Sunday, March 4, 2018

Supernatural, Season 13, Episode 14: Good Intentions

In the evil dystopia Earth where the world has ended due to demons and angels killing each other and everything else, Jack is still being held prisoner by Michael - and he has an angel Zachariah messing with his head trying to make him co-operate. Fear of losing Sam and Dean didn’t work. Even a nice happy scenario of a fake Castiel telling Jack just how terrible humans are and how they totally needed to be conquered and enslaved for their own  good didn’t work - with Jack seeing through the ruse quite quickly.

This is annoying for Michael as he really needs Jack to open a huge portal to get his army through to Earth because, as Castiel reminds us, Michael is all about war.

He is put into a cell with Mary

She tells Jack the full evil planning of Michael and how he’s totally going to hurt and kill her to make him co-operate - and being a good hunter she is clear that he should let her die rather than give in. Jack’s not a fan but can’t access his supreme god power. Mary realises, by massive leap of logic, that the headaches they have are caused by the massive supernatural wards on the cell - but there’s one part of the room where the headaches stopped

So, I don’t know what is more ridiculous here. That they keep a human in a warded cell that would do nothing to her but give her a headache but would shut down angel magic, or that anti-angel wards cause headaches or that, after going to this much effort to ward the place they would then leave a blind spot in the prison cell of all places

Of course Jack can escape with his powers working

They go on the run with angels looking for them and are found by - Bobby!!!!

Bobby please please please come back to Earth!

Bobby recognises Mary and, since he’s already met Sam and Dean, knows all about the alternate world thing he quickly understands who she is and is definitely willing to help

Bring him baaaaack!

They return to their camp which is well hidden and guarded while Bobby tells them about the world, how angels try to exterminate them not just fight and it’s all awful. They talk about the different Marys - this world’s Mary never made the demon deal that Earth Mary did, so John Winchester died, she never had any children and she spent the rest of her life semi-grieving never getting over her dead husband. Of course, Mary realises that this is why the dystopian world happened, without Sam and Dean to stop Michael and Lucifer’s war, this is the result.

Sadly, this is also why Bobby rules out returning to Earth - because Earth has the Winchesters, HellEarth only has him


Sadly he then sees Jack’s shadow-puppetry to amuse the children and realises it’s far far far too good to be just hands - he asks what magic Jack has and Mary tells him that jack is a nephilim. Bobby is not happy with this news - he insists to Mary that all angels eventually turn on you; there is no such thing as a good angel and no matter how friendly an angel starts out, they will turn against you. He demands Jack leave the camp the next day - and Mary insists she will go with them

But the angels attack that night, possibly lured by Jack’s powers. While Mary tries to save the children she tells Jack to hide. But when he realises Mary is about to get angelled to death he interevens - and fries Zachariah with awesome nephilim power. More angels zoom in - and each explodes like fireworks in the face of Jack’s magical wrath

Bobby is impressed. Jack realises that he can’t keep running and if he has to stop the carnage on this world there’s one thing he has to do: kill Michael

And with Michael dead that will mean Bobby can come to Earth!

Back on Earth Donatello is having severe problems with the demon tablet, becoming more and more incoherent and unstable and definitely not a happy chappy.

He does announce to the others that there is a way to open the portal and the ingredients don’t include Archangel Grace. They do include the hearts of Mog and Maggog, ancient terrible warriors of incredible strength who were imprisoned long ago. Castiel and Dean get on that

Which means Castiel using a spell to summon them from their prison, with a warning that Gog and Maggog are immune to anything but god touched blades. Thankfully angelblades are freaking EVERYWHERE these days, god must have set up a large factory.

Gog and Maggog are more than slightly hilarious, bickering in ancient Canaanite (so much that Castiel doesn’t want to translate them) and arguing over which of Sam and Castiel are pretty (they’re both very very very pretty indeed). In the way of Supernatural Castiel seems to have no angel powers at all for this fight, but Dean is capable of fighting and killing both of them. Just to realise they’re not human - they’re beings of sentient sand, a being that Castiel thought dead before the flood… and a being clearly without hearts so Donatello’s recipe must be fake

They return to find Donatello imprisoned. He tried to knock Sam out but Sam managed to over power and tie him up. Donatello is now ranting and raving about them trying to steal his powers and use him - and even uses magic to fight back: albeit not hugely powerful magic, he still manages to steal Dean’s breath until he moves away from it

They wonder if he’s been corrupted by the Demon tablet but castiel points out Donatello is a prophet - this is kind of what they do. Until he learns Donatello doesn’t have a soul, that Amarra ate his. Without his soul he has no insulation. And unlike Sam, his soul was destroyed so it can’t be restored. They have no way to get Donatello to reveal the spell for the portal

To which Castiel suggests killing Donatello and waiting for a new prophet to emerge… Sam and Dean are duly horrified. Castiel then decides to take the next step -to strip the knowledge from Donatello’s mind. A process which could kill them both. Sam and Dean object but Castiel doesn’t listen - he locks them both out and then scans Donatello’s mind.

He has the recipe for the spell (an archangel’s grace, fruit from the tree of life, seal of solomon, blood of the most holy man - so not much really) but in doing so Donatello is reduced to a brain dead state

Sam and Dean are obviously furious and horrified by Castiel’s actions - but Castiel is determined, he has decided he came back from the dead for a reason, that war is coming because Michael is all about war, and they must be ready. He has to save Jack, they have to be ready. They’re at war

I wonder somewhat on the idea of angels being evil/turning on humans as Bobby says and wonder if it’s because angels are, more or less, obedient. We’ve seen this on Earth with the angels bowing to Lucifer. Angels need a master, angels need orders and no matter how good or compassionate an individual angel is (look at Zachariah who seems to be trying to convince Michael to be kinder) but if Michael orders them to do something they will do it - and as long as the Archangel in charge is evil/cruel then so too will the angels who follow him. Rebellion, Lucifer aside, is not an angelic trait

The flip side is we’ve been seeing a harder edge of Castiel lately, one that is very reminiscent of Castiel from season 4 and 5: angels are super powerful, extremely dangerous and more than a little ruthless. Ends justifies the means, if you have to squish people on the way so be it. And when Sam and Dean ask who gave Castiel the right to play god… well isn’t that the very essence of an angel? Isn’t that what angels are, isn’t that what angels do? Isn’t that kind of the defining trait of an angel?