Friday, July 20, 2012

Alphas, Season One, Episode Nine: Blind Spot

Nina and Hicks bring in someone they believe to be a Red Flag operative.  The team has a new containment chamber in the office.  Lee figures that this will come in handy, because they have no idea what this alphas skill set is.  Lee is perturbed because he has allowed this to go so much further for the team than he had originally envisioned.  Bill suggests that Lee should just go with the flow, because they are now government assets and not just patents.  He goes on to mention that ever since the run in with Jonas that he has lost his ability and is fine with it.  Of course, Lee is not happy with this and says that the DOD isn't either, because they are supposed to be a team of alphas.  He then justifies it by saying that this is not who Bill really is.  Bill's ability cost him his job, and leads to poor interactions with others, but none of that matters, because Lee in his infinite wisdom has decided that Bill is better off with his abilities for the good of the team.

Gary enters the room and says that the new holding area was not built to his specifications.  Bill tells him that he asked for things that don't even exist.  Gary is not happy and comments that he misses the old Bill, who would take things seriously and have veins popping out.  Bill jokes and says that Gary would miss him if he disappeared and asks him for a hug.

Rachel calls in on the radio and says that Nina and Hicks are back with Dr. Kern.  Lee asks if they know his alpha ability and Nina responds that she tried to push him but it didn't work.  Lee decides that they need to run some tests, so they wheel him away.  The elevator starts to close, but then opens on its own again. Lee senses that something is wrong.

Bill and Lee strap Dr. Kern in for an MRI, and Rachel begs them not to wake him.  Bill tells Rachel to relax because he still has his gun, and is a better shot when he is not all amped up. Lee suggests dosing Bill with adrenaline and steroids to jump start his abilities, but Bill is not interested and points out that all he had was marriage and work issues with his ability.  He asks who needs them and Lee responds, "we might." Rachel says that they are working on controlling their issues.  These two were so incredibly selfish.  What does Bill's happiness matter, when Lee has an agenda to work.  Whatever happened to the best interests of the patient?

In her office, Nina is doing paperwork when Hicks walks in and gives her a coffee.  She wonders what tipped off Dr. Kern about them and Hicks answers that he sees happy couples all of the time and they didn't play their part well.  Nina admits that Lee said that he does not believe that she is right for him. Hicks is shocked that Nina told Lee, but Nina simply says that Lee is their shrink.  This is exactly what I meant when I brought up conflict of interest. She tells Hicks that she has screwed up every relationship that she has ever had and Hicks says it's been the same for him.  Before they can finish, Bill interrupts saying that Lee wants to see them.

In the conference room, Lee tells the team that Dr. Kern is blind. This explains why Nina cannot push him, but due to the way that Kern tried to evade capture, Hicks finds it hard to believe.  Lee points out that he is an alpha.  Gary is running around the room looking for his phone and Rachel hands it to him.  Gary says that people shouldn't be touching his phone and that it is open to private data files. Lee asks that no one touch Gary's phone without permission.  Lee goes on to say that Kern is there because DOD believes that he is doing some sort of research, and that a radicalized alpha, who is a pediatrician is disturbing. Hicks and Nina say that they cleaned out his office and the camera shows an image from outside the office giving the appearance that someone is there, though they aren't visible.

Rachel returns to her office and is going through urine samples when she believes that she hears something.  She walks towards Gary's office and starts listening for heartbeats.  She calls out, "who is there," and Gary asks if she called him.  Rachel asks if he was by her office and he says no and that she is not making sense.

Bill and Lee go into the containment center and Lee asks Bill to remove the mouth strap.  Bill complies, but threatens Kern with his gun, and Kern asks for a lawyer. Lee tells Kern that he is being detained because of his association with a terrorist organization, to which Kern responds that the only organization that he is affiliated with is the AMA. Bill asks Kern if alphas and Red Flag mean anything to him and Kern remains silent.  Lee instructs Bill to take the cuffs off and have Kern face the wall. When his back is turned, Lee throws something at him to prove his hypothesis that Kern has sonar and when Kern dodges it, Leepronounces Kern an alpha. Kern simply says that this is not going to end well.

In his office, Bill calls Clay and tells him that they are probably not going to get more out of Kern, but that they will keep working on him until he can be picked up.  Hicks knocks on Lee's door and asks him to stay out of his relationship with Nina.  Lee says that he is only trying to look out for the both of them, but Hicks counters saying that they are both adults and get to make their own mistakes. Lee says that as their psychiatrist and their employer that he cannot let them do that.  Here we go again with the whole conflict of interest thing.  Lee is getting on my last nerve.  Before Hicks can respond, Rachel interrupts to say that she has found something in the items from Kern's lab.

It seems that Kern created vitamins for pregnant women and they contained active human DNA. Lee says that this could cause sever birth defects.  She tells him to hold on because she smells blood.  When they follow the smell, they find Nina in her office with a nose bleed. Again we get the sensation that someone is watching.

Lee visits Kern in his chamber and Kern tells him that he has an issue with his heart.  Lee says that he gets a heart exam twice a year.  Kern says that like Lee, he took an oath not to do any harm, but Lee asks what kind of doctor gives active DNA to human women.  Really, how is Lee in the place to question anyone's ethics given the fuckery that he engages in continually?  Kern says that he cares about the future and brings up the drug that interferes with the fetal development of alphas.  Lee asks how he plans to distribute his counter agent, and Kern responds that there are some questions that are not to be answered.  Kern goes on to say that men with guns are going to whisk him away to some facility.  Lee responds that it is tragic that he joined a terrorist organization.  Kern tries again and states that Red Flag isn't as monolithic as Lee thinks and that fringe elements tried to assassinate him. Lee compares this line of thinking with the IRA, PLO and the KKK and says that their mainstream existence depends upon the so-called fringe element.   Kern says like Lee he advocates for humans and alphas to come together but Lee doesn't think this is possible.  Kern goes on to say that there will be a future for the "unenhanced" to be able to join their cause, and that is exactly where Lee belongs. Lee offers to intervene on Kerns behalf, if he declares what he is up to and when Kern refuses, Lee quips that Kern is off to Bingington.

