, he needs to ask himself who he was made to be.

Cassie and Cole splintter to later the same time and see their son being led away. Before they can follow they are pulled back. Cole promises that they will come back to this moment and stop the Monkeys once and for all. When Cole returns to 2046, he storms away. Cassie quickly follows and argues that it's nurture not nature that determines who we are. Cole of course believes the opposite. For Cole, his son is beyond redemption and who can blame him after what he witnesses in the tent. Cassie makes it clear that she cannot kill their child. Cole however is firm that he can.

Okay this very much felt like a filler episode to me. Sure it was great to go back and see Gale again but nothing much happened.  The debate between Cole and Cassie about nurture vs nature has been going on for a long time.  It's easy to see why Cole would think that the issue is nature after watching his son kill a tent full of people while still a child.  There's also the issue that Cole knows first hand just how much blood will eventually be on his son's hands.  It obvious however that the boy never had a chance because of how he was raised. 

We didn't seem much of Jennifer this week and like her, I cannot really make sense of her visions.  Is she supposed to go back in time and save Gale? I guess we will have to wait until Jennifer figures out what is going on .

I'm glad that the writers decided to point out exactly how disconnected Deacon is. Deacon is just wondering around without a purpose or a mission.  Whatever feelings were between him and Cassie are long since over and there's nothing tying him to a single character anymore.  Personally, I'm hoping for more Deacon and Jennifer adventures because I think that they play well off of each other.