Monday, October 15, 2012

The Misfits, Season Two, Episode Two

Nathan is standing on the roof of the community center with the other misfits and he strips off his overalls and starts slathering suntan lotion all over his body.  Alisha tells him to put his clothes back on, which I am sure is something every viewer wants him to do.  On the ground someone calls up that he looking for Nathan and Nathan asks who he is, Jamie says that he is his brother.  Nathan replies that he is the classic example of an only child, but Jamie says that they have the same father. Nathan answers that he has always wanted a brother. 

Nathan calls his father who is tied up in his trunk, from the bathroom of a bar and thus is unable to answer.  Nathan wants to know how it is that he has a brother. The Misfits are cleaning up the garbage and Shaun wants to know where Nathan is.  Simon lies and says that Nathan is in the locker room but Shaun nixes that right away because he just came from the locker room and Nathan was not there. Kelly says that he had a family emergency and Shaun asks what kind of emergency. Curtis pipes up to add that his brother came to see him, but Shaun wants to know how this is an emergency and Alisha says that he's got cancer. Kelly says that his brother was crying and that she thinks he needed a drink. Shaun is not impressed and says, "so Nathan's taken him to the pub has he? His brother hasn't got cancer has he?" Alisha responds, "he might have" and Simon suggests, "he should feel for lumps in his testicles." That is enough to creep Shaun out and so he leaves.

Back at the bar, Nathan wants to know how things went with their father, when Jamie went to see him.  Jamie says it was okay and Nathan replies, "let me guess, he was a useless twat. That's our dad for you, but don't take it too personally though." Nathan raises his glass and adds, "hey fuck him." Over Nathan's shoulder, Jamie notices a girl and Nathan adds, been there done that. He asks Jamie if he wants another beer and heads over to the bar and orders two pints of the cheapest lager. Nathan looks around and sees that his brother is hooking up with a girl, so he asks Lily the bartender how she would feel about having sex with him.  Lily responds, "I won't. I have this thing about having sex with bouffant haired mutton heads." When Lily puts her finger in some water on the bar, it immediately starts to freeze and then freezes all of the beer on the bar.  The glasses all break. Nathan says, "cool power. Don't sweat it, I'm immortal."  Lily is shocked and tells him that she thought it was just her. Nathan assures Lily that he has died twice in two weeks and wants to know who she is calling bouffant haired. Lily tells him that his hair is quite big.  The manager comes out and wants to know what's up with her and breaking the glasses. Nathan calls the manger a cunt and gets a shot in the jaw.  Outside, Lily approaches him and says, "I can't believe you did that." Lily gives Nathan her number and says that he should call her sometime. Nathan takes the card and says that he will do that. The two start walking and Jamie realizes that his car is gone. Nathan says, "welcome to the neighborhood, as Jamie starts to freak out.  Jamie says, "dad was in the boot."  Nathan wants to know why their father was in the trunk.  Jamie replies, "I went to see him and it's like he didn't want to be bothered with me. I lost it. I hit him with a toaster." Nathan is not the least bit impressed and Jamie adds, "I was going to drive him home and make him apologize to mom for being such a wanker to her." Nathan says, "I'm sure that would have been a touching reunion." Jamie admits that he wasn't going to go through with it and had planned to let their father out. Nathan asks him if he is out of his mind and Jamie says, "fuck you, you don't know how this feels. He was there for you, you don't know." Nathan suggests that they go and find their dad.

As they are walking, Jamie admits that he spent years dreaming about what it would be like to meet him and admits that their father didn't even turn the TV off because he was to busy watching Master Chef. Nathan tells him whatever ideas he had about father and son that Jamie should forget about it because their father is not interested in it.  They find a car on fire and Nathan asks Jamie if it is his car.  Nathan kicks open the trunk and realises that it empty. Just as Nathan gets the trunk open, a car goes driving by and Jamie says that's his car.  Nathan and Jamie chase the car until it stops and a couple of young men get out.  Nathan tells Jamie that the plan is for him to provoke them into chasing them and Jamie gets the car. 

Nathan approaches them and asks if they are doing business. They ask him if he is taking the piss.  Nathan replies, "Shall we say a hundred quid?  I'm thinking I do you and you do me and we all end up in a hot tub. There's and extra twenty in it, if you tie me up and hit my balls with a cactus."  They agree to his request and walk off with him. I am sick of this continual play on homophobia in this show. There isn't a single gay character but they seem to have no problems injecting homophobia left right and center.  Jamie sees this as his opportunity and he hops into the car.  A few paces away, they ask Nathan for the money and Nathan replies, "let's see your cock first, I want to prepare myself mentally and physically." Jamie pulls up in the car and Nathan hops in. As they drive away, one of the guys breaks a window of the car. Nathan and Jamie stop and are excited that they have gotten away, when they hear a knock from the trunk.  Jamie suggests that they let their father out.  Nathan says, "I'll untie you but I want you to promise me that you won't be angry." His dad is upset and starts to hell through his gag.  The brothers pull him out of the trunk, just as the police pull up.  

