Monday, September 5, 2011

True Blood: Soul of Fire

I thought last night's episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.  Just when we thought that all of the ties were wrapped up, Marnie invaded Layette's body. I guess with two more episodes still to go, it wouldn't do to have her so easily conquered.  So let's start at the beginning shall we?

When we last left off, Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica had gathered in front of goddess emporium all dressed in black ready to finally kick some witch ass.  As they gear up to fire on the emporium, Jason jumps in front of them and tells them not to fire, which is met with a round of fucking Sookie from the vampires.  I found myself saying, finally and giggling out loud.  The writers have to know that Sookie's version of spunky agency is irritating at best; however, I didn't like the fact that Pam reduced her to a slit in a sun dress.  Just having the characters say fucking Sookie was enough, there was certainly no need to reduce her in this manner.

When Marnie demands a sacrifice to secure Sookies life, Pam disobeys both Bill and Eric and shoots off the RPG.  This  pisses Eric off, but Pam tells him that she is not worth his life.  I have to say that I agree with Pam.  I get that Sookie is fae, but is that really enough to have someone over a thousand years old happily give up his life for her?  I am tired of the men on this show fawning all over her.  At HBO in the inside the show section, the writers let us know that the rift between Eric and Pam will continue into the next season.  I simply do not understand Eric choosing Sookie over Pam.

Back inside, Marnie kills one of her captives, which allows Jesus and Laffyette the opportunity to drag  the body into the bathroom to plan a magical assault on Marnie.  While this is going on, Marnie looks into the blood and sees her own death.  She attempts to prevent this by having everyone form a circle. The complete circle causes the vamps to be drawn towards the force field ( couldn't they have spent some money on some kind of special effect? The scene itself looked ridiculous) but Sookie uses her mystical fae powers to bring an end to this.  Marnie rewards her by encircling her in fire.

Outside the emporium, Bill and Eric can feel Sookie's fear.  I for one didn't give a damn.  Sookie was in absolutely no danger, just as when Bill, Jessica, Eric and Pam were being drawn into the force field they were in no danger. Someone should send a note to the writers, to let them know that this does not build any tension on the show.  If they have to put someone at risk, they should choose someone the viewers will believe have the chance  of dying.

Jesus finally finishes his spell and forces Antonia out of Marnie's body and she quickly vanishes.  Sensing that the force field is down, Bill and Eric burst through the doors of the emporium and shoot Marnie in the head, but not before she can say, "everybody dies, including you." As they wrap up the dangling threads, Bill and Eric both make eye contact with Sookie. 

Jesus and Lafayette end up in bed together for the first time this season. No, it was not a squee moment. Jesus was troubled by the fact that he acted against Marnie, and Lafayette assured him that there was nothing else that he could have done.  Lafayette gave him a chaste kiss on the forehead, and then rolled over onto his back.  This of course is when Marnie made her appearance and took over Lafayette's body.

Away from the main storyline, Marcus and Debbie head off to Alcide's house with his daughter.  Marcus attempts to convince Debbie to run off with him, claiming that it is her best chance to be happy because Alcide is never going to give her a child. Alcide and Sam show off and the dick measuring ensues.  Can you tell that I could care less about this storyline.  When Marcus attempts to shoot Sam, Alcide intervenes and kills him. Yeah, I saw that coming a mile away.  Alcide then turns to Debbie and gives a little speech which basically amounted to announcing that he no longer wanted anything to do with her.

I think Alcide needs to turn around and give them same speech to Sookie, the next time she comes calling.  I am sure that Debbie will find a way to blame this on Sookie, but again who cares. I will however say that it is ridiculous that finding Debbie in bed with Marcus was the catalyst for Alcide abjuring her.  She got into bed with a vamp, their sworn enemy, tried to kill Sookie and is a raving V addict, but the thought that she might have slept with Marcus is what pushed Alcide over the edge? Really?

When we last left Andy Bellefleur, Terry had left him out in the woods to walk home.  I should have known that the writers couldn't leave this touching scene alone. Andy runs into a fae who solicits a promise to be faithful and then she climbs on top of him.  I have to admit that I did laugh when he told Arelene that he was a little rusty at first, but then remembered and got good.  Arlene of course was repulsed.  What a fae could want with Andy I cannot hazard a guess.

I suppose I should bring up Jessica and Jason before I wrap this up.  Well, Jason got burned when Pam shot of the RPG and surprise surprise, Jessica had to give him more blood.  He said  that this was going to cost him his best friend, but he could not stop thinking of Jessica.  I was really upset by this, because Jessica just got out of a year long relationship. Sleeping with Jason I was fine with, getting into a relationship with him, I certainly am not.  Why can't the writers just give Jessica a chance to have the youth that she has missed thus far?  Jason is yet another man that is too old for her to be in a relationship with and he is even more selfish than Hoyt. This is not going to end well.  Also, do we really need yet another love triangle on this show?

Okay, that's it for me.  What were your thoughts?

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