Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alphas Season Two, Episode 12: Need to Know

Bill is walking down the street with his wife Genie and the alpha baby. Bill says that when it is time for them to have their own children, that Genie will be a great mother.  Suddenly, an explosion goes off and the baby starts to scream. 

At the office John announces that one person died and three were injured in the explosion. This attack marks the 6th attack on the power grid this week. Rachel says that the DOD knows that Stanton is planning something big and it will occur in the next few days.  Rosen realises that two days from now is Oct 22 and this coincides with the day that Parish discovered that he was an Alpha.  Rachel says that terrorists love anniversaries. Bill believes that the best lead they have to date is the electronic shipment that they almost intercepted. Apparently, Rachel is on the hunt for Skylar Adams to help make sense of the role that these devices play; however, Skylar is very difficult to locate. Rosen believes that the best way to get into Parish's head is with Mitchel. He believes that there maybe a way to dig deeper and suggests moving Mitchel from building 7 to a New York psychiatric facility. Kat offers to go because Mitchel knows her but Rosen says no, until Bill and John support her suggestion.

Parish is surrounded by Alphas and he asks if they have gotten what they need from Skylar Adams yet.  There s a huge factory with beds and Parish says that people will be scared of the transition and will need a place to go.  Apparently, he sees this center as Dani's legacy.

Bill is in his office calming Genie on the phone and Rosen enters to say that he has an alternate approach.  Before Rosen can get into it, Bill gets a phone call from D.C., but Rosen does not want to participate because he says it's strictly unofficial. Bill is not impressed because of the scale of Parish's operation, he believes that Clay needs everyone to be working in concert.  He says, "either grab an oar or get off the boat. We don't have time to do anything cute." Kat interrupts the conversation and Rosen agrees to Bill's suggestion, then goes straight to Hicks, who asks what happens if Bill gets in their way.

That night, Kat is working the transfer of Mitchel with John. The convoy is attacked and an explosive device is thrown at the front vehicle by Cornell Scipio.   John gets out of the car and leads a squad into a garage in the hope of capturing Scipio. Kat remains in the vehicle as another alpha approaches and pulls the door off the vehicle. Kat gets out to intercept and her progress is blocked by another incendiary device thrown by Scipio. When John gets to the roof, he discovers that Scipio is long gone and Kat reports that she lost Mitchel as well.

At Parish's lab, they are dealing with their wounds and an alpha tells Parish that not only do the feds not have Scipio, they have no idea where he is. Parish is nonplussed and says that they will deal with this in due time. He dismisses everyone after the doctor removes the chip inserted in Mitchell. Parish asks him how he is feeling and Mitchel says that his neck hurts and that it is good to see him again.  Parish then asks for permission to touch Mitchell and for some reason, Mitchel's alpha abilities do not work.  Parish is upset and believes that Rosen erased his memories from Mitchel's mind.  Mitchel admits that Rosen gave him an IV and a few injections and now the extra stuff is just gone. Mitchel says that for the first time in years, he feels like himself.

Rosen pulls up to a building and inside Nina tells him that Parish took the bait.  Nina says that she feels bad for Kat but Rosen points out that she will forget everything in two weeks. Apparently, they did indeed capture Scipio and Hicks wakes  him with a smack. Rosen asks Scipio if he wants to be responsible for the death of millions. Scipio asks for a lawyer and when he gets no response, he asks if he is without civil rights because he isn't human.  Rosen assures Scipio that he is very much human and that he just chooses to deny the fact.  Scipio says that the way he is tied up means that he could burn himself if he accidentally triggered his ability.  Rosen replies, "I know that it has bothered you for a very longtime how closely aligned your emotional state is with your ability and how you've always wanted to transcend it, well you can right now." Scipio is not impressed with Rosen's attempt to "head shrink" him into getting in touch with his humanity and asks where he was when he set his parents house on fire. Scipio suggests that Rosen is 20 years too late.  Nina steps forward and pushes Scipio to get information about the shipment but Scipio says that the shipment is gone and Parish didn't give him any details because it's above his pay grade. Scipio is then asked if there were other shipments and he reveals that there were 100's and they have been coming in for months. Nina asks where Parish is right now and Scipio who is doing his best to resist says, "wouldn't you like to know." Nina pushes harder and asks where Parish is right now and Scipio says, "bite me." Rosen realises that Scipio is blocked like the senator was. Rosen then commands Rachel to prepare a syringe of drugs and she injects it into Scipio's IV.

