Thursday, August 3, 2017

Preacher, Season 2, Episode 7: Pig

The point of this episode is to introduce Herr Starr, head of The Grail who has been ominously hanging around. We see him and the Grail through his initiation which he wins by being a Complete Bastard

And it’s a deep character flaw I know but I’m always a fan of a complete and utter bastard. The nazi imagery less so.

He joined the organisation as head of an anti-terrorism unit in Germany - and why why why is he dressed in a nazi uniform? He’s German. You know the country in the world where it’s least ideal to wear one of them? Germany.

He has been lured by an offer of many many prostitutes and stayed for the offer of sweeping the streets clean of parasites and building a society based on order and discipline. Yup, that’s more than a little worrisome. He also has to be a Christian to join. He says he is, clearly box ticking

There are many tests of skill, combat and endurance, most of them disturbingly sexual. Herr Starr is disrespectful and gives everyone shit from the beginning, wears a chain between his nipples, is not phased about having his testacles electrocuted, passes the “seduction” test by threatening to kill the woman’s family and the combat test by random masturbating.

It is no surprise that when the last test is marksmanship, he shoots his competition.

He wins and joins The Grail, an organisation planning on protecting the descendents of Jesus Christ until the last battle. He pretty much thinks this is a con but runs with it. Especially if he can get near the top of the pile. His boss, who hasn’t been paying attention, makes him his right hand man. Then gets pushed off a building

He now heads the Samson unit which hunts down potential prophets and kills them. In the past this has included Abraham Lincoln

In the present this includes a flying pig. And an entire village to keep it quiet - because Herr Starr is a bastard. Next step is New Orleans.

Ok can we not always depict Veitnam as some technology lacking huts in the jungle?


In New Orleans the gang decides to go out drinking (and we have little carts to collect drunken partiers) and Cassidy finally finds a French speaker to translate what his son Dennis has been saying: he says Cassidy is a terrible father and Dennis is dying. But he will forgive Cassidy if he also makes him immortal.

Cassidy says no; it’s clear the idea of turning someone into a vampire horrifies him. And Dennis says he will die hating him. Ouch. Cassidy says he won’t be the first and gets very very very drunk - though much angst follows

But first we see how the gang parties - they find a club of people who amuse themselves by shooting people in the chest (with body armour) then betting how long it takes to stand up. Americans have odd hobbies. Using Cassidy’s vampireness and some awesome acting, raise the ante again and again and have the guy “accidentally” kill Cassidy - causing the room to clear leaving them with all the money and all the booze.

But alcohol brings out emotions and Jessie and Tulip start snarling at each other. Tulip is still completely disturbed by the evil touch of the Saint of Killers, or possibly by the fact the Saint nearly killed her. This continues that night when Tulip tries to sleep and is plagued by nightmares. It also raises a third possibility; Tulip is disturbed because Jessie was almost late in saving her

And ok, breaks breaks. Do you know what an awesome thing about Tulip is? And the one awesome thing about their relationship? SHE DOESN’T NEED SAVING. This has been her thing from the very first episode: Tulip is tough, she is scary, she is brutal, she will fuck up anyone she feels the need to. Having her quiver because Jessie didn’t rescue her sufficiently quickly is cringeworthy - and we’ve been seeing this repeatedly. It would help a little if Jessie at least valued her as something truly precious and amazing and wonderful - but he seems relatively indifferent towards her half the time and more possessive than worshipful.

Tulip deals with her issues by going to the happy gun loving people have being shot in the bullet proof vest repeatedly. And Jessie goes to talk philosophy with a street preacher to ask whether selling 1% of his soul is that bad. Yes yes it is.

And the episode ends

Wait it ends? They didn’t do anything?