Saturday, July 22, 2017

Zoo, Season 3, Episode 4: Welcome to Terra Dome

It’s the reunion episode where the gang all gathers together. Sort of. Everyone has issues on issues

But first we have Mitch, Jackson, Clem and Jamie in a hut in mexico with a hybrid beacon going off. I say again, if Abigail the evil one really wanted to kill them a bomb would be way more efficient. Especially since the vulture hybrids don’t seem that scary

Vultures that burrow. Can I say again how ridiculous these are? And they can dive bomb into the soil? So, y’know giant birds dive bombing and not burrowing in the process? Still terrifying. Giant birds just swooping down and clawing you? Terrifying. Burrowing? Doesn’t actually add to the terror.

Of course, their awful aim means anything would be scarier. They just makes noise.

It turns out the burrowing vultures have a hidden super power. They cause volcanoes to erupt

Everyone kind of runs with this and they get back to the plane completely untouched. Seriously, giant burrowing birds that make volcanoes erupt and she still fails to kill them all. Use a bomb lady.

Mitch explains the volcano birds away with SCIENCE (my apologies to the intelligent world for sullying the word “science” like this). People start to be sceptical to which Jackson just points out we had Earthquake sloths last season. I almost have to give points to the way they’re confronting new ridiculous plots and just saying “Earthquake sloth!” it’s like “fuck it, we did Earthquake sloths and you’re still watching, you lost the right to expect sensible plot lines!”

Right now we have the gang together, there’s a lot of catching up to do.

Jamie and Jackson have huge issues. The reason why he’s in hiding is her tell all best selling book used pseudonyms for everyone but didn’t exactly hide Jackson’s. She said he was innocent but also said he was the son of the evil RIchard Oz who set off the sterility plague which had the Shepherd hunters try to kill him. The fact she’s still associating with the Shepherd Hunters who keep sending her updates doesn’t exactly endear her to him

Apparently his fleeing involved Abraham making lots of sacrifices which he also holds her responsible for - but I think in part this is because he feels more comfortable blaming her for hurting someone else rather than being “selfish” in his anger.

She shows off her tortured prisoner in the basement to… i don’t know, reassure him? She also lays down an ultimatum that he needs to either shoot her or get over it. He walks away, which I would as well - he is quite capable of working with her, not shooting her and NOT forgiving her. Remember, the person who wronged you never ever has the right to dictate terms of forgiveness.

This convinces Jackson that a) she’s not forgiven and b) they need to watch her because she’s going dangerously serial killer. He shares this suspicious with Mitch who is also a little leery of Jamie’s super suspicious dark personality now, signified by her apparent changing drink choices.

She also recognises Abigail as a Shepherd.

She explains to Mitch she became all direct action vigilante because, as a journalist, she kept speaking truth and exposing corruption… and absolutely nothing happened. We can see this by the fact Reiden Corporation is still doing evil things for the sheer hell of it.

Speaking of, Leanne is annoyed by all these people protesting about her kidnapping kids - so unreasonable. And the board agrees, they’re even forcing her to accept oversight and inspection from government! How dare they…

Wait.. what? You mean she doesn’t have oversight? She’s kidnapping kids and not being monitored? Seriously? And since when does she have to AGREE to oversight? Whut? Whut is this? This has also outraged Abigail

Anyway back to Jamie and Mitch, having duly explained herself Mitch and Jamie pick up where they left off and have sex.

Mitch is still having some issues adapting. He has a few language issues from brain damage - but he’s mainly dealing with being away for 10 years meaning he’s quite behind the technological curve. This means he calls for Abraham and Dariela to join them since Abe’s a bit more sciency now. Abe pokes him with all the scientific theories and practices which have been disproved or altered while Mitch was in stasis.

Dariela and Abe have their own issues with Isaac being kidnapped - something they don’t tell the others. They keep agonising back and forth, first Dariela saying they can’t hand over Clem to Leanne the Evil but Abe saying they must, then Abe remembering his whole family line (in trying to convince Jackson to forgive Jamie - and to stop hating her in his name) realises he can’t possibly go ahead with betraying Clem. Which is a shame because Dariela has already taken steps after failing to get any info out of her.

Personal issues aside - apparently the beacons not only attract hybrids but them make them multiply exponentially from blood drops. Jackson decides the whole world will be overrun by beacon hybrids in 90 days if Abigail has her way

He has absolutely no possible information to support this. I mean, they don’t know whether the birds can grow from blood drops, how long that takes, or how long it takes them to mature or whether these creatures are going to randomly cut themselves, but he has a computer that puts red spots on a map! So it must be true

Also the wall (which they managed to build across the whole west coast- including Canada and Mexico - while attacking by hyena-dogs and apparently being cheaper to do that than just shoot them) is, of course, useless against flying volcano birds.

Since Abigail has taken exception to Leanne she heads to New York with her beacon and the gang panics because END OF THE WORLD (America no longer has guns? No airforce? There’s not even a volcano near New York!)

The gang has to fly into action in their plane that can apparently violate New York air space without being shot down into ashes and dust.

Mitch, Jamie and Logan hurry after Abigail - who has managed to access Reiden’s tower using a murdered policeman’s uniform (all through this Abigail is making ominously speeches apparently to herself) - carrying Abe’s beacon-suppressing science things.

They run around the tower, dodging angry volcano birds and Mitch and Logan manage to find Abigail - Logan even shoots her, though not fatally and no bad guy is going to be stopped by anything less than 12 bullets to the head. It’s a rule.

Mitch and Logan struggle with the beacon but eventually tie it to a drone and fly it out to the Atlantic so the volcano birds can drown. The drone runs out of battery so we get Jackson towing it from the plane’s open cargo door, with a crossbow harpoon.

No, really. They fly to the drone, open the cargo door, Jackson leans out, uses a crossbow to harpoon the drone so they can tow it out to sea

Anyone questioning this will be confronted by Earthquake sloths.

In the tower all is not good because Jamie has just murdered Leanne the Evil who her random anonymous source identified as Falcon. She has no compunction about confessing this to everyone, including several police.

For more bad decisions, Dariela has some mercenary friends kidnap Clem. That works - but then Dariela goes silent and Leanne is dead so no-one is there to collect her. Apparently there’s a bounty on her head so they decide to sell her privately. You just can’t get the help these days.