Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 18: Genotype

This episode something deeply tragic and horrifying happens - Liam’s hair. Did you run over your stylist’s cat or something, Liam?

In other news, Scott, Liam & co have found the bodies from last episode and assume the faceless body has now been possessed by the Anuk Ite. Or half of it. So now they need to discover who that body was so they can then find that person and stab it in the face with things. This is Scott and Liam’s job

They already know the other half of the Anuk Ite is wearing classmate Aaron’s face because of the blatant weird acting which should have been a clue some time ago. It is Mason and Theo’s job to hunt him down and give him a good stabbing

Ok, can we talk about these teams? Scott and Liam are investigating and doing thinky stuff - which sounds like a job for Mason. Theo and Mason are hunting and killing things which doesn’t sound like a job for human Mason, especially since, as Mason makes it clear to Theo, they don’t trust Theo and he may eat Mason.

Liam recognises the voice on the dead Anuk Ite’s phone as belonging to one of his teachers so decides to return to school (witnessed by Gabe one of Tamorah’s minions who has already tried to kill him) to try and test said teacher with wolfsbane and high pitched noises to prove that she’s actually a werewolf. She shows no reaction at all… but she does feel super guilty about being the worst teacher ever and allowing fellow students to try and murder him and all. Uh-huh because her guilt helps.

Eventually Scott and Liam just confront her and she keeps denying (though points for Liam saying she turns into a wolf every full moon which is interesting because only, what, 2-3 werewolves actually do that? He certainly doesn’t) but they push and get her to admit that she was calling her daughter, Gwen. Probably the skinless body… whose face the Anuk Ite is wearing

Unfortunately like many parents she goes into full denial that her daughter is actually dead and when Gwen arrives with lots of fear woo-woo, glowing purple eyes and an angry attitude she distracts Scott and Liam so she can go to her. This… doesn’t really work well for her.

But time to catch up with Mason and Theo, who have gone to the tunnels and know they’ve found Aaron because of the spooky fear aura (and also spend time with Mason telling Theo how everyone totally hates him). They find Aaron, who knocks them both down and injures Mason (Theo can’t take Mason’s pain - because to do that you have to care. Snarky). Theo does manage to stab his claws into the Anuk Ite several times.

Theo clawing Aaron does save Mrs. Finch from being eviscerated because what one Anuk Ite feels so does the other - clawed, Gwen runs off. Scott decides to stay and help the teacher (trying to convince her to shift and get her werewolf healing together. Interesting bit - she has red eyes. Mrs. Finch is an alpha. How long has she been a teacher here because I really want to know where this random alpha werewolf has been?) while Liam goes off alone to hunt down the Anuk Ite

Ok can we talk again about Scott’s delegation skills here? Because I think leaving Liam on handholding duty would be best. Yes, they’re trying to push the whole B team thing some more: they’re definitely laying the foundation for a spin off series which is a shame because they’re so BLAAAAND

Time to join a much more interesting pair - Lydia realises that the dead hellhound keeps giving her psychic messages so they need to figure that out. She decides to go to the morgue to commune with the corpse, helped by Malia. Well, accompanied by Malia. Malia isn’t exactly helpful with the whole communing thing. When Lydia realises she needs to be unconscious to commune, Malia gets a hammer. Because she’s Malia. Lydia comes up with a different plan and visions are had!

Turns out the hellhound ain’t dead - at least not yet. And they just need to get the bullet out of his head. Cue running around a hospital with a dead body on a gurney. This is Beacon Hills hospital and all but even then I think someone might object. Especially when they start playing with the MRI machine - but apparently not. The plan is to use the magnets in the MRI machine to drag the bullet out of his skull. This is not a good idea. Actually Lydia realises this because the bullet was covered in silver and there are shards of said silver in his skull which will then melt and kill him. Again. I say it’s a bad idea because dragging bullets out of someone’s skull by hyper-powerful magnets does not strike me as safe practice. “The silver will kill him!” I think it’ll be amazing if he lives that long. And, what, the hellound can survive having holes punched in his brain but a creature that is all about super heat and flames draws the line at molten metal?

And would a bullet - not made from iron, nickel or cobolt - be that effected by an MRI?

So many questions. Anyway. Lydia threats over whether it’s right to double kill the guy for the sake of information to stop the Anuk Ite. Malia is less conflicted - the guy had himself frozen for a century so he could be ready to stop the Anuk Ite - hell yes he’d sacrifice himself.

They go ahead and between dodgy science, oddly deserted hospitals and a whole lot of angst about killing people they learn:
The Hellhound trapped the Anuk Ite, not killed it (well duh. Mind telling us how? No? Ok then)
Don’t let the Anuk Ite halves merge (really? Like that wasn’t obvious. Can we get some useful info before you die?)
The merged Anuk Ite can kill with a look. Well, new info at last. And then he dies. This was not good time management.

Catch up with Liam who finds Aaron and Gwen all merging (he tries to stop them. And fails dismally). Merging also involves kissing, choking and neck snapping. Apparently. Kinky creatures. Alas, Lydia saves Liam from looking at it and dying

She does not save me from looking at it and disapproving of this shoddy monster graphics. It is 2017, I absolutely refuse to tolerate these substandard monsters. Get your CGI budget in play or at least throw in more hot shirtless guys. These are the rules, Teen Wolf.

Anuk Ite leaves the school, staring at some of Gabe’s murderous henchemen and turning them to stone (alas, not Gabe) before making it to the hospital (which is now full of people - none of which seem to be concerned that someone has royally fucked up the MRI and left a body in room) petrifying several random medical professionals before reaching the morgue looking for someone (the Hellhound). And there he meets Gerard - who, alas, also doesn’t look at him

Gerard makes a deal to work with the Anuk Ite so he can never be captured and can leave a trail of innocent stony bodies behind in exchange for the dead werewolves and WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

Can we address the motivation of this? Because last I checked the Argent family (the “martriarchy” had a bestiary of monsters who were a threat to humanity and were happy to kill them all. They weren’t just werewolf-killing fanatics and any sensible monster hunter is going to have way more issues with a petrifying monster than a rather inoffensive werewolf. Yes, Gerard is THE EVIL but this beggars belief.

Team good guy realises they need to learn to fight with their eyes closed - time to recruit Deucalian. And Scott has blood on him which Malia is happy to help him wash off. In the shower - yup Scott and Malia is definitely happening