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Teen Wolf: Episodes 5-8

Unlike True Blood, there really isn't much about Teen Wolf that requires an in-depth analysis each week, though it is an interesting show when it steps away from the teen angst.  At this point, we have learned that the Alpha not only wants Scott to join him, he wants Scott to kill off his friends.  Allison senses that Scott is lying to her after he conveniently throws Derrick under the bus to explain why a creature is stalking them in the local highschool.

Stiles remains Scott's ever present side kick; however, he had no problem taking time out to get all creepy when he comes across Lydia in a drugged state after a meeting with the alpha.  A note to all men big and small: unless you are helping a woman, interacting with her in a way that can in any way be understood to be sexual while she is drugged is WRONG.  I know that they have constructed Stiles to be one of the good guys, but even good guys cross the line.

We also have an ongoing problem with the way Allison is referred to. There's a lot of discussion about how she affects Scott - does she make him weak, does she make him strong, does she make the wolf hard to control... and Allison gets lost as a person in the middle of this - it's all about how she affects Scott, right up until she dumps him for keeping so many secrets.

And for episode 8 Renee and Sparky decided to chat while watching together - it usually gets us more snark

Renee: Looks like possibly a male bonding episode as they are set to get drunk over the break up.

Sparky: Did I mention that Stiles is like the hottest guy on this program? This is the straight male bonding moment that doesn't involve sports. It is known. Because then everyone has plausible deniability the next day

Renee: I didn't know that Stiles has a thing for Lydia. That's no
  err new

Sparky: ugh, he's crushed over her before and there was that skeevy moment in her bedroom... but they're a bit isolated.

Can we not go there do you think? We could do without the extra teen drama.

Renee: Oh I forgot about that.

Sparky: WOW a black guy! Is this a first ever?

Renee: Yeah and he starts off with look at the two bitches. TYPICAL

Sparky: and he's going to get eaten  typical Vampire Diaries menu. NOOO! The booze! Waaait, AMerican booze. NOOOO THE TREE!

Renee: LOL

Sparky: Yup, dead and eaten

Renee: Yep dead

Sparky: Vampire Barbie is out there, she's got through the 6 blacks in Mystic Falls and is going further afield.

Renee: I swear people of colour should sprinkle themselves in salt and pepper before they leave the house.

Sparky: It's 7:00am, what teen is alive at that time

Renee: They start school that early here. The bus picks up the kids at 7:30.

Sparky: Same here, but all respectful teens hate mornings.  Oh I hope these two get eaten by something soon. I really do. Oh And Lydia as a side dish. State detective? He has expendable tattooed on his forehead.
Don't you just love enthusiastic teachers who brim with the joy of learning?

Renee: Wow that is one positive and supportive teacher.

Sparky: Werewolves hallucinate now? Or is this just teenaged hormones and angst?

Renee: I think the teacher is the alpha werewolf.

Sparky: That would be too ideal. See, when I was a teen I remember less hallucinations and more spots

Renee: Well wasn't that the teacher that scratched the other guy on the back of the neck?

Sparky: I thought it was the alpha who scratched Jackson when he attacked him at the video store and saved him from the fate of watching a Rom Com (I'll take mauling by a werewolf over Bridget Jones anyday) ooooh chest is back.
Isn't there a use-by date on inhalers?
Chest is very very very nice - Stiles is still cuter though

Renee: This story could really do without the high school romance. Does anyone really care that he has been dumped

Sparky: He's a teenager. Getting dumped is what teenagers do. I can't take teen drama seriously - in 5 years he won't even remember her name cynic.
oooh state trooper is a werewolf hunter too. And we've spawned another hunter from somewhere. Bets they get chewed on.
Ooooookay. cookie?

 Renee: oooh the crumbs were hot.

 Sparky: Oh gods, moooore teen drama
 Where does this school get there teaching staff?
 my gods. Was that common sense? On a teen drama show?
 he's so dead

 Renee: Yeah I know. But sports are built for that kind of testosterone.
 Go and ask the girl if she likes me...REALLY

Sparky: Is this a love triangle, square or dodecahedron?

Renee: Oh sexay times

Sparky: Oh ye gods, ENOUGH already. Lydia wants Scott, Jackson wants Alison, Stiles wants Lydia, Scott wants Lydia...I'm going to write a chart.

