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Enter to win the Fangs for the Fantasy Christmas EReader Giveaway

Hello everyone, when Paul and I first started Fangs for the Fantasy, we saw it as a place to critically discuss a genre that we love very much. Urban Fantasy often gets a pass on its many fails because its nature encourages critics not to look at the under lying messages in the stories. Overtime our little project has become a vibrant community.This is why we decided to hold an extra special giveaway this month to thank everyone for turning our blog into a place with lively discussion and a new online home.

One lucky person will win:

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Enter to Win One Hard Cover Copy of The Rise of the Governor
Hello everyone, it's giveaway time again.  As you know, the fangs crew are huge fans of the comics and show The Walking Dead.  Unfortunately, The Walking Dead is on hiatus until February.  If you're like us, you're already dreading the long wait.  This is why we thought this month we would offer one lucky a winner a chance to win:

 Rise of the Governor is the back story of the governor, the most hated character in The Walking Dead universe.  This is a must read for any real fan.  You can find our review of the book here.

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Enter To Win: The Twilight Breaking Dawn Celebration Package
Hello everyone, it's time for another exciting giveaway.  As you all know, Breaking Dawn part 1 hits theaters Nov 18, and so we thought in celebration, this months giveaway would be a Twilight extravaganza.  This is your opportunity to win:
Yep, a Robert Pattinson watch, a Breaking Dawn 2012 calender, and a Breaking Dawn tote (note: the third image, is the image on the tote bag).  This everything a twi fan needs to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Enter To Win Blood Work: An Original Hollows Graphic Novel

The Fangs for the Fantasy crew are huge fans of Kim Harrison, and that is why this month we are delighted to give away one hardcover copy of:

Hot-as-hell, tough-as-nails detective Ivy Tamwood has been demoted from homicide down to lowly street-crime detail.  As if rousting trolls and policing pixies instead of catching killers wasn't baed enough, she's also been saddled with a newbie partner who's an earth witch.  It's enough to make any living vampire bare her fangs.  But when a coven of murderous witches begins preying on werewolves, Rachel Morgan quickly proves she's a good witch who knows how to be a badass.

Together, Ivy and Rachel hit the mean streets to deal swift justice to the evil element among Cincinnati's super-natural set.  But there's more to their partnership than they realize - and more blood and black magic in their future than they bargained for. 

Kim Harrison, author of the New York Times bestselling Hollows urban fantasy series, was born and raised in Michigan. 

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That's right everyone, it's time for another exciting giveaway.  This month we are giving away Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1.  We know that even though it has been many years since the last episode, there are plenty of people are still in love with the Buffyverse. This graphic novel is based on the television show, but begins before the very first season. 

Scott Allie writes in the introduction:
The old Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1, and the story in DHP, are not in this volume. When we started work in early 1988, we set the stories in the then - current Season Two. These stories, set at the very start of Buffy's career came later. A few months into our initial run, Buffy novelist Chris Golden suggested adapting Joss's original film script - faithful adaptation as opposed to the tongue-in-cheek 1992 film. This led to Buffy: The Origin, reprinted here. Soon afterward, Golden proposed a Spike and Dru Comic, co-written with James Marsters, who (of course) played Spike on the show. There were to follow-up comics written out of chronological order, so this volume reprints the last of them, set long before Spike and Dru had ever heard of Sunnydale.

Toward the end of the original series - of both show and the comics - Scott Lobdell was writing the comic. He proposed a sort of Buffy: Year One story.  For those of you who didn't grow up on comics, Year One is a term that, like so many things, we owe to Frank Miller. It's not so much an origin story, as a story set at the beginning of a characters career - in this case, between the burning of Buffy's highschool and her arrival in Sunnydale. Joss's plans for Season Seven, the final season of the show, were so tight, it was impossible for us to set stories parallel for those episodes. So we looked to Buffy's past. There were the loose ends with Pike, her boyfriend from the film; a trip to Las Vegas; and her time in an institution, referred to in the 2002 TV episode "Normal Again."  The year one stories from the majority of this book and will conclude in volume two.
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Enter to win Volume 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead Graphic Novels
Are you counting down the days until the second season of The Walking Dead starts? Last year when AMC first aired The Walking Dead, I wasn't sure that I was going to like this zombie show, but each episode drew me in as I realized that this show is about so much more than supernatural beings.  It's about how you survive when everything that you know is gone.  In fact in volume one: Days Gone Bye, the author writes:
To me, the best zombie movies aren't the splatter fests of gore and violence with goofy characters and tongue and cheek antics. Good zombie movies show us just how messed up we are, they make us question our station in society ... and out society's station in the world. They show us gore and violence and all that cool stuff too ... but there's always an element of social commentary and thoughtfulness.

With The Walking Dead, I want to explore how people deal with extreme situations and how these events change them.  I'm in this for the long haul. You guys are going to see Rick change to the point that, when you look back on this book, you won't even recognize him. I hope you guys are looking forward to a sprawling epic because that's the idea with this one.
This is why The Walking Dead sums up some of the best that urban fantasy has to offer.  It's not just about woo woo; it's about the human experience.  If like me, you have become a fan of the series, I am sure that the chance to own:


Is hard to pass up.  This month we are giving away volume 1: Days Gone Bye, by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moorem as well as Volume 2: Miles Behind Us, by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn of the Walking dead graphic novels. The lucky winner will receive both volumes.
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Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel

We have written several reviews of Cassandra Clare's work on this blog (here, and here).  On a recent post we discussed the ongoing homophobia in her work.  We know that it is quite possible to enjoy a piece of literature, even when it is problematic, and that is why this month we are giving away one hardcover copy of:

Clockwork Angel is the first novel in the Infernal Devices series and is a prequel to her Immortal Instruments series.  The second novel in Clare's Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Prince is due out in December, so if you are interested in reading this series, winning a chance to own Clockwork Angel is a good place to start.  

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True Blood Comics 

That's right, the True Blood Tainted Love series by Andreyko, McMillian and Corroney.  I know that with the season winding down, and a new book not due out until next spring, the ache of the impending loss of one of our favorite series, has got to be setting in. One lucky winner is going to receive comics one through six, to help them make it through the impending hiatus.

Click here to go to the post, follow the instructions and enter. Remember to include your contact details in your comment. If you don't want to make your details public, feel free to email us at
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Signed copy of Kevin Hearne's Hammered