Sunday, October 14, 2012

Haven, Season 3, Episode 4: Over My Head

The serial killer and Audrey-kidnapper is still at large and his latest victim is a woman at an ATM – killed with a bolt gun to the back of the head and then scalped. Nathan and Tommy watch the CCTV footage and realise, with 3 victims, 2 of which with pieces missing, they’re dealing with a serial killer taking trophies. On the CCTV footage they see that the killer has the Tattoo on his arm

Claire is trying to use hypnotherapy to get in touch with Audrey’s past lives – having an advantage over other past-life regression since they know for sure that Audrey has actually had one. Claire continues to push the personal angle – Audrey pushing Nathan away so he won’t die like the Colorado Kid and Audrey acknowledging that what she asked Duke last week was unfair. Audrey reiterates that she knows she can’t save everyone – but she has to try.

Speaking of people that need saving, this week’s Trouble hits. Alice, a swim teacher is trying to teach the hydrophobic Frank to swim in the pool, when something grabs her under water and drags her down – blood pouring into the pool from a gash in her leg. Nathan and Audrey show up to investigate – and Duke shows up for reasons unknown. Audrey’s guilt kicks in; but Nathan is angry because of him killing someone last week, he thinks Duke may develop a taste for it since he gets a rush out of going all Silver Eyed.

Audrey talks to Claire about the case because she worked with Frank on his hydrophobia and gives Audrey her Lucy necklace back – which causes a flashback: Audrey sees herself as Lucy on the beach with the Colorado Kid’s body. She comes round in time for a medical report – there was a shark tooth in Alice’s leg. And the woman murdered at the ATM was not Troubled, according to her family. Through this Duke and Nathan continue to snipe back and forth.

They’re interrupted by a huge wave of water that flows up the street smacking into someone’s car and soaking him. They pull him out of the car, the man, Reed Harris, is shaken and confused and has a cut on his leg but denies all knowledge. He agrees to come to the police station in the morning when he has dry clothes to talk to them. This is when they get a call to say that Frank, the man learning to swim, drowned in the shower – he didn’t fall over or hurt himself, just drowned standing up.

With only one person connecting most of the victims, Daphne, Frank’s original swimming teacher who didn’t show up for his lesson, Audrey (followed by Duke, repeatedly ringing Daphne’s mobile phone) go to check up with her. She’s out but her neighbours shows up to tell them about a new job she has – and to be overwhelmed in a wave of little crabs – now there’s one to make your skin crawl. Also, I deserve a prize for not making one innuendo. Nathan joins them so he and Duke can snarl at each other some more. Audrey wants to keep duke around mainly because she’s still feeling extremely guilty and feels like she owes him, Nathan makes it clear that Audrey owes Duke, not him. Duke continues to torment Nathan because, well, he’s Duke. And you’d poke Nathan as well, you know you would.

With the neighbour added to the victim list, it seems even more clear that Daphne is the connecting factor – work colleague to Alice, swim teacher for Frank, and neighbour – except for Reed Harris, the man in the car who didn’t show up to the police station. Time to go pay a house call.

There they find his mobile phone – broken. And a window – also broken with the exact same pattern of broken glass. They also find him laid on the floor, bleeding out from a small gash on his leg. He says he isn’t Troubled – it’s Karma and that he knocked a woman off the road in his car into the ocean.

Skip to Daphne – she’s in her car, at the base of a cliff, up to her chest in water. Little crabs are crawling over her car, her windscreen is broken in the same pattern as Harris’s window and phone, she can see a shark fin in the ocean and she’s bleeding from a cut on her leg. She desperately tries to reach her mobile phone but she’s trapped under the steering wheel – there are 12 missed calls from Duke.

Switch back to Duke – and he’s suddenly soaking wet and begins coughing up water. He almost drowns then it stops – I’m not entirely sure why.

Audrey makes one of her immense leaps of logic, Daphne went off the road and the victims are all people Daphne thinks would come help her – people she thought would notice her missing (neighbour, Alice, Frank and the man who knocked her off the road). Using Duke and Nathan’s knowledge of the area they think of a stretch of road on the cliffs without barriers, with sharks and with little crabs – and quickly head off.

