Thursday, July 19, 2018

Glitch, Season 2, Episode 3: All Too Human

We add a little more belated angst to James as he remembers in his dreams that Vic, dead cop Vic, was the one who helped pull him out of a bottle when he succumbed to despair after Kate died. So he totally owed him and then he murdered him which was super super sad.

When he wakes up (and finds Sarah already awake with the baby) she is there to offer support and point out he clearly is keeping things for her. So he confesses to kill Vic… ok, I admit that was… surprising how quickly he just admitted to murdering a colleague… but ok. He talks this through with her and she is… even more surprisingly ok with this? I mean she’s not cheering but she’s not exactly shaken either. She decides he “did what he had to”. But he’s worried that Chris is going to find the truth so Sarah advises telling him as much as possible so he trusts James more. Which makes sense. Oh and he should exploit Chris’s desperate wish to keep Kate safe

Because Sarah is also kind of savagely ruthless… Sarah is slightly worrisome.

He takes this advice and when Chris confronts him about lying - because Sarah has already told him there are more Risen out there. Sarah is up to something. James wins Chris over by revealing that, yes, there are more Risen, Kate is under threat and sadly Vic was acting totally weird and he’s not saying he killed Vic but nor is he saying he didn’t either… Vic just vanished. Convenient.

This means Chris also gets introduced to the other Risen who collectively… don’t really care

See Phil visited them during the night looking for Elishia - but she’s gone. Something Kate discovers when she wakes up. She calls James who tells them to wait there for him and Kate being Kate she promptly stomps out because he can’t tell her what to do!!!!!! Seriously, this is the only reason she leaves. If he told her not to hug a shark she’d be heading to the coast right now.

That leaves Kirstie to recount that Elishia has escaped and be huffy because James is less interested in her remembering more details about her murder (her best friend Vicky was there but when the police interviewed her she even denied being her friend - so she drags her best friend/servant Charlie off to go confront her) than he is in the fact Kate has sloped off again.

Kate tries to drive off but ends up running into the Boundary so instead hangs around a bit and meets Sarah - who rather brutally asks her not to steal James from her now she has a baby; she firmly believes that James loves Kate and would leave her if Kate asks. Kate insists that she definitely would never do that (especially since she’s storming around so much lately hating his every breath) and offers to help babysit because they’re friends. Sarah says they aren’t. Which is… probably honest but also harsh. Normally I’d frown at such jealousy and woman-vs-woman but I think this works as a) woo-woo or b) part of the ongoing depiction of post natal depression that we’ve seen on Sarah with her insecurities running overdrive

And I include a because she meets Phil. So last episode I assumed she’d actually texted Vic and got Phil because he stole Vic’s phone. Nope, she was actually sending information to Phil… he wants to know where Elishia is and when she says she doesn’t know she agrees to both dig up more info - and he does the weird and super creepy mouth-to-mouth-information drain on her. Which also cures her persistent headache. Definitely some woo-woo going on. Things are getting damn confusing.

Phil now has a lead to Elishia - Nichola Hysen the evil scientist who works with Nogard. Elishia is also thinking of Nichola. She and William/John Doe are on the run and she’s not entirely happy that Nichola told William who he was. But they both remember each other and feel deeply connected. When pressed to explain this weirdness, Elishia insists she can’t explain it in words becauese that would be too easy. I bet by the end of this season I can.. But she does reveal she deliberately brought William back and the others were an accident.

She is concerned about his butchered hand and wants to take him to the clinic - except of that pesky boundary nearly kills him. Note again that despite being risen she isn’t bound by the same rules.

So deciding that they can’t get medical help they go swimming instead. They worry about whether William (the Sailor) can swim while I worry about infection. Which Elishia was worried about five minutes ago and you’d think, as a doctor, she’d decide that standing pond water is probably not something you want on severed fingers. Also this is Australia so who even knows what’s in that water waiting to eat them.

She teaches him to float in a way that really adds to my theory that they’re not human (more on that later). The way she describes herself is telling as well - she describes Elishia Mckeller - in the third person - dying and she came back as her. Implying basically that she isn’t Elishia, not really. Before she was Elishia she and William were connected and loved each other which is apparently wrong. She was also worried about him not wanting her but they kiss and everything is happy

Except that pesky shrinking Boundary. To deal with that she has to go see Nichola Hysen and try to make a deal to access her lab so she can try and recreate the effect and fix this. Which is hard because Hysen kind of holds all the cards: Elishia offers to share her research but she was already contracted to Norgard. Her research already belongs to them and she is illegally withholding it. Though I do think the resulting court case would be… curious.

They come to an agreement, but when they plan to meet up again, Phil has tracked down Elishia through Nichola. This leads to a confrontation in which Elishia tries to run. Then tries to reason and beg - claiming she’s not hurting anyone and that if he just waits he will have a conscience… (which feeds into my theory). Eventually she fights but it’s not enough… Elishia is stabbed by Phil and dies

And William looks up to the sky when it happens

Side points:
Kate and probably evil Hot Guy kind of make up but still don’t become relevant.

Sarah who is weridly in thralled to Phil gets a gun. This is worrisome

Paddy continues to try to reclaim his ancestral property and when the lawyer explains his will is not that useful. Also booby trapping his home is definitely going to get him sued. So he focuses on proving he was murdered to prove that his family didn’t deserve his property since legally you can’t profit from your own crimes

Which is true.. But… the modern descendents of those murderers are the ones benefiting, the murderers aren’t. On account of being dead. At best this is going to be a legal quagmire. At worst it’s going to be laughed off in a general “this was waaaay too long ago zombieman”.

With Charlie abandoning him he recruits Beau again. And manages to drop homophobic and racist slurs within seconds of meeting up with him. Yes historical people and all but why is Beau tolerating him? Why? We also have flashbacks which is desperately desperately trying to convince us that Paddy and the slave he was beating last episode is totally romantic and redeemable.

Ok my theory: Angels.

This kinda works with demons/spirits as well, but I’m going angels.

My theory is that some Angel, I’ll call them Bobiel, fell in love with a human (possibly another angel but I’m leaning human) which is, of course, forbidden (see mythology around Watchers/Grigori/Nephilim and the general Christian-and-vaguely-Abrahamic sex is bad etc etc). So Bobiel pouted away until Elishia died while working on some useful science (I’m going to say the science is necessary because Elishia wants access to her lab) and possessed her (hence Elishia’s complete personality change). She then used science and woo-woo to bring back her (I’m going to say human but possibly another angel) true love William - and accidentally raised the others (I’m going to say they are human because unlike Elishia and William they’re pretty much the same people they were before they died).

The Powers That Be double down on the whole angels-shouldn’t-bang and sent enforces down to stop these shenanigans in a big divine cockblocking. First Vic (hence his huge personality change) and then Phil (again, personality change - also why I think the others are still human: Phil saw them asleep and didn’t get all stabby).

Of course the interesting element of that is with Elishia presumably dead it leaves this whole theory kind of… unnecessary? The doomed love divine intervention thing no longer really matters so we can focus on the lives and existences of people who really were completely accidentally restored to life.