Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Revolution Season One, Episode Three: No Quarter

Miles, Nora and Charlie are walking, as Miles tries to convince Nora not to hand over the weapon she managed to capture in the last episode.  Nora says that the rebels need it more than he does, but Miles believes that fighting for the rebels is a lost cause and is extremely doubtful that Nora and her rebel pals can bring back the United States.

We get a flash back to Miles telling Monroe that he is leaving the base, because he has to find his brother.  Miles says that he is not going to sit there waiting for orders that are not going to come and so Monroe decides to come with him.  Miles tells Monroe no and that this is his family and his problem, but Monroe says that he is not asking him.

Back in the present day, Nora leads them to the rebel base. They are confronted by a man with a bow and arrow but before things can escalate, Nicholas recognizes Nora and they embrace. Miles interrupts the moment to introduce himself as Stu Redman and Nora says that they are friends of hers.  Nicholas says that they are in trouble and when they enter the base, they find wounded people bleeding on the floor. Apparently, they went on a raid that morning and it was trap. leaving them with twelve people dead and one person missing.  Miles wants to know if the missing man was captured because even as they speak, he could be giving up their position.  Nora tells Nicholas that they cannot stay there and must move immediately, but Nicholas replies that they are in no shape to travel.  Miles says that they have no choice because the militia could be coming for them any second.

It seems that the missing man was indeed captured. Jeremy holds the gun to his head and pulls the trigger but it isn't loaded. Jeremy asks the captured man if he knows how hard it is to find  a bullet today. Jeremy says that bullets are as rare and precious as diamonds, and that is why he only put one bullet in the gun and would prefer not to use it.  In fear, the man gives up the rebel base and is shot in the head, as the milita makes plans to move out and leave no survivors behind.

Back at Monroe's camp, Neville is reading a book as Danny sits chained on the ground.  A soldier shows up and instead of handing Danny water, he dumps it on the ground. Danny asks what his problem is, and the soldier replies that Danny shot his best friend. Danny is not impressed and points out that his best friend shot and killed his father, but the soldier believes that this was no big disappointment. Danny calls to Neville and says, "if you want me dead just kill me, otherwise, I'd like some water please," as the soldier looks on with a hint of amusement on his face.  Neville orders the soldier to give Danny water.

Back at the rebel base, Miles tells Nora that they need to talk.  He pulls her aside and says that she delivered the rifle to her "whiny ass rebel buddies" and it's time to go. Nora asks him to look around and points out that the people are hurt, but Miles does not care and believes that what happened is a kill order and that the militia is going to be looking for them. Nora is not the least bit deterred and feels that this is all the more reason to get them out of there.  Miles then reminds Nora that they are supposed to be looking for Charlie's brother.  Charlie says, "exactly, this my brother, so this is my call."  When Nora says that she only needs half an hour, Charlie agrees, which angers Miles, who points out that Charlie is the one who keeps saying that they need to get Danny back.  Charlie then reminds Miles that he is the one who said that they needed Nora to get Danny back.

Aaron and Maggie have finally arrived at Grace's house and Maggie is not impressed with the surroundings.  When they arrive at the door they find it ajar.  Aaron moves to enter the house but Maggie stops him and pulls out a knife saying that something is wrong.  On the mantel, Maggie finds a picture of Grace and her children.  When they finally make it up to the attic, they find a smashed computer and Aaron says, "if I didn't know any better, and I believe that I do, I would say that Grace Beaumont built herself a computer. I know that this is insane, but who would build a computer if they didn't have electricity."  Maggie is quick to say that they cannot stay there and asks what will happen if whoever took Grace comes back.  Aaron says that they have to risk it because if Grace really had power, how is anything more important?

Back at the rebel base, Charlie is comforting the injured. Miles tells Nora that he gets why she wants to stay.  He refers to Nicholas as Shak and says that she is fighting with the amateurs because of love for him. Nora asks him if he can boil everything done to getting laid and says that Miles is acting like a jealous kid.  It turns out that Nicholas is a Catholic priest.  In frustration, Nora gets up and says, "you're right, I'm here for a guy and it's not Nicholas so drop it."