Back at the office, Bill is comforting Kat for losing Mitchel and Jeff 'Dumpy' Kowalka. Bill tells her that they have more important things to worry about. Kat reminds Bill that Rosen said that Mitchel was the key to everything and says that she is going to re-check the scene.  Bill suggests that she call Rachel and Kat says that she thought about that but cannot get through.  Bill then suggests Nina because she always knows where Rachel is but Kat responds that she is not answering her phone. Kat admits that she hasn't seen either of them since yesterday and wonders whether or not she should be worried.  Bill steps outside of his office and calls for Hicks, but the only person who answers is Gary. Bill is surprised to see Gary, and Gary says that he was kicked out by the head nurse who says that Gary was being disruptive.  Gary says that he was scanning for Skylar and he pinged her chip to let her know that he wants to communicate.  Skylar is working on something when she hears a buzzing sound. Vince appears at the door to ask how Skylar is doing. She isn't finished working on the project and Vince reminds her that she promised him that it would be done. He offers to look after Zoe, so that she can concentrate on her work.

Parish is speaking to Vince about the device and becomes physically aggressive when he learns that Skylar has not finished it yet. Vince says that something is distracting Skylar but he is trying to keep her focused. Parish tells Vince that he intends to hold him accountable for his promise to get the device from Skylar.

Nina is trying again to push Scipio and is getting nowhere. Rachel tells her to focus and calm down because her pulse is racing. Nina says that she just needs to take a break and walks away.  Rachel tells Hicks that Nina needs a break. Rosen approaches Scipio and tells him that he is sweating profusely and should not get to excited. Rachel suggests that they call in the C.I.A because they do this for a living but Hicks is against the idea, saying that there must be a leak because Mitchel's transport was intercepted and Parish has sources everywhere. Rosen is adamant that this remain with them and says that they are the experts and are not calling anyone in. Rosen asks for the preparation of yet another injection and this shocks Rachel. Rachel tells Hicks that this new drug is very dangerous and that she is worried that they are not getting anywhere because Scipio could be a dead end. Hicks responds, "look, the only one wasting time is you. Get what Rosen wants and get it in there."  This is the first time that Rachel has questioned Rosen's actions and if you ask me, it's long over due.  I do believe however that someone should be talking about the illegality of what is happening.  Scipio was correct to ask about his rights. Rachel pepares the injection and says that it won't lower Scipio's resistance and that it is a stimulant. Nina admits that it's for her.

Rachel apologies to Hicks and Rosen for being unable to break through and Hicks says that now its his turn.  Before Hicks can approach Scipio, Rosen says that he has another idea.  At the office, Bill tells Gary that he needs something from him and Gary is upset that Skylar is ignoring him. Bill asks Gary to look for the crew and he says that he cannot contact them because they probably took the batteries out of their phone. Bill is upset and asks why and Gary replies that he does not know. Kat says that he went back to check the scene and discovered a tranquilizer dart.  Bill says that it is one of theirs and Kat confirms that no one on the scene had tranquilizer guns.

Skylar is still busy at work when she gets yet another buzz from Gary.  She drops her welding gun and accidentally burns herself.  When it does not cause her pain, Skylar realises that something s wrong. Skylar scans her arms and realises that she has a transceiver embedded into her arm and that someone is trying to call her.

At the torture center, Hicks brings in a woman and Scipio starts to struggle. When left alone, she asks what they are after and she says that he is safe and asks if Scipio is still at the house.  Scipio tells her that he missed her and that he has survived on his memories of her at a cabin. When she leans in to kiss him, Scipio head butts her because he realises that the woman is not who she is pretending to be. Cameron enters and punches Scipio several times. "You kidnap, you beat me, you drug me and now your trying to mind rape me," Scipio yells as Rosen calls Cameron off. Nina is being supported by Cameron and Rachel, insisting that she can do this and Scipio points out that she doesn't look good. As Rosen prepares to leave the room Scipio calls out, "hey doc, I was wondering what it's like to be betrayed by your own daughter? I mean you sent her to her death but she was a liar a traitor. She deserved to die I think, don't you?"  Rosen starts to fill yet another syringe and says, "when you set your family's home on fire when you were 15, did you ever wonder what your mother, father and sister felt as they were burning to death, or how your other victims feel when you made their skin sizzle?"  In response, Scipio says, "drop dead doc." Rosen walks towards Scipio slowly replying, "this is adrenaline and you know that it triggers your ability, while your hands may be fire resistant, the rest of you is not." Rosen jams the syringe in Scipio's chest and he immediately starts to burn. When Rachel hears his tortured screams she says, "this has gone far enough," and moves towards the door but she is blocked by Hicks who reminds Rachel that Scipio is a murderer.  Rachel says, "this is just about revenge isn't it." Hicks says, "if you don't like it, cover your ears." Rachel moves to the door saying that she cannot stay there and can smell Scipio's flesh burning, before leaving. It seems that Rachel is the only one on the team with any kind of moral compass.