They find Daphne’s car at the bottom of the cliff and attach a rope to the van ready to climb down and help her. Audrey plans to go down the rope first since she’s immune to Troubles, just in case Daphne’s panic means “oh you’ve come to save me” translates into “you get to drown and be covered in crabs too!” (still no innuendo, I’m proud of me). But Audrey has another Lucy memory flashback and nearly collapses. While Nathan catches her, Duke hurries down the rope to save Daphne.

Nathan promptly loses his shit and points a gun at Duke, assuming he has gone down there to murder Daphne as the silver-eyed demon he is (a little harsh there Nathan), Audrey stops Nathan shooting the rescuer and Duke gets down in time for Daphne to start dropping rocks on them in her panic. She can’t stop – she fears the cliff collapsing on her so it starts to collapse. Duke reaches in the car and grabs her injured leg – the blood on his skin makes him go Silver Eyed (Nathan loses his shit again) and uses his super-strength to rip out the car door and steering wheel and lift Daphne to safety.

At the hospital Duke and Audrey have a heart to heart about the killing last week – Duke makes it clear that whatever Nathan thinks, it was Audrey who asked Duke to kill the man. And Duke was following them around wanted to prove that he’s not controlled by his legacy – nor by her. It’s clear he’s both conflicted by this family legacy of murder falling on him and still not happy with the choice Audrey pushed him into last week. When Audrey leaves, Claire asks if Duke is worried that Audrey sees him differently after he killed someone. Naturally he denies it and she expresses all reasonable doubt.

That night Audrey has another memory dream –she sees the Colorado Kid’s dead body on the beach and she dreams of a barn. The door to the barn opens – but  she wakes before she can see. But she wakes up to see Fake!Agent Howard, her fake FBI boss, telling her she has to stop remembering. Then she wakes up again, damn double dream sequences

During all this, Nathan has been trying to check up on the tattooed people, since one of them is the serial killer. Dragging the information out of Vince and Dave, he learns that one of them, Jordan, works at the Guns and Roses diner. There he finds her, but she’s reluctant to talk even though he has the tattoo – she says he got himself inked with a symbol he doesn’t understand. He says he’s the biological son of Man Hanson and he had the tattoo – but she’s still not impressed. She does agree to meet after  work though

When the diner closes she speaks to him and he makes it clear he wants to help the Troubled. He learns that they’re the Guardians, who exist to protect the Troubled from being persecuted. She also reveals she wears gloves because anyone she touches suffers incredible pain and she hasn’t touched anyone for a long time. Nathan takes her hand, he doesn’t feel anything because he is Troubled, proving he is Troubled to her – and he just wants a chance to prove himself to the Guardians. He claims he’s there just for himself – not the other police or Audrey.

Also during all this, Tommy is duelling with Vince and Dave Teague. They’re irritated that both Nathan and Tommy are not giving out information without receiving any back and start digging into Tommy’s background in the hope of finding some blackmail material – something they seem to have experience of (and certainly take glee in).

They find that Tommy had a sealed Internal Affairs file and that he was involved in a suspicious shooting. But Tommy isn’t helpless – he does his own digging. Vince and Dave are very very rich men, multi-millionaires. They own half the commercial property in Haven and have it all stashed in off-shore accounts. The money seems to have come from nowhere with no paper trail at all. Grudgingly, both sides agree to a truce and to stay out of one another’s business - for now.

And I’m still having trouble thinking of any man over the age of 12 as “Tommy”.

We end with a gloved and concealed man play with the scalped hair of the woman he killed – a serial killer creepily playing with trophies. Definitely a scene for the heebie-jeebies

The plot thickens! Audrey’s memory is returning, we’re seeing more of Vince and Dave’s secrets, making them look almost sinister. Duke is on the redemption/prove himself train and we haven’t devolved into Trouble of the Week! Episode 4 and we still have meta!