Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Revolution Season One, Episode Five: Soul Train

In Nobelsville Indiana, Neville is fighting bare knuckled against his men.  After winning his bout, he tells Danny to step forward because he knows how Danny feels about him.  Danny refuses to fight but after Neville punches him twice and says that he has to toughen up, Danny begins to fight. He beats Danny severely and than has a flashback to his pre blackout days as an insurance instructor. He is sitting with his boss discussing a claim and is fired for approving a claim that a family was not covered for.

In present day, Charlie, Aaron, Nora and Miles are gathered around Maggie's grave mourning.  Miles announces that it is time to go and Nora suggests allowing Charlie and Aaron more time. Miles feels that because he has given them thirty minutes that they have spared all of the time that they can.  Charlie asks for more time and Miles points to the grave and says, "that's just a body in the ground Charlie, but Danny, he's still alive and he's close. If you want him back, you can't do this. You can't have this luxury and hanging around here is not going to help." They pack up leave and walk until they hear a train whistle.

Miles says that if Monroe has a train that they are in trouble.  Neville tells the men to work faster because it is due to leave tomorrow.  Monroe informs Rachel that her son will be there tomorrow and she begs them on whatever relationship they used to have to let Danny go. Rachel promises to tell him everything and he responds, "I know you will, but you know how I know? 'Cause I am going to have your son right here with me." Rachel calls him a son of a bitch and Monroe reminds her that he gave her a lot of opportunities to cooperate.

Charlie walks into the town to get an idea of what is going on. Nora tells Miles that Monroe with a working train means big problems. Charlie reports back that the train leaves tomorrow for Philadelphia and Miles is certain that Danny is being put on the train. Miles says that if they don't find Danny by tomorrow, they will have lost him and he suggests that they do a search without weapons to keep a low profile. He instructs Charlie and Nora to walk away and inform him if they get a scent of Danny because they only have one shot at this.

Danny is in a cell and Neville is telling him how hard he had to work and that he never saw what he made. Danny tells him to shut up because he is sick of Neville's speeches and mind games. Neville tells him to be careful and Danny asks him if it makes him feel tough to beat up an18 year old kid and what it says about him?

We are given another flashback to the night of the blackout.  Neville's neighbours are holding a party and he asks Rob if he can keep his music down at night because it keeps his kid up. Rob doesn't answer him and Neville enters his house.  His son walks up to him and gives him a huge hug. His wife is setting the table and Neville asks if he has time before dinner.  Neville starts working out on the punching bag to get rid of his frustrations and his son Jason comes down the stairs. He asks Jason if he wants to take a swing and informs him to only hit the bag and never people, as the lights go out.

In present day, the train is being loaded up as Nora enters a printing press.  She asks for a biography of Joe Biden and is then escorted into a backroom. The man holds a knife to her and says that he just needs to be sure and so she shows him her tattoo. When Nora asks for his mark, Hutch shows her an American flag.  Apparently, Hutch represents the entirety of Nobleville's underground. Hutch says that the militia wiped out their whole unit including his wife and that he is alone now.  Nora corrects him and says that it's you and me and we're going to blow up that train.

Neville approaches Charlie and asks her what she is doing because he thinks that she is casing the joint.  Charlie smiles and says that she is spying on her boyfriend in the mirror.  In the reflection, we see a young couple and Charlie says that she believes her boyfriend might be cheating on her.  Neville smiles and asks her name and Charlie lies and says that she is Sarah McGill and he introduces himself as Captain Tom Neville.  The two shake hands and she asks if he is there for the train which surprises Neville. Charlie covers by saying that everyone is there for the train.  Before leaving, Neville says that boy is a fool if he steps out on you.  Neville leaves and Charlie quickly follows but as soon as she turns the corner, he attacks her saying, "you think I can't spot a tail, especially as clumsy as you? Now how are you?"  When she does not answer, Neville prepares to slit her throat, but Miles intervenes and tells Charlie to get out of there. Neville says, "I should have guessed. Is this the sister? Quite the family resemblance, she looks like Danny." The two men square off, and Miles again has to tell Charlie to run again.  The struggle does not last long and Miles and Neville are quickly at a stalemate, with each man having a knife to other's throat.

Miles asks, "how's the wife."  Neville says that Julia is good but he hasn't seen her in about a year because he has been busy looking for Miles.  Miles then asks about Danny and Neville says that Danny is a spirited young man.  Miles then asks to trade, Danny for one of his guys, which shocks Neville.  Miles says they have the one who has been following them with the short hair and the too tight shirt.  Neville says that Miles can keep him and so Miles reminds him that he will kill him.  This has me wondering if the person they captured is Neville's son, though he doesn't exactly look bi-racial. Neville says that Miles can do what he has to do because he needs Danny more than Miles. Neville then asks why Miles left and he replies, "you wouldn't understand." The conversation comes to an end when the militia men arrive.

Aaron is waiting for the return of Miles, Nora and Charlie.  He accidentally drops Maggie's cellphone and the necklace.  Jason grabs it immediately and comments about how ugly it is and Aaron lies and says that it belonged to his wife. When Aaron asks for it back, Jason hands it over slowly.  When Aaron hears a noise, he grabs his crossbow but it turns out to just be Nora and Hutch. Nora asks Aaron to warn Miles that she is going to put a bomb on the train because it is more important than Danny.  When Aaron asks what happens if Danny is on the train, Nora replies that Miles will find him first.