Skylar is preparing to leave when Vince tells her that she is in a safe place and doesn't have to leave. Skylar asks how she got there and what Vince did to her and what he did to her daughter.  Vince replies that he just helped her to be happy for a change.  Skylar uses some sort of flame thrower that she has built on Vince, but despite the flames, he does not burn. He says, "I'm trying to be nice. If you're nice then this place will be nice and if you're not, well you don't want this place to stop beng nice." Vince unleases some kind of electrical current. Rachel tires to run but every door she goes through just brings her back into the same room as Vince.  Rachel calls out for Zoe repeatedly but gets no answer.  It seems that all of this time, both Zoe and Skylar have been drugged and they are actually lying on beds next to each other.  Vince says, "there's no way out. You're terrified."

Mitchel is brought to Stanton Parish. Mitchel says that he is feeling a little bit empty.  Parish says that tomorrow the world is going to change and that people may want to understand what he was thinking and feeling.  He asks if Mitchell still has his ability and if he will allow him to store a memory.  Mitchell hands Parish his hand and they stare intently at each other during the exchange. Mitchell says, "I'm about to change the world. It's such a shame that so many people have to die," before walking away.

Scipio yells out, "I told you where they are, I don't know anything else." Rosen is not satisfied and pours some water on Scipio and tells him that they need more details. A black vans pull up outside of the building and Rosen says that they need to leave because he cannot take the chance of anyone finding out what he knows due to the leaks.  Rachel says that it's Kat and Bill outside and Hicks is not pleased because she is supposed to be listening for people.  Nina realises that Rachel called them and Rachel says, "you said it, we were running out of time." Hicks angrily replies, "you just didn't want to get your hands dirty." Rachel says, "not this dirty," and Rosen responds, "it's alright Rachel." Nina volunteers to stay with Rachel as Kat and Bill enter armed.  Bill asks, "what the hell did you people do?" Scipio is taken out on a stretcher as Bill, Kat, Rachel and Nina take the service elevator down.  Bill is shocked that Rosen screwed him again and Kat says, "The glasses, the messy hair, the cardigans, he seemed like such a nice old dude." Bill wants to know if they got anything out of Scipio and Nina says that Rosen said he got what he needed. Bill points out that they still have a lot to work to do. Kat is shocked that Nina and Rachel are going back to the office with them considering what they participated in. Bill says that they are both liars but he needs them.

Gary pulls up in a cab saying that he has found Skylar and Zoe.  The team heads to the location and Gary heads into the building, refusing to stop because this is his rescue. Bill knocks Vince out, then  frees Zoe and Skylar. When Bill asks how they got there, Skylar says that it was Parish and that she said no, but he forced her anyway.  Skylar kicks Vince.  Gary notices some of her designs on the wall and Bill asks her what she was designing. Skylar gets a flash and says, "the end of the world."

Hicks and Rosen approach a factory and Hicks says that Parish is preparing for a disaster.  They sneak up a flight of stairs with Hicks in the lead and stop when they come across schematics. Hicks realises that whatever Parish is planning it's for the entire country.  Rosen tells him to leave and get all of the information to Bill right now, but Hicks does not want to leave him there. Rosen says, "you have a family, I don't" Hicks hands him his gun telling him that he might need it. What neither of them realise is that someone has been watching them the whole time.

Back at the office, Rachel apologises to John for not telling him about the convoy but he says that they should drop it for now. Rachel shows the crew one of the things that Parish had her build and it apparently it can causes seizures and increase ability for alphas, but the people who aren't alphas die.  Bill realises that they were thousands on the shipment.  Hicks shows up saying that they went after Parish, and he shows them the plans. Rachel is not impressed that Hicks left Rosen there. After all that she saw Rosen do that afternoon, how can she still be concerned about his well being?  Bill says that they will send someone over there to deal with that and that millions of lives are at stake because of the device and that is all that matters now.

Rosen finds Mitchel and asks about Parish, and Mitchel repeats what Parish said. "I am going to watch the world change with a God's eye view." Parish walks by them oblivious of Rosen's presence.  Rosen tells Mitchell that they are going to come for him and that he has to hide somewhere for two days.  Parish gets into a car and leaves and Parish hops into his SUV to follow, when he is intercepted by Kowalka.  Kowalka fires his weapon but does not kill because Rosen out right because in the background there are sirens.  Rosen has been shot in the stomach and is bleeding profusely.

I know that all of the pieces are starting to come together for the big season finale, but for some reason I don't feel myself drawn in.  I think it's because at this point, Rosen needs some strong consequences for his actions and I doubt that this is going to happen.  It seems as though the loss of Dani is being painted as the only cost for his actions.  This is problematic because it means that female victimhood pays for male cruelty. Furthermore, there isn't a strong message of exactly how far gone Rosen is. As much as I am happy that Rachel called Bill, it's not nearly enough.  It's disturbing that the first time she raised an issue it was about torture, considering that she has witnessed first hand his manipulation and abuse of power. Nina actively hurt herself to take part and was absolutely unwilling to see why this is wrong.  It's interesting that when it came to the senator, Nina could draw a line, but not with Scipio.