At the police station, Mike tells Nathan that it's complicated and that he didn't see the point of upsetting his mother. Nathan asks, "upset her more than you cheating on her, or walking out on her, or you just generally being a complete twat? And you never even tried to contact him. First class parenting there dad well done." Mike says that he thought about seeing Jamie but the longer it went on, it just kept getting harder. "He just turned up out of the blue, I didn't know what to say to him," Mike adds.  Nathan tells him, "even for you that is just absolutely shit," and points out that he is supposed to be a dad to Jamie. Mike says that whenever he tried to work things out with Nathan that he just throws shit back in his face. When Nathan tells Mike that he wishes he was Jamie and that he is better off not knowing him, Mike leaves.  Jamie gets released and asks about Mike, and Nathan tells him that he is gone.

They had back to the community center and Jamie passes out on Nathan's bed and so Nathan covers him with a blanket. This is absolutely the most sensitive that we have seen Nathan be to date. I like this version of Nathan so much better, but I know that this is just a short interlude, before he returns to being the all out asshole that he was before. 

Alisha is walking and the masked stranger is following her on the rooftops.  She picks up her pace and starts to run and catches up to him on the roof.  When he sees her, he backs away, just as Alisha attempts to take a photo of him.

In the morning, Jamie leaves and Simon asks if he is staying there now.  Nathan says yes and that he has always wanted a brother and that he can teach Jamie things.  Beyond teaching Jamie about how to be an ass, Nathan has absolutely nothing to offer. Nathan asks Simon if he has any brothers and Simon responds, "a sister." Nathan asks, "Is she cute? You should think about getting me and her together. Hey man, someone's going to, better off it being a close friend, someone you can trust to be gentle," as he begins to thrust his pelvis gently. Simon looks disturbed and says, "she's 12."  Shaun approaches and Nathan immediately says he knows nothing about the booze going missing from the kitchen.

On the roof, Alisha is showing them the video she took of the stranger and Simon says he might be the one who sent the note telling them to go Nathan's grave.  Nathan says that he reminds him of the guy who rescued him. Alisha wants to know if she missed something and Nathan tells the misfits how he was saved at the end of season one.  When Nathan tells them that he didn't think it was relevant, they are shocked. Alisha says that if the stranger wants to dick around and being a superhero let him.  The misfits make plans to go out that night. When Nathan makes it clear that he is interested in pussy, Alisha makes it equally clear that it won't be with her and does not give a shit what he is up to.

Nathan is using an iron to make grill cheese and he and Jamie start to talk about their father. Nathan tries to encourage Jamie to see him and Jamie responds, "if he is not interested in you, would make him interested in me" Jamie admits that he was jealous of Nathan and thought that they would be big mates.  Nathan tells the story of how his father left him at Ikea on his eighth birthday. When the two head outside, they notice Mike in a car sitting and watching them.  Mike and Nathan make brief eye contact and then Mike drives off. Jamie asks what's going on and Nathan says nothing.

Nathan and Jamie head to a bar and the other misfits are already there. Lily, the bartender from earlier shows up and when Nathan touches her, her body goes cold.  Nathan tells Lily that Jamie does not know anything about the whole power thing. Jamie starts to hand out pills and Simon says that he does not take drugs, so Jamie distracts him and drops the pill in his beer.  They start to dance and the drugs kick in and Jamie and Nathan agree that Jamie is to hook up with Lily and Nathan is to hook up with Kelly. The pill makes Kelly say whatever is in her head and she admits that she has only been with four guys and is worried that Nathan might be no good like his dad. On the dance floor, Alisha's power backfires and everyone near her hates her. Curtis shifts forward in time and finds himself on a roof with a girl, who says that she has been waiting for him, as she starts to undo her dress. They kiss and Curtis backs away saying that he cannot do this, before shifting back to present day.  Curtis takes off after Alisha.  Simon suddenly becomes very attractive to people and is quickly surrounded on the dance floor.

