Saturday, July 28, 2018

Glitch, Season 2, Episode 4: A Duty of Care

Elishia is buried by James and William who is the saddest of sad pandas. James is also pouty because he starts praying then has a tantrum. And honestly I don’t know if anyone really showed that much care for her before.

William assumes that Nichola Hysen is the culprit which isn’t exactly poor reasoning - but he does disagree with the idea that Nichola is like old policeman Vic who tried to kill the Risen - because Nichola wanted William alive.

They do tell the other Risen who all despair and panic especially with the boundary shrinking and Elishia not being around to fix it - since she created it (more news from William). They decide they’re under threat and need to guard the place - so James tries to give Kate his gun. She refuses because… well because James and he could offer her water while she was dying of thirst and she’d still throw it back. But also because she says she doesn’t know how to use a gun. So James keeps his gun

Hey, remember Charlie was an actual soldier who fought in a war? Y’know it’s JUST POSSIBLE he might know how to use a gun!

Once James is gone, the under threat endangered risen promptly decide to scatter to the four winds. James would have better luck herding cats.

Kirstie is determined to find out who murdered her and Charlie - dispatched by Kate to stop her running off- becomes her willing servant in questioning her friend who is now an estate agent. Honestly everyone needs to stop treating Charlie as their personal sidekick.

It’s all awkward because Charlie is super inexperienced in the modern world and definitely not used to buying modern houses. But through questioning and Kirstie’s slow recovery of her memories they learn what happened: Vicky hasn’t abandoned her friend, she’s traumatised and trying to protect her son. Back before she was murdered, Kirstie saw Vicky being raped (fathering her son); Vicky tried to keep quiet and hide but Kirstie wasn’t going to let the popular football players get away with their crime and was a vocal criticism - leading to her being targeted and dying

The whole scene is painful, traumatic and dramatic and mixed up with Charlie’s fumbling feels unnecessary.

James tries to do some more investigating and visits Hysen who, kind of weirdly, changes tactics from “science? What is this science you speak of?” stonewalling to “let me tell you about our whole raising the dead thing” and James doesn’t even blink, they start talking together like they’re compatriots. So they now learn that Elishia was the one to bring everyone back and they’ve kind of got the Boundary all wrong: it isn’t a fence that keeps them in but more the source of the power that actually keeps them alive. They’re not dying when they leave because they’ve crossed a barrier but because they’ve moved out of range of the thing keeping them alive. They talk more before remembering they’re actually enemies and James refuses to hand over Elishia’s research

But that’s ok, because William brings it to them later - his fingers are actually regrowing which means while Nichola Hysen’s methods are supremely unethical and awful she was pretty sincere about her motivations and what she expected to happen. Either way, William is onside if they can bring Elisha back. Again

James also randomly accuses Kate’s new hot flame Owen of being Elishia’s killer because he once went to prison for manslaughter after, he claims, a fight that got out of hand and an unlucky punch. James is clearly making a huge logical leap because of Kate. I don’t think Kate should automatically dump Owen because of the revelation but it’s irrelevant because James could prove him to be a child eating serial killer and she would still run to him because James.

Though, to be fair, if you accidentally kill someone and want to convince people you’re not a murderer maybe a different hobby than taxidermy? Y’know, maybe?

Honestly, and I know I’m a little broken record here, but Owen has a dark past feels like another story element that is just far too much going on in such a short series. And I appreciate that even relatively minor side characters have a backstory and more information about them that’s great character building. But this is a lot for such a short series to manage to keep up with. We have some really nice moments but I don’t think we’re likely to go much further in developing even the core cast as everything gets more complex than it has room to explore.

Paddy is still around and still annoying Beau who really needs to keep away from this terrible man. He does some more research and learns, unsurprisingly, that his murder was blamed on Black people and used as a justification for further murders and persecution. Paddy confronts the family matriarch with his plans to sue her and prove the real murder.

This whole storyline feels like a complicated way to have an awful racist character throwing out terrible words but present him as having a heart of gold because he totally loves his Black family (while completely ignoring his control over them). They’re trying to make him a good character by… ignoring his badness.

Now for a twist - so we know Sarah is working for Phil. And Phil seems to not be himself risen from the dead so much as possessed by something  (I’m still voting for angels). Well this time I think Sarah may be as well. She not only lets him use her house to clean up after murdering Elishia. He also talks about her also having a mission - which may involve killing the Risen since she points a gun at Charlie. She excuses why she isn’t doing it because she’s the caregiver of a child…

... Which is not the language I’d expect from a mother. And then I remember Sarah had a difficult pregnancy in which she almost died.


Perhaps more than almost

And now we have to wonder about the missions - Phil has completed his task so is now sort of hanging around (and assuring Beau they’re family). “Until it ends”

This is ominous. Of course it could just mean the end of Phil’s natural life or even that he goes home just as soon as Elishia’s ongoing shenanigans have been taken care of. But I think it means more - especially since I’m not sure killing the Risen is Sarah’s task. Phil had a perfect opportunity to do so and he didn’t take it - and was there even a need to send a second… I’m going to say Angel because it’s still my pet theory - when Phil was already out and about.

We may get revelations next episode - because James finds the bloodstained clothes Phil left at their house