Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snark theatre: Laurell K Hamilton's Narcissus in Chains

It may surprise you that I like me a bit of snark. No, I know you're totally shocked, right?

So, upon finding this lovely series snarking Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series:

I'm devouring it with glee and episodes that make me stand up and cheer I will share :)

Like the snarker, I dislike what has happened to Anita Blake - and I have to say it's definitely "what happened." I think in many ways I intensely dislike the books from Narcissus onwards because I KNOW Laurell K Hamilton can do better than this. And yes, it is a little more to me because LKH's Anita Blake was my first Urban Fantasy, the first ones I ever read, a good decade or more ago. This series was what sold me the genre. Yes, behold why I cling desperately to them

This is why I don't actually dislike Meredith Gentry to the same degree - because Merry and her colour coded orgy-elves have never been anything but Merry and her orgy-elves. The same way why so many other bad paranormal romance doesn't irritate me as much as Anita

But Anita? Once she was more than this. She had plot, she had style, she wasn't perfect (and certainly there were Mary Sue elements) but she was strong and arsekicking (in ways that went beyond a new sex-activated super power every week). Not the BEST protagonist up there, but she was up there - ready and willing to show Sookie, Elena and Bella how it SHOULD be done.

And then along came Narcissus in Chains. it was getting shakey up to then, but Narcissus was when we firmly boarded the Hot Mess express to Train Wreck Land