Nathan is in the bathroom and when he asks for someone to hand him some toilet paper. Simon says that it's him and hands him the roll.  Simon says that everyone is looking at him and that it's like his powers have been reversed.  Nathan suggests that it's the drugs and Simon says that he didn't take any.  Nathan says that Jamie probably spiked Simon's drink. Nathan suggests that Simon find some nice sweet innocent girl and take advantage of her. Simon responds that he cannot take advantage of his powers like that, but Nathan will not hear of it and suggests a prostitute. He says, "there's a nice sweet girl on the estate who isn't much to look at since the accident but she looks clean, clean enough for what you want." When Nathan asks about Lily, Simon tells him that he thinks she went outside with Jamie, which upsets Nathan because apparently, he was the one who was supposed to be getting into her knickers. Simon calls out, "make sure you don't get killed."

In the parking lot, Jamie and Lily are making out in a car. Lily says that she feels really weird and is burning up. Jamie tells her that she is fine and the two continue. When Nathan goes outside, he sees them in the car.  As Lily drags her fingers across Jamie's body, little flames rise up. Before Nathan can get to the car, it explodes. The masked man pulls Nathan away from the flames before he can get hurt. Nathan tries to approach the car but he cannot get anywhere near it. Suddenly, Jamie stands up and Nathan is relieved.

Simon is walking and he sees the masked man in the alleyway tending to his wounds from the explosion. Nathan follows him to an apartment. Inside the apartment, is a woman sleeping on the couch. The masked man opens the balcony door and escapes before Simon enters.

In the morning, Jamie says that Lily was burning up and threw up out of the car freaking out.  Nathan says that she is dead and that this isn't down to Jamie, but it's one of those totally fucked up situations.  Jamie asks why Lily burst into flames and Nathan admits that there was a storm and a bunch of people got super powers.  Nathan reveals that he is immortal. Jamie says that he was right and that he should sort things out with Mike and asks Nathan to come with him. Nathan does not believe that this will help anyone and that Jamie will be fine. Jamie reminds Nathan that he hit Mike with a toaster and put him in the trunk of his car.  Nathan suggests that they've all been there and Jamie should just gloss over it, but Jamie is insistent.

Alisha and Curtis are sitting together and she feels that it is not different from her normal power because either way she is untouchable.  Alisha asks what Curtis saw when he went forward and he tells that he was on a roof dressed as a superhero, but he does not mention the girl. 

Nathan and Jamie knock on Mike's door and Nathan punches him in the face, with Mike punching him right back.  When Nathan enters the apartment, Mike asks why he hit him. Nathan admits that he panicked.  Jamie tells him to talk, and Nathan says that it's too late for the two of them and brings up Ikea. Mike has no idea what Nathan is talking about, so Nathan cuts him off saying that it is not about him, but Jamie. Mike tells Nathan that Jamie is dead and Nathan says that he is standing right there. Mike tries again and says that he just had to go and identify Jamie's body. When Mike gets a call, he steps outside, leaving Nathan alone with Jamie's ghost. Jamie admits that he's dead and Nathan asks how come he can see him and Jamie responds, "I guess it's because you're immortal." Nathan wants to fix this and says that he doesn't want Jamie to die. Jamie admits that he brought Nathan to Mike's, because he wants Nathan and Mike to bury the hatchet.  Nathan believes that it's going to take more than Jamie being dead to fix years of resentment. Jamie suggests that Nathan look at Mike.

Outside Mike says to Nathan. "I went to the hospital when Jamie was born, your mom was asleep. I was just standing there looking down on him and I thought I had to choose. I chose you and your mom. He didn't even know I was there. I thought  was doing the right thing. I wasn't there for either of you. I was a selfish prick. I'm sorry Nathan."  Jamie interjects and says to Nathan that Mike wants to make this right and not to be a prick. When Nathan does not answer, Jamie threatens to haunt him for the rest of his life. Nathan says that he is starving and asks his father if he wants to buy him breakfast, as Jamie leaves.  Mike agrees.

Nathan and Mike are in the parking garage and Nathan asks if he can drive.  When Nathan looks up, he sees Jamie and Lily walking hand in hand before they disappear.  Back at the community center, Kelly approaches to ask Nathan where he has been. Nathan admits that he sees dead people and Kelly tells him that she is sorry about Jamie. When Simon enters, they separate and Simon says that he followed the guy in the mask and knows where he lives. Simon suggests that they should go there and talk to him.

When the misfits get to the address, no one is there, so Kelly uses a stool to break a window to enter. Across the street, the man in the mask is watching from a rooftop. When the misfits see girls clothing, Simon realizes that something is wrong.  Nathan decides to take a dump on the bed to let the man in the mask know that he cannot mess with them.  The other misfits are disgusted and leave the bedroom.  Simon says again that this isn't his flat and Curtis goes to leave, only to be confronted by the woman he saw in his flash forward.