Sunday, November 18, 2012

Haven, Season 3, Episode 9: Sarah

It’s Duke’s deceased father’s birthday and he’s going through the family journal reminiscing on his family’s murderous legacy when he gets a newspaper clipping of his grandfather’s obituary. It lists a sudden death but on the back is written “killed by Sarah” one of Audrey’s past identities.  He also finds the name “Stuart Mosley” written down.

He goes to see old Mr. Mosley who turns and says “what are you doing here?” before zapping Duke to the beach. The Trouble of quick sea-side holidays! And of course, he gets no mobile phone signal. And the guy he asks doesn’t seem to understand what mobile phone service means.

I’m going to lay my money on time travel.

Yup, 1955. We knew it was coming.  Naturally duke hurries to a bar and orders a big drink, where his hair is mocked and a bar fight breaks out. He manages to save the bar man from being badly impaled – but then gets arrested along with everyone else and dragged over to the police station.  And he still sees people with tattoos (surely this is semi-good news, people who know about the Troubles? He can go them and say “hey Trouble problems!) Thankfully the barman vouches for him. he tries to find Mosley but the police are less than helpful. As a last resort he asks after Sarah Vernon – Audrey’s old identity – and notices an advert for the World Wide Post.

In the present we have Nathan and Audrey (ugh, no more love tension between these 2) and Audrey starts to tell Nathan about the Colorado Kid when she realises the Haven Herald is missing – she asks Nathan and he says that Dave killed Vince 15 years ago. He gives her the “talk slowly because she’s being delusional” tone and she points out that when it’s a “Haven thing” happening usually she’s the only one who knows since she’s immune (and she uses the same tone, which I approve of).

Audrey tries to parse what else has changed – and sees Nathan and Jordan are still back together (good! Let us pretend  Audrey and Nathan becoming an item again, never happened. Audrey can hold out for Duke) and she gets a letter from the World Wide Post – which has been held for several years, from 1955, from Duke. Audrey realises they have to bring Duke back asap before he changes more of Haven.

Audrey and Nathan go to see Stuart Mosley who calls Duke the “man from the past” and he recognises Audrey. When he sees Nathan he has another episode – and Nathan is zapped as well. So Nathan gets to meet Duke in the past (lucky Duke) and try and fix what he broke – though Duke protests he knows the time travel rules – low profile, don’t change anything. Then realises he saved the bar tender’s life. Who they’ve been calling junior – his real name? Roy Crocker, Duke’s grandfather. According to Duke’s journal, Sarah was supposed to kill Roy that day. Oopsie. Nathan seems to be pushing murdering poor Roy and Duke isn’t all that keen with the plan.

In the present, Audrey calls in Claire to help her speak to the Troubled and troubled Mosley – but Claire is shocked. What is Audrey doing out in public when she’s wanted for the Rev. Driscol’s murder? Yes, Haven’s getting worse and worse. Oh and Nathan’s dead trying to protect her from the rev’s men. And Mosley doesn’t even live at this address any more.

Back in the past Nathan has a creepy cute moment with the boy that will one day be his father before learning from the Guard that Stuart Mosely is arriving by train. A policeman also knows that – and is calling in Roy (who has the Crocker Trouble killing Trouble) to meet him and kill him as well – though it’s clear that Roy isn’t thrilled by his role as a killer. Roy says he’s done, refuses and the policeman draws a gun on him – so Duke intervenes and bashes the cop round the head.  Yes Duke save the life of the person he was supposed to save – again.

Duke explains to Nathan they can make the future better. Nathan, for once saying something I agree with, responds with “we’re not messing with the time/space continuum so you can work on your daddy issues.”

Which is when Stuart Mosely arrives – pushed in a wheelchair by Sarah – past Audrey! Duke is sent after his grandfather and Nathan gets to see Stuart. But he’s quickly ambushed by Sarah dragging him out of the hospital and demanding an explanation for his random compliments. Unfortunately it seems Sarah has just arrived in Haven and has no idea about the Troubled or anything – as far as she knows she’s just a nurse who works with war veterans and totally wants to get it on with Nathan.

Duke is busy trying to convince his grandfather to get out of Haven and never return (because if you’re going to screw up the space/time continuum you might as well aim for a full blown paradox). Which looks likely to work until Roy finds Duke’s copy of the family murderin’ journal. Upset by this, he clobbers Duke around the head.

Duke wakes up tied to a chair, gagged and facing his angry, gun toting grandfather who has gone through the journal and found his own obituary and is rather… perturbed. Duke runs with “I am your grandson” which isn’t very believable, but he throws in the eyes turning silver thing which is much more convincing a family secret. He believes Duke and is only more convinced that he needs to kill Sarah before she kills him (ok another guess from  me – he goes, attacks Sarah and she kills him in self-defence! Behold the power of the timeline!)

Nathan finds Duke in bondage and lets him out to be told that Duke has been trying REALLY REALLY hard for that space/time continuum paradox.  Sarah, meanwhile, is talking about flowers and fluff with the dazed veteran Stuarts. Until Nathan arrives telling her to head for the hills, that Roy’s out to kill her and she has to run to Duke (“he has long hair, but you can trust him!”) until they know Roy is dead

She runs into the basement, sees Duke, but Roy is there as well, with a gun. So Sarah, rather calmly, pulls her own gun. At Duke’s insistence they both slowly put down their guns – but Roy reaches for his hidden knife to throw – and Sarah shoots him. As the dying Roy touches Duke, his blood is absorbed and Duke’s eyes glow silver – Roy tells Duke they can’t escape their fate.

This leaves Nathan to explain everything to Sarah – the Troubled, how she helps, the time travelling. She worries about helping alone and they send her to the Teagues.

In present haven the Guard are now smuggling people out of Haven – and Claire decides Audrey’s not delusional simply because she’s Audrey and tends to see weird shit. Claire takes her to see ex-Chief Wuornos, who is alive in this world. It’s touching until the men with guns show up. They hold them at gun point, talk about cleaning up the town and prepare to shoot Audrey

They pull the trigger – which is about the time that past Stuart is convinced by Sarah that he’s safe and can use his powers to send them back to the present. The time line resets and the bullet is stopped before it hits Audrey. They all re-appears at Stuart’s and Audrey gestures Nathan and Duke to leave before they’re noticed.

Duke is left with lots of angst – being unable to make things better and for telling Sarah to kill his own grandfather. Nathan and Audrey ignore that so they can talk more about Sarah and the Colorado Kid being Sarah’s son.

In the past, Sarah calls her superior to say she’s staying in Haven – and her boss? Is Agent Howard, Audrey’s boss.

Ok thing I like? How genre savvy everyone is with Audrey. No-one’s saying “oh Audrey, you silly, delusional thing you!” everyone knows how it works and knows that if Audrey  says something is wrong, then something’s wrong. In a genre full of people dismissing “delusional” and “hysterical” women

Sarah and Nathan – yeah, that’s creepy. Nathan has been pining after Audrey since the first episode of season 1 – to see him fall for someone who just happens to look like her after a few hours acquaintance? I’m not liking that. It kind of devalues any connection they have

But also an aaargh of frustration because the only advancement of the meta here  was at the very very end! Oh it was nice to see Sarah and Roy – but still! C’mon Haven , it’s time to answer some questions