Rachel hears yet another noise and walks into the hallway. She enhances her hearing and picks up a heartbeat but does not see a person. On the carpet she sees footsteps.  The elevator opens suddenly Rachel enters it and is grabbed from behind.

Lee and Hicks are talking outside of the chamber about how to get Kern to open up.  Bill suggests playing one song loudly and repeatedly.  Hicks quips that he still gets sick every time he hears copa cobana, because having a military background, this tactic is not new to Hicks. Bill tries to get into the system and can't.  Nina pops in asking if anyone has seen Rachel.  Gary pulls up the surveillance camera and they see Rachel disappear on camera.  Bill orders Gary to stay, and he pulls his weapon and starts looking for her.  Nina finds blood on the camera, and Bill notices the same track marks that Rachel saw.  Hicks sees that there are cracks in the ceiling.

Lee enters the chamber and demands that Kern tell him where Rachel is.  Kern denies meeting her, but Lee insists that he can do more with his sonar than just find things. Kern says that the numbers of heartbeats on the floor has not changed since he awoke.  He says that he can hear 8 and Lee says that he should only be hearing 7.  Kern asks if things have gone missing, if people have been sensing someone there and then suggests that they have an unwelcome guest.  Kern offers to help, because otherwise they are all dead. 

Outside the chamber the team watches Kern  begging to be let out.  Nina says she does not trust him, but Lee says that they should consider what Kern is saying. Lee explains that everyone has a blind spot and that he believes that they are dealing with an alpha who can exploit blind spots.  Gary says that the cameras are glitched and that there are dropped frames. Gary adds that the camera across the street looks into the building every few minutes and puts an image up on the screen.  It turns out that the woman is right behind Hicks and she stabs him.

Nina bandages Hicks and says that she will get Lee to get him some pain pills, and Hicks reminds her that he is an addict.  In the other room, they discover that Griffin took Bill's gun.  In the next room, someone shots Kern in the holding pen.  Bill asks Kern who tried to kill him, and he says that her name is Griffin and that Red Flag considers her someone who sells their services to the highest bidder, but has not allegiances. Bill does not want them to release Kern because he thinks that this is an escape plan. Lee settles the issue by saying that Kern staying where he is.

They cannot get the blast door open, and so Lee injects Bill to give him his abilities back.  Bill says that the decision has been made for him.  Bill tries the blast door and he cannot get it to lift.  Lee tells him that his ability has always been tied to his emotional state.  Bill isn't even breaking a sweat so perhaps he doesn't have his abilities back.

The team starts spraying powder, creamer, and the fire extinguisher in order to see footprints.  Griffin traps them in the same room with Kern, and Gary is left on his own.  Gary holds up his badge and says repeatedly, "stop hiding."  Rachel sneaks up from behind and hits Griffin over the head with a computer, having escaped on her own form the elevator shaft. The team ties Griffin up and ask her how she uses her ability. She says that she has been following Kern for two weeks, and that they should release her and let her take Kern.  She points out that there are cracks everywhere and that Kern has been trying to break out.  She says that she is working with someone who wants Kern's research, which she has already copied, and that she gets a bonus for bringing in Kern.

Rachel notices that Hicks is still bleeding, and Lee believes that it is the vibrations which are effecting him. Hicks looks up at Rachel and says "it's okay, it's not like I'm dying, or maybe you don't want doc to know you care about me." Kern says that he is not hurting anyone and begins to shake the whole building. Kern escapes from his holding cell and team ends up unconscious. Bill comes to first and helps the rest of the team to safety

In the other room, Kern is using his abilities on Griffin to get answers.  Suddenly, Bill's alpha ability returns and this distracts Kern enough for Griffin to stab him in the neck with a broken piece of glass. Griffin tells Bill that a man with his abilities could make a lot of money, if he went into business for himself.  She says that she hates owing people, and says that she is going to pay him back with a name - Stanton Varish.  When Bill asks what or who that is, Griffin says that he will have to figure that out for himself and then disappears before his eyes.

Later, Bill tells Lee about what Griffin said and Lee promises to look into it.  Bill makes a crack about asking Sandra if they can fight alphas in his bedroom, but Gary refuses to bite. He does say that the old Bill is back.  Nina is in Hicks' office cleaning up, and she says that she is doing it because the smell of blood would bother Rachel.  Hicks responds that he saw how she reacted when he got cut.  She calls him juvenile and then he kisses her.

In the holding area, Rachel tells Lee that she doesn't care what Clay says, this was a bad idea.  Lee responds that she saved everyone by trapping Griffin and detecting Kern's ability.  Rachel says that she scanned the entire office and there is no sign of Griffin. When she asks if things are going to get easier, Lee walks away.

Gotta say that the Star Trek geek in me loved seeing Brent Spiner as Dr. Kern, I only wish that his character had not been killed off.  Red Flag seems to be growing larger with various agendas each episode.  Given what the government has already done to the alphas the constant labeling of them as terrorists, I believe is a stretch now.  Though war has not been officially declared clearly a war is exactly what is going on.