Charlie is walking and Miles catches up with her to chastise her for getting close to Neville. Charlie says that Neville bumped into her but Miles is not impressed because she followed him and has no idea how dangerous Neville is.  Charlie admits to screwing up (a first by the way) and says that because Neville has Danny she had to follow. Miles says, "you got emotional and you panicked and you blew it. Surprise is the only thing we had going and you pissed it away. It was already hard, you just made it impossible. So if we don't get Danny back, you got nobody to blame but yourself."  Charlie wants to know why Miles is being mean and says that he never used to be like this.  When Miles asks Charlie how she knows, Maggie tells him that she remembers him from when she was four. "What happened to that guy? Charlie asks. Really, she just screwed up terribly and is worried that Miles isn't being fluffy enough. Oh for heaven's sakes, this is yet another perfect example of how annoying and ridiculous Charlie is.

Neville is moving Danny to a new location and Danny asks what happened because to him Neville looks nervous. We get another flashback and this time it's six weeks after the blackout and Neville is in bed with his wife. Julia tells Neville that she believes they should leave the city but he is concerned with the looting and says that people are being murdered for a bag of chips. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of breaking glass downstairs. Neville encourages Julia to stay in bed and he finds his neighbour Rob looting his food. Rob tells Neville to let it go and Jason comes downstairs. Neville sends his son upstairs and attacks Rob with a crowbar, but Rob quickly gets the upper hand.  The situation reverses and Neville starts beating Rob with his bare fists, even after his wife calls out for him to stop.  When he stands he has a look of determination on his face. I suppose we are meant to see this as the moment that Captain Tom Neville was born.

Charlie learns about Nora's plan from Aaron and she tells Miles that they need to stop it.  Charlie says to Jason that if  he knows anything about where they are keeping Danny that he has to tell her.  She begs but Jason says he cannot help her.  Charlie replies, "well then, I can't help you either," as Miles draws his sword.  I have to say that once again Charlie sounded incredibly petulant. Jason rolls away and manages to escape through a hole in the ceiling.

John and Monroe are discussing political strategy and we learn that the Georgia Federation has formed an alliance with the Plains nation and that together they are amassing troops along the borders of the Monroe Republic.  Apparently, skirmishes have flared up and John believes that the other nations have lost confidence in the Monroe republic because of their inability to get the rebels under control. John reports that he lost a few hundred men in a skirmish. Monroe says he wants just one blackhawk chopper and that the other nations would kneel and bow like the Mayans before the Spanish. Monroe seems to have designs on taking over all of North America.

Nora is talking to Hutch about the difficulty of building bombs today without electric fuses, as she assembles the bomb. Hutch says that it couldn't have been easy setting off the first bomb, when she knew what it was going to do and Nora replies that it never gets any easier but you have to do, what you have to do. Hutch says that his wife was the fighter and he was much happier with his books but that his wife would be proud of his actions. Nora stuffs the explosive inside of a hollowed out log and then puts it on the train.

Miles and Charlie enter the bank and inside they find evidence that Danny was there.  Neville wants them to leave right now, though he is told that train may not even make it.  Jason questions Neville to find out why they are leaving when Miles is there. Neville does not answer Jason and instead gets on the train. The train whistle goes off and Miles realises that the train is leaving right now. Nora sees through the slats that both Neville and Danny or on the train. Nora says that she made a promise and she cannot allow Danny to die but Hutch tries to stop her saying that they have to do this. Hutch argues that he has to do it for his wife and stabs Nora, saying that he is sorry. Charlie, Miles and Charlie find a stabbed Nora and she tells them that the bomb is on the train and so is Danny. Charlie of course doesn't even take five seconds to ask Nora if she is okay.

Nora tells them that the bomb is a hollowed out log, as Aaron tries to see if he can help her.  Miles notices a few horses and he and Charlie take them to catch up with the train. Miles gets to the top of the train as Neville reads a book and keeps watch over Danny. He instructs Charlie to find Danny, while he goes after the bomb. This decision makes absolutely no sense given that he already had to save her from Neville once today. Danny turns around and sees Charlie's face in the window and smiles and quickly looks away before Neville can notice.  Danny gets up and attacks Neville, as Miles puts the bomb in the furnace. Charlie is having trouble getting into the cabin but when she does, she charges Neville with a knife.  Neville gets the knife from her but Danny bashes him over the head.  As they try to make their escape, Jason grabs Charlie and Neville holds a gun to Danny's head.  Neville commands Jason to bring Charlie to her but instead of following orders, he throws her off the train. Seeing what happened to Charlie, Miles jumps off as well. Neville says to Jason, "I told you to bring me the girl." Charlie and Miles watch as the train steams away. I highly suspect that has Jason been any other man that he would be dead.

Back in the woods, Charlie, Miles, Nora and Aaron regroup.  Miles asks again if Nora is going to be okay and she says that she could be doing better but is alright.  Miles then talks to Charlie and tells her that the uncle she knew when she was little but he can't be here right now because he is going to have to walk to Philadelphia and kill his best friend.   Charlie says that Miles was right and that sitting there moping is going to do them any good, won't get Danny back and will probably get them killed. Charlie stands up and says that she is going to Philadelphia and asks Aaron if he is coming. Charlie then asks Nora, "are you in, or are you going to try and kill my brother again?"  I thought that was unnecessary snark.  She then asks Miles if he is in and when he replies yes, Charlie says that they should get going. As Nora walks by Miles she says, "nice job."

Neville has arrived with his crew in Philadelphia and is greeted by his wife, who he hugs as Jason looks on. I suppose this was meant to be the big reveal but it was fairly obvious earlier in the episode that Jason was Neville's son.