Thursday, April 5, 2018

Shadowhunters, Season 3, Episode 3: What Lies Beneath

The latest victim of the owl-faced weird demon is Morgan Young, a woman planning a fundraiser - but also very very handy with pepper spray making her the first to get away.

This is witnessed by Jace who is now staying up every night using Shadowhunter woo-woo to not sleep while fighting hallucinations and nightmares about Jonathan (Sebastian) Clary’s evil brother.

Meanwhile Alec and Izzy get the dire news that their mother is coming to visit and probably has bad news. Which worries them because Maryse is very intent and tends to pick on people to avoid awkward situations and neither wants to be the victim. Also they don’t want to have their reunion dinner at the Institute since it brings out her inner Inquisitor. Magnus offers his apartment to play host because you definitely want a woman known for nitpicking, being all Clavey, and disliking both Alec’s gay relationship AND downworlders to be hosted at his house. That makes perfect sense.

To make matters worse, Izzy, Clary and Jace all bail on dinner so they can join Jace on his demon hunt. He’s convinced the Owl demon is actually Jonathan because it reacted to pepper spray which normal demons are immune to.

Alec plans a big dinner for his mother with a touching history of how he and Izzy once made the stew for Maryse after she was grieving a dead parent. Touching. But Magnus realises it’s absolutely terribad awful and uses magic to make it palatable.

Maryse arrives and greets them with a hug - including Magnus, even calling them “my boys”. And they have a grand time full of fun and laughs and lots of alcohol and Maryse being the happy life of the party

This character has been pretty much completely retconned which seems nice on the surface to have her be so happy and accepting. And it is. But it also kind of mirrors the book in having homophobia when it’s useful dramatic tension and dismissing it when it’s not. Turning prejudice on and off to suit your plotline du jour is not ideal.

Her bad news has nothing to do with her divorce: the Clave is investigating former Circle Members again, retrying them for their past actions. Which I don’t disagree with since Valentine was back for all of 10 minutes and he had a full army of loyal Shadowhunters ready to run to his side so clearly they didn’t do that good a job originally

Except, because they’re the Clave and terrible at everything, they’ve decided to let a lot of people off with various deals while they’re throwing the book at Maryse and stripping her of all her marks. Because really the Clave are terrible, utterly utterly terrible

It turns out she was super super awful when she was with the Circle so she accepts it as justice. And she doesn’t want Alec to lose everything fighting for her. She wants his generation to be wiser than her’s

That isn’t hard to achieve. But then Alec’s generation includes Clary… everyone’s doomed.

She leaves with more decorous hugs and an open invite to come party any time. And I know I harp on about this - but with all this emotion this is the loving gesture between Alec and Magnus. Look at that clear daylight between them.

There are straight men who are more affectionate than this

Raphael is also having issues - we have a beautiful heartbreaking scene between him and his elderly younger sister, Rosa. It’s one of the genuine beautiful scenes in this show. Raphael you’re going to have to tone down this acting stuff, you’re making everyone else look bad

Raphael is also keeping a new vampire imprisoned and drugged - Heidi - who plays with her blood and escapes. I assume this is going to be bad.

Raphael gets the call that Rosa is dead which leaves him predictably devastated. He calls Izzy and we have another wonderful scene of support and good acting and really this could become a habit. Naturally this leaves Raphael in utter bits.

So to Simon - Simon is not happy having the magic nuke in his forehead. The werewolf who attacked him who was zapped by the mark is badly injured and not healing properly. Luke has to go to the angry pack member to try and calm him down. It’s a good speech which both defends Simon, points out Simon didn’t choose it and has no time for the werewolf’s prejudice against vampire’s OR his tone towards Luke

Which is nice but that werewolf asks Luke to pick a side. And… y’know he has a point and it’s about time that Luke finally focused on the werewolves for once - but this is the issue we’re going to push it? This will end up making Luke siding with the werewolves - representing his own people - look like a bad choice. Especially since he evicts Simon

Simon goes to Clary for knowledge of the mark on his head… but it’s not Shadowhunter. She suggests the vampires. So he goes to Raphael - on Raphael’s worst day - to nag him into talking about daywalkers, not listening when Raphael repeatedly tells him “not today”. Nor paying much attention when Raphael makes it clear he did offer to help several times and Simon refuses. Simon keeps pressing and Raphael cracks and attacks - only to be zapped by the mark

Simon’s last port of call is the Seelie - but the Seelie Queen is not letting him into her realm

Maia is still super supportive of course - and she also questions if it’s really that bad that his mark is protecting him. Simon is pretty sure it is.

Luke is also spending a lot of time with Olly but Olly is super casual about the dangers of the downworld, speaking openly, being casual about sharing its secrets. This will not end well.

Jace, Izzy and Clary go to Morgan’s fund raiser to look for the Owl demon… and Jace ends up fighting his hallucinations

Izzy and Clary are left to fight the demon and a possessed Morgan. Izzy, the far more experienced fighter, chases the possessed human leaving Clary to fight the owl demon alone. Because that makes sense. The demon reacts to being called Jonathan - but in surprise. It isn’t Jonathan. Izzy confirms because the touch of her electrum whip doesn’t make him react - when it does with actual demons. They do take Morgan prisoner

The Owl demon returns to Lillith - and is revealed to be Jace. Oh yay, more angst