Nicholas tells everyone where they are to rendezvous but before he can finish his speech, the militia starts shooting guns through the rebel base. The young man that Charlie was tending is wounded and Nicholas prays over him, before covering his face as he dies.  Miles sends some of the troops up to the roof to lay down some cover fire.  Charlie is distraught, but Nora tells her that she cannot lose it because they need her help.  Up on the roof, the rebel soldier manages to kill off enough militia men to get them to fall back.

Downstairs, Miles starts loosening bricks which causes Nicholas to ask what he is doing. It's Miles plan to dig a tunnel out because he believes that sooner or later the militia is going to force their way in. That night, the militia are hunkered down and Jeremy keeps ordering the men to move forward, though they are being picked off one by one.  Jeremy knows that the reason the rebels are managing to hold them off  is because of the rifle, but because bullets are rare, he tells his soldiers that the rebels will eventually run out of ammunition.

Inside, Nora is making bombs with Charlie's help. Charlies asks if  Nora thinks that she will be able to beat Monroe, and when Nora says no, Charlie asks her what she is doing there.  Nora replies that she was with Miles for awhile and then Frank, but she had no idea who she was or what she could do, until one night she went for a walk with Frank and they were stopped by militia. Frank got into a fight to defend her honor, but it was Nora who took the soldiers out. That very next day, Frank dumped her and Nora believes it's because he was scared of her. It turns out that the night she was attacked, Nora was five months pregnant and she lost her child.  Nora says, "that's why I'm here Charlie, win or loose, it all has to mean something and if I have another baby, it will be born in the United States."

Danny is sleeping when the militia soldier from earlier kicks him to wake him up. When Danny looks over his shoulder for Neville, the soldier tells him that Neville has gone into town. The man Danny killed was named Templeton and the soldier is upset that he has to tell Templeton's wife that her husband is dead.  The soldier wants to be able to tell Templeton's wife Carol, that Danny paid for what he did.  Danny reminds the soldier that Neville wants him alive and the soldier replies, "oh don't worry, you'll be alive, you'll just wish you weren't."  He starts to beat Danny with a burlap sack filled with something heavy.

In yet another flashback, Monroe and Miles are walking when they come cross a dead family laying by their camp ground.  Monroe says, "Miles we can't do anything, let's just keep walking okay."  In return, Miles asks how many bodies they have come across like this. Monroe says that people are hungry and hungry people get desperate. 

In the present day, the rebels are continuing to build a tunnel and Miles asks Nicholas how many rounds they have left. Outside the Militia continue to be picked off.  Inside, the tunnel collapses, just as they run out of ammo.  Charlie says that they don't have enough time to build another tunnel and she suggests that they fight off the soldiers.  When Miles tells her that they are outnumbered and this is crazy, Charlie replies, "you know, that's what my dad would say every time the soldiers would come and they would take our crops and our women and I bet he said it the night they came for him." In anger, Miles tells her that Ben was right, but Charlie is convinced that Ben was being a coward.  This causes Miles to get in Charlies face and say, "don't ever disrespect your dad."

Upstairs, the militia have hit the trip wire and broken in.  Miles instructs Charlie to wait there, but she joins the fight. The fighting goes hand to hand and Miles manages to capture Jeremy and threatens to kill him if the other soldiers don't stay back.  Miles suggests that they trade Jeremy's life for theirs.  When Charlie asks how Miles knows the prisoner, Jeremy says that not only did Miles teach him everything he knows, but that Miles is one of the founding fathers of the militia and is second only to Monroe himself.

Nicolas threatens to slit Miles' throat and when Miles calls him on this, he replies, "Christ forgives, I'm not Christ."  Charlie points out that Nora knew this whole time, which further enrages Nicholas. Miles tells them to do what they have to do, but they have bigger fish to fry and need to trade in Jeremy and get out of there.  Jeremy tells him that the rules of engagement have changed and they no longer negotiate with rebels.  Jeremy tells them to let him go or don't, because he has made peace with his lord but before he can finish, Miles knocks him out.  Charlie wants to know how Miles knows Monroe and Miles tries to cut short the conversation but Charlie says that she deserves to know. Miles admits that he killed fathers, sons and husbands. Miles says that the militia cannot be stopped because he trained them and they are brutal and smart and vicious because of him.  He says that Ben was right, "when you see them coming, you don't fight you run."