Renee: I think they just did like Being Human last year were being close to the full moon makes you want to get your groove on

Sparky: updated legends. Once the full moon made you a raging killing machine. Now it makes you aggressive, violent and horny. Kind of like uber puberty
Danny - The Maris! We've seen Maris!

Renee: Looks Stiles just figured out she's isn't into him after all

Sparky: So now we're going to have Stiles v Scott drama groan.
oh gods, we can't even have some kick arse bonding over tasers, we've got to bring in the teenaged angst. Someone kill something already, Poor Stiles.
he actually does creepy kinda well... run Stiles, run.

Renee: Yeah not too bad but he seems to do all his acting with his eyebrows.

Sparky: hey that's three times what Stefan managed
told you! teen angst drama. Even with a werewolf on the full moon we have to make it about their angst ridden not!love lives

Renee: put it in a dog bowl

Sparky: y'know, this whole scene could be seen as very very very kinky....
 He does do evil well... he should do it more often :)
Stiles don't be that guy. Don't be the horror movie guys who goes back to check the monster. You're smarter than that.

Renee: I wouldn't worry about that. Stiles is a major character and he is White so there is no way he is going to become snack food

Sparky: But if he lets him out Scott will rampage through all the token black characters they use in the crowd scenes!
 Oooh, Alison has bought a clue!
  maybe she'll share it with the rest of the cast

 Renee: You notice how Scott does not turn into a full were.

 Sparky: only the alpha does. Such a cop-out. Just looks like a guy in need of some severe waxing

 Renee: I think they did it that way to spend less on special effects.

Sparky: cheaaap cheaaap. At least Supernatural never resorted to that
  Derrick! he's not dead. I am so totally surprised. Yes. Really. This is my surprised face.

Renee: I guess because Derrick is a beta he does not turn into a real wolf either

 Sparky: saves even more in special effects. Only the big bad is fuzzy.
  Y'know normally they're pretty good at choreographing fight scenes but that one was a little poor
 Damn he got his car fixed quick didn't he? Where's his mechanic!
They're both betas then. Nice to have it officially confirmed.
  Since the betas look kinda pathetic - what do the Omegas look like? pugs? Shitzus?

Renee: The only difference is that Derrick is a born wolf whereas Scott was bitten

Sparky: yup, same creature, different origins
Cure? Aha, we now have more motivation for Scott to go after the alpha. Of course he'll also lose all his shiny werewolf power. Whose betting this cure doesn't actually work?

Renee: Of course the cure won't work but the effects they use for the alpha are amazing

Sparky: Aye - I wish they'd use them more commonly. I appreciate some scary effects
Okay, Jackson has managed to put one and one together and make 36. Really
He has way too little to go on to leap to Scott being a werewolf methinks.

Renee: Well you have to remember he has been suspicious about Scott. At first he thought that Scott was on drugs.

Sparky: True. I'll let it pass with a little snark :P
what it's over? Shame... not the best episode methinks. Waaay too much teen drama and love dodecahedrons, not enough wolfy goodness.

Renee: It was bearable

Sparky: yeah. It wasn't Vampire Diaries, I'll give it that.
But I think it could get that way if we focus more on their interminable love lives. I had so little time for teen drama even when i was a teen

Renee: The thing is, if they just make the show a tad darker it would work so much better than the angst.

Sparky: exactly. More angst about things that are more important than teenaged love affairs. Drama about the world, about being a creature on the edge of control, about being a danger to friends and loved ones, about being hunted by the one that made you, even hunting the one who killed Derricks's sister, avoiding human hunters etc etc. there's enough story there
  without having to resort to hormones

Renee: Yes but it seems that the moment a show tries to attract a younger audience it has to drag in the angst

Sparky: It's sad that angst always has to be love life. And it's insulting to teens methinks. What teens are only interested in love triangles and unrequited love
(don't answer that. I need to maintain hope in humanity)

Renee: I think that producers are underestimating young audiences

Sparky: or just lazily repeating the same patterns because they're easier, less risk and involve guys taking off their tops so we can see the mighty fine pecs and abs
 not that I disapprove of the latter

Renee: I am sure that is what it is

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