Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alphas Season Two, Episode Ten: Life After Death

This episode opens with home movies of Dani as a little girl, playing on the beach to the theme of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Rosen is picking out caskets.  Hicks is in his office and Bill and Gary stop by.  Bill tells Hicks that he has to eat and Gary suggests that he try screaming, the way that he does for Anna.  Bill pulls Gary out of the room and says that Hicks is going to need time.  Nina and Rachel are in the hallway talking about Dani's death and Nina admits that she felt everything that Dani felt like how precious it all is and how fast life goes. As the two are walking they meet Bill and Gary in the hallway.  Bill says that they need to get organized because Rosen's head in the organization.

As they are making plans to move forward, Clay shows up and is surprised to see them.  Clay says that Dani death is terrible, and that the DOD wants all of Rosen's intel on Parish's organization.  Clay adds that he is going to rip Parish's organization apart, so that they cannot murder anyone else. Clay walks towards Rosen's office as Rachel calls out, "Clay come on, not like this." Nina says, "Rosen doesn't trust him. He wouldn't let him go through his stuff like that." Bill adds that he doesn't like it either, but believes that Clay's team can help them get to Parish.  Bill suggests that they keep their eye on Clay et al and get back to work.

Gary walks into Rosen's office and watches as an agent snaps photos of all the pictures and news clipping of Parish on the wall. Clay enters and calls Gary by his first name, but Gary corrects him and says to call him agent Bell.  Clay asks him to download all of the digital files from the investigation. Gary is not pleased and says that this is a waste of his abilities.  Clay responds that it would take hours for his guys to do it and Gary says that it will take him a few minutes and heads for the door, but says that he won't do it until after lunch.  Nina tells Bill that Clay asked for all of the physical evidence that they have collected on Parish.  When Rachel tells Nina that she hates this, Nina suggests that it's a beautiful day and that Rachel shouldn't waste it.  As Rachel heads for the elevator, John arrives.  When Rachel asks what he doing here, John says that he was looking for her and wanted to see if she was okay.  Nina leans forward and kisses John startling him.  Rachel says, "take me home, my parents are in New Jersey at my uncles."

When Gary enters the building, he meets a woman with a baby asking for Dr. Rosen.  She asks if he works at the place that helps Alphas and then hands over a baby, saying that he is special.  She runs to the door, as the baby starts to cry and Gary yells, "I can't take this. Where are you going?"

Nina knocks on Cameron's door and says that they are gathering up all of their information on Parish to get everyone up to speed. She puts a flash drive in his computer and he downloads all of his files. When Nina asks Hicks if she can get him anything, he says no.  Nina says, "we're all here for you, whatever you need." As Nina walks to the door, Hicks stops her and asks her to push him and make him forget because he can't be like this.  Nina is horrified and says that she cannot do that. When she tries to says she knows how he feels, Hicks says, "no you don't."

Gary is holding the baby in the hallway and Bill asks whose baby this is.  Gary says that he doesn't know the baby's name.

Rosen shows up at Dani's apartment and has to flash his badge to get entrance because it is being guarded by a cop.  In the apartment, Rosen flashes back to his interview with Clay. Clay asks him who he holds responsible for Dani's dead and Rosen is shocked by the question. Back in the present, Rosen shakes his head and continues to look around the apartment.

John and Rachel are at her place and beginning to make out.  She clearly is becoming overwhelmed by the sensations in the room and John asks her repeatedly if she is okay, Rachel says yes.

Gary is taking care of the baby and tells Bill and Rachel that the woman who handed him over, said that he is an alpha. Bill wants him to track the mother, but Gary reminds him that the baby needs to be fed.  Clay enters the room and is not impressed to see the baby and asks if Gary did the download he asked for. Once again Gary says that he has to take care of the baby.  Hicks enters the room and asks for the status on Parish, and Clay responds, "the status is we're looking for him."  Hicks says, "you're probably not going to find him here."  Clay is not impressed and tells him that it takes a long time to get 19 federal agencies up and moving, but they are bringing in the big guns. Hicks starts walking towards Clay and says, "Rosen warned you about Parish a year ago and he almost killed a million people. Is this what it takes to finally light a fire under the governments ass and you think that you can come in here and start giving orders. There's no way Rosen is going to take this." Nina calls out Cam, clearly in the hope of calming him down, and Clay informs Hicks that it was Rosen who invited him.  Clay storms out when he learns that Rosen gave up the lead on the investigation.

Gary is looking for the woman who dropped off the baby and turns out her name is Magda.  Nina enters the room to say that they have found the parents. When Jane goes to take the baby, Bill tells her to hang on a moment. They hand over their ID and Brian says that Magda is so fired, but Jane sees it as a shame because she has been good with the baby.  Bill asks why Magda brought Adam to them and Brian replies, she watched the video of Rosen testifying and became obsessed with the idea that the baby is an alpha. Brian says that they found the address of the office in Magda's room and then asks where he is.  Bill says that they are government consultants.

Rachel and John are lying in bed and Rachel is clearly unhappy and isn't even looking at John, though she tells him that it was good. Rachel thanks John for coming over and says that she felt a bit alone and John says your welcome.  He asks her to go to dinner but then tells him to get dressed first. When he leaves the room she shakes her head. Things are uncomfortable between them and I think John knows that things did not go well.

Rosen is still in Dani's apartment and we get another flashback to the interview. Rosen tells Clay that after her arrest, Dani was determined to work as an informant for a full pardon. He goes on to say that she was confidant that Parish would not question her loyalty.  Clay asks how Parish gets followers and what Dani saw him.  Rosen answers that Parish preys upon people who are looking for a purpose or a sense of belonging, especially those who have lost connection with their friends or family. 