At Grace's, Aaron is continuing to work on the computer but is getting nowhere.  Maggie says that she found some supplies but Aaron is not impressed.  When Maggie says that he is frustrated, Aaron responds, "frustrated doesn't even cut it. What is all of this crap and what did Ben even give it to me for?"  Maggie says that she will be downstairs.

The rebels are still working on trying to break down the door and Nicholas suggests that they all charge through the door.  Nora points out that if they do that then half of them will die.  Miles says that he is going to make a trade and wakes Jeremy and offers to turn himself in, if he agrees to let everyone else go. Jeremy says that he wants the rifle and Nora asks why Miles believes that Jeremy will keep his word. Mile's says that he has known Jeremy longer than he has known any of them.  Nicholas, Nora and Charlie watch as Miles is taken away and Charlie says that they are going to kill Miles. When Nicholas calls Miles a war criminal, Charlie pipes up to remind Nicholas that he is a priest.  Nicholas responds, "sorry I can only pray that the lord will have mercy on his soul."

At the Monroe camp, Danny asks his tormentor to leave him alone.  He fakes an asthma attack and when the solider gets closer to him, he wraps his chain around his neck and says, "if you touch me again I'll kill you."  When Danny looks up, Neville is sitting on his horse staring at him.

Jeremy and Miles are walking and Jeremy asks if Miles knows something about flipping the lights back on. Jeremy says that Monroe is obsessed and that he hasn't been the same since Miles left. Monroe is apparently angrier, with a much shorter fuse.  As they leave Illinois, the soldiers trip a bomb which Nora set and she and Charlie attack.  Miles, Jeremy and Nora do an awesome escape, which ends with them blowing up a bridge, trapping Jeremy and the soldiers on the other side.

In a flashback scene, Miles and Monroe are walking, when they see a man getting beaten up by two others.   Monroe suggests that they should keep walking but instead, Miles intervenes.  He is told that it's none of his business by the two attackers, but Miles pulls out a gun.  Monroe instructs the man to get the hell out of there, but Miles tells him not to move.  Miles asks if they killed the couple up the road in the orange tent. Miles says, "when you can't call the cops, you can't put them in jail." Monroe says, "Miles this is over," but Miles shoot them both dead.  Miles says that it's just out there and somebody's got to do something, otherwise there will be nothing left.  It turns out the man he saved was Jeremy. Miles and Monroe help him to get moving.

In the present, Miles says, "let's hear it. Tell me I'm a monster."  Charlie says that she doesn't think that he is a monster.  Miles replies, "you don't understand Charlie." Charlie points out that since he saved all of those people at the rebel base that there must be a part of him that still gives a crap, but Miles tells her that she is wrong.

At Grace's, Aaron asks Maggie if she wants to hear a joke and then tells the story of Billy Underwood who beat him up everyday in fifth day.  Aaron swore that things would get better and he ended up with 300 employees, four homes and a wife who didn't care about any of it in the best possible way and the punchline was the black out.  He says that when the world went back to being the school yard, it made him weak and afraid.  Suddenly, the device that Ben gave him starts to glow and the mp3 player turns on.  Maggie's ipod powers up and she sees a picture of her kids for the first time.  The power does not last long though.  Maggie asks how, and Aaron says I don't know.

I like this episode better and I think it' because though Charlie was in much of the program she was not nearly as vocal. I loved learning about the origin of the militia and it absolutely makes sense considering with the world falling apart that people would do anything to survive. I find it interesting that Miles felt compelled to act, while Monroe just followed his lead. I really likes Nicholas as a warrior rebel priest and hope that he will get to see his character again.  When Aaron was talking about his fear and feelings of powerlessness it was a really strong and well done scene.  It makes sense that the skills which value today would have no use in a post technological world.