Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Lucifer, Season 3, Episode 12: All About Her

Having stabbed Cain, Lucifer now has a drink with him because he’s healing. Dying still sucks for Cain because he still suffers and then heals quite slowly

Cain does admit to dumping Lucifer in the middle of the desert - but the whole wings and devil face thing is nothing to do with him. Yes the Sinnerman was also his minion but apparently went “rogue” so he had to kill him. Rogue? We’re just going to let that nonsense drop and skip over this entirely disposed of character? Really? Back up and fill this in please.

Cain leaves and the best threat Lucifer can come up with is “I’ll tell everyone you’re Cain”. Uh-huh, as Cain points out, he’s been telling everyone that he’s Lucifer and no-one believes him.

Meanwhile Chloe is pissed at Lucifer. She expresses this by being annoyed with Maze for engaging in knife throwing around the home (which is kind of a legitimate complaint) but Maze pegs the real reason. She tells Chloe that she cannot expect Lucifer to change - he will always be selfish and self absorbed.

Chloe maintains this anger with Lucifer all through the murder plot this week (which doesn’t really add anything: Dan can surf and some lady wants to make a public beach private and is willing to strangled strapping surfers to make it so. I’m sure at some point it was explained how this lady managed to physically strangle a man three times her size but it’s not super relevant and we can just exchange strangling for machine guns)

Lucifer talks to Linda about Chloe’s anger and Linda, again, tries to get Lucifer to realise some basic empathy and see that Chloe actually has feelings and Lucifer should respect that. While Lucifer takes this to mean if he focuses on Chloe for a while he can bribe her to help him investigate Pierce’s shenanigans

Chloe sees right through him and remains angry in the face of Lucifer’s largely inept help and keeps trying to push him out. One possible last straw could be Lucifer trying to reorganise Chloe’s desk -most ineptly. Chloe insists that she absolutely won’t help him - but he no longer needs her help. She realises that, despite his usual habit and how he probably wouldn’t even see it himself, he’s helping Chloe (however ineptly) because it’s important to her. He seems to have learned. A little.

What Chloe hasn’t learned is that one moment of almost humanity is not sufficient. Lucifer and Chloe need to get out of this pattern of secrecy, him, being an arsehole and then Chloe being ok with it after a minor gesture of niceness. It has happened too often now - Lucifer needs to turn this round.

But why does Lucifer no longer need her help? He confronts Pierce and, at his insistence, used the desire power on him. Cain revealed his greatest desire is to die. Because life as Cain sucks and immortality is not fun. And he only got rid of Lucifer so he could be alone with Chloe

Because he’s here for Chloe. Because he heard that Chloe’s presence made Lucifer vulnerable so he hoped that this would be a whole supernatural death aura thing. He even set up the scene where he was shot (Lucifer is Not Amused since this put Chloe at risk - though he’s not nearly angry about this reality). But didn’t kill him. So he’s given up hope and plans to leave town

Lucifer manages to make this about him anyway - because God gave him back his wings and took his devil face so he would hurry back from the Desert and not leave Cain and Chloe alone. Lucifer realises that Cain dying is against god’s will so of course Lucifer wants to help him. He is, after all, the eternal rebel with extra petulence. He promises Cain to help him die if he stays - and Cain accepts. He’s had a run in with god and it didn’t go well, so now he’s after a deal with the devil.

In other news, Ella is all upset because Pierce yelled at her. Charlotte notices and a) gives Ella an awesome speech on how she needs to stand up for herself because no-one else will, how she needs a thicker skin and how she will always find people telling her what to be or do and she should just ignore them. And b) Charlotte laces into Pierce. I am here for Charlotte championing Ella. Pierce is duly told and apologises to Ella.

There’s another storyline: which has Amenadiel being diagnosed with chlamydia (it’s a false positive, so no we’re not having an angelic STD storyline) which causes some more issues with him and Linda. But she wants to break up - not because of the chlamydia - but because she feels terrible about lying to Maze

Honestly I feel that discussing with Maze the issues of her jealousy and possessiveness need to step back. Especially since she sees Linda kissing Amenadiel and starts playing with knives… which is worrisome.

So I’m interested in seeing Cain joining the show as a long running character - and it definitely opens up the mythology and supernatural more.

I’m less impressed by Amenadiel/Maze/Linda storyline  - I mean I want them to have more of a storyline but this could go to a lot of terrible places

What I want way way way more now, though, is Chloe to hear the truth. Because with all these supernatural storylines moving in, Chloe is likely to be sidlined. She cannot be involved in a  Lucifer which focuses more on the angels and the demons and immortal first murderers if she is not in the loop: already we’re seeing her being less relevant as the murders do and we’ve seen Dan pretty much drop to the same level as Ella or Charlotte. This is a supernatural show - there’s only so much the non-supernatural involved can do or be involved in