Gary is still playing with the baby and introduces himself. Gary jokes that his ability is talking and when the baby grabs Gary's hand, Gary feels something. Bill enters the room and tells Gary that the parents are there to pick up the kid. When Bill reaches for the baby, Gary pushes him out of the office and says that they are not taking the baby.   Gary and Nina are outside of the office trying to convince Gary to open the door.  Gary is not convinced that they are the baby's parents because all they have is drivers licensees and he could not find out anything else about him. Gary says that the baby was given to him and he is going to take care of him.

Clay interrupts and says that it looks like they have a situation, but Bill answers that it is nothing they cannot handle.  Clay tells Nina and Bill that starting tomorrow, their offices are going to be grand central for breaking the Parish investigation. This surprises Bill, but Clay goes onto to say that they still need their skills.

John and Rachel are talking about movies to watch and he says that he is willing to sacrifice. Rachel tells him that he shouldn't have to sacrifice and suddenly, they are no longer talking about the movies. John believes that they just built it up too much and that they just need to get past the first time. John says that it wasn't terrible and that if felt like Nina was far away.  He asks Nina if she was sorry and she says that she wasn't and wants to be with him, but expected it to be different this time.  Rachel then tells John about her first time and how out of control she was. John tells her that they will get there when she feels comfortable and Rachel points out that he kept his shirt on.  John says that she doesn't want to his scars and Rachel tells him that he is wrong.  John then explains how his ex tried to be there for him while he was recovering, but told him that she couldn't stomach it. Rachel starts to kiss John again and her father walks in. Rachel introduces him and runs out of the room. John says hello and follows. Her father yells that he is leaving and going shopping for two hours and Rachel and John kiss again.

Rosen is going through Dani's artwork, when Hicks walks in and asks him what he is doing there.  Rosen says he is just going through to make sure that they didn't miss anything. Rosen says that he is taking inventory and Hicks is not impressed that Roesn wants to keep her things safe.  When Hicks brings up that Clay is taking over and that Parish killed Dani, Rosen snaps and says that Dani is his daughter. Clay reminds him that the correct word is was, not is.

Gary is in the office, and Nina and Bill tell the parents that Gary is autistic and is not trying to hurt the baby.  Bill asks what if the baby has some ability that is effecting Gary and Jane says that they don't believe in that.  When Bill suggests that they bring in Rosen, Brian says absolutely not and that they don't want Rosen anywhere near their child.  Bill instructs them to take a seat in his office and they say that Bill has 30 minutes before they call the police.  Bill tells Nina that they are going to have to split them up and ask some smart questions.

Bill tells Brian that they cannot seem to find any information on them, but Brian is not interested and believes that this has nothing to do with getting his son out of the room.  Bill says that he is not able to do that.  In another room, Nina pushes Jane and she admits that they aren't the babies parents and that he doesn't have real patients.  It seems that Magda took care of the baby in the lab.  When Brian threatens to call the police again, Bill hands him a phone and tells him to go ahead. Nina asks who sent them and she learns that someone named Murphy called them in and ordered them to show them who they are dealing with if things get tricky.  As Bill picks up the phone to call, Brian reaches out and shocks him. Bill falls to the ground, but then quickly amps up and a fight breaks out.  When Nina turns to see what is going on, her hold on Jane breaks and the two start an altercation. Seeing what is going on, Gary tries to escape with the baby.  Before they can hurt Brian and Jane can hurt Gary ad the baby, Bill and Nina manage to stop them.

Rosen is looking through Dani's drawings and again we get a flash of him and Clay.  Rosen details the explosion and finding Dani on the ground.  Rosen says he is responsible for anything that happens to anyone on the team and he breaks down and cries. I know his daughter is dead, but I cannot bring myself to be the least bit sorry for the man.

Rosen shows up at the office and Nina is waiting for him. She apologizes for bringing him there.  Rosen tells Gary that he has a high level of a hormone in his system, which increases the instinct to protect one's child. Apparently, it is a hormone typically found in new fathers. Rosen believes that the baby has the ability to induce production of the hormone in anyone who is around him.  Bill enters and says that they busted everyone at the laboratory and all of the babies have been put into secure homes.  Nina tells Gary that he is incredible and that he protected him when they almost gave him away.

John and Rachel are back in bed and this time things went better. She tells him that she thinks he has figured out what his Alpha ability is. 

Bill and his wife are walking out holding the baby and he reminds her that this is just until they find a safe place for him.  He tells her that they don't know anything about the kid and that she is still going to have to take that stuff. By stuff, I assume he is talking about the medicine Rosen had Gary drink. It's nice that they finally got around to the storyline of Bill and his wife wanting to start a family.

Rosen finds Hicks on the street and says that he knows Hicks blames him for everything. Hicks replies, "I had her in my arms and I could have stopped her, but I let her go." Rosen assures Hicks that he didn't kill Dani and that someone else did.  Hicks says that if Clay catches Parish that he will put him in prison, but believes that Parish doesn't belong in prison. Rosen agrees and says that he is going to need Hicks' help.

I didn't feel like this episode was particularly exciting though I guess they felt they needed to slow things down after Dani died.  I don't really feel sympathy for Rosen even though he was her father because clearly he never treated her well.  Perhaps if he had been a better father she wouldn't have been tempted by Parish.   I do feel sorry for Hicks though.  That scene with Rachel and John bothered me. If he could tell that she wasn't into it, he should have stopped even though she didn't withdraw her consent.  What did you think of this episode?