Monday, December 11, 2017

Z Nation, Season 4, Episode 11: Return to Mercy Labs

Thankfully after the utter nonsense of last week it’s time to get back on track

So everyone is following Warren and has been for some time to catch up with her visions. Murphy is starting to get whiny about it as well. As they walk 10K and Liley talk a little about their goals, history and attitudes (and how Liley still considers herself a marine and 10K is still holding out hope for Red - and how he has a whole lot of faith in Warren)

They eventually reach their destination: Mercy Labs. A place with powerful history with them. This is where 10K met Red and 5k. This is where Dr. Tiller looked for a way to cure zombies with his experiments. It’s where they desperately fought the Man to stop him taking the now dead Dr. Tiller to Zona. It’s a place with a lot of emotion - and definitely hits 10K hard.

Warren walks through the corridors in full on vision, finding a sealed hidden lab, opening the keypads, aided by her vision. She finds an ominous white room with a big metal block sealed by multiple padlocks - which she opens, her visions providing her the codes. She does have a moment when she and 10k are attacked by a zombie. Warren doesn’t even notice in her dream mode until she’s knocked over. And has to get back to dream world to finish opening it - making 10k punch her to get her back into the zone (and he so gets squeamish about this).

Inside is a cannister - similar the cannister she already got from
Dr. Caligari’s lab. Still a mystery what they’re for.

The rest of the gang has found gooey zombies, utterly horrible experiments left behind by Dr. Tiller. And Dr. Tiller’s son, preserved in amber with an apparent mercy-hole in his forehead. Obviously dead. Except Murphy’s woo-woo power kicks in and says the boy is alive and being kept that way by life support systems that are still being powered by solar power.

Which is problematic because Warren returns at the same time when Kaya and Citizen Z call them on the radio for a vital update: and they need power to get in touch

To get the power they need to turn off the life support for the child. Something that really gets Liley who knows what it is like to be abandoned by her parents to be found and rescued by someone else. She’s deeply upset by the idea of letting the child die - of giving him Mercy. Warren has an excellent, powerful speech about how she’d want mercy in this situation. And how when at war they have to make hard choices and above all that how the needs of the many outweigh the few. She also orders Liley to divert the power

I don’t this is Warren being commanding or pulling rank or forcing Liley. I think this is Warren taking responsibility of what is happening, taking ownership of it, making it her decision and her action rather than Liley’s. And when Liley breaks down and can’t do it, Warren holds her, gently moves her aside and does it herself.

In Northern light Simon is being absolutely amazingly adorkable with their son (so immensely cute) while Kaya is slightly irritated by them and focused on figuring out what Zona did and what they wanted. Between fighting off the annoying immortal zombie, Kaya discovers a lot of info about Black Rainbow which they tell Warren

Black Rainbow is a 4th strike weapon. A biological weapon of mass destruction that is meant to wipe out anyone who survives a nuclear apocalypse. This is Zona’s reset.

Obviously no-one is a fan of this. But Kaya has a solution

They have to go to DC to the site of the Black Rainbow. And they have to stop it. With the president’s finger print. Yes. This is going to be hard

And can I say how bemused I am that this show will give us utter tripe like last episode and then bring us scenes like Liley and Warren this episode?

Also Kaya is amazing.