Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Misfits Season Four, Episode Four

Lola and Curtis and a man is watching them dance.  Curtis notices that something if off with Lola and she says that she needs some fresh air.  Lola ends up arguing with the man who was watching her dance with Curtis.  In the alley Jake asks here where she has been and what has happened to her. It seems that Lola had Jake kill a man for her, but she is not concerned with his guilt and points out that for a while, he got to fuck her. Lola tells Jake to go home but he says if I go down, I will take you with me and tell them everything. Lola asks Jake if he wants to hurt her and points out that he wouldn't be the first.  Jake simply replies, "fuck you," before walking away.   Lola bashes the back her head into the wall and when Curtis comes out to check on her, Lola claims that Jake attacked her.  I knew that woman was up to no good.

Lola tells Curtis that Jake is her ex and is obsessed with her. She even tells him that Jake has threatened to kill her. Curtis suggests that Lola go to the police but Lola claims that she went to the police before and they didn't do anything but make it worse.  Lola starts to cry and adds, "I'm so fucking scared."  Curtis comforts her and promises that he won't let Jake hurt her.  When Curtis hugs Lola a scheming look comes into her eyes.

At the community center, Rudy wakes Finn to ask if he has any jelly.  Finn asks why he needs jelly, and Rudy says that it's pretty obvious.  When Finn says he doesn't have any, Rudy says it's a shame. It seems that Rudy has sneaked a woman into the center.  The next morning Finn asks how he would like it if he were bringing girls back and suggests that the woman doesn't want him there. Finn suggests that they need a system for when they bring girls back and this shocks Rudy who says, "I just assumed your cock had shriveled like a tiny little raisin in the sun."  Finn replies, "I prefer to think of him as a tiger. He hasn't fed in awhile but he is poised, ready to pounce."  He looks over at Jess and says that he just needs an angle.  Rudy suggests that if Finn were any kind of man that he would and see Jess and tell her a heartbreaking story.

Curtis gets a call from Lola and heads onto the roof to meet her.  Lola hands him a picture of her and Jake with her face scratched out. Lola says that Jake knows where she lives and so she has to go away. Curtis asks about them and Lola answers that if she stays, Jake will hurt her.  Curtis says that he will go and see Jake and make him listen.  Lola tells Curtis that if he goes to see Jake that Jake will kill him.  Curtis answers that he is not going to loose her because of Jake.  Lola holds out a gun and says that she doesn't want Curtis to get hurt.  Curtis reluctantly takes the gun and Lola warns that Jake will lie and try to turn him against her.

Jess is polishing the floor when Finn approaches her to tell her that his grandmother's dog had his leg amputated yesterday. Finn asks Jess to go for a drink at the bar, but Jess declines because she does not want to see Alex.  When Jess says that she is not the best person to talk to about dogs, Finn changes his tactic and suggests putting the dog down.

Jake returns to his flat, takes a drink out of the fridge and finds glass from a broken window all over the floor.  Curtis uses the gun to hit Jake across the back of the head.  Jake tells Curtis to take whatever he wants and Curtis replies that he isn't there to rob him. Curtis tells Jake not to go anywhere near Lola or he will kill her.  When Jake says that he would never hurt her, Curtis says that he saw what he did to her.  Jake says that he would never hurt Lola and that whatever she told him is a lie.  A struggle happens and the gun goes off.  Jake has been shot in the stomach and so Curtis rushes out of the apartment.

When Curtis returns home Lola is waiting for him.  He goes into the bathroom to wash of the blood and tells Lola that he and Jake got into a fight.  Lola asks what Jake said and Curtis tells her that Jake said he was being used.  Lola kisses Curtis and tells him that he did what he had to do and now Jake cannot hurt her anymore. Later when Curtis wakes, he is alone in bed. 

Finn is gets out of the shower and walks into the area he shares with Rudy, to find some woman sitting on Rudy's face.  At the community center, Curtis calls Lola asking where she is but what he doesn't know is that Lola is already in bed with another man.  Curtis asks the probation worker where Lola is and if she is coming in today. It seems that Greg has no idea where Lola is because he has never heard of her before. Curtis says, "Lola the trainee probation worker," and Greg says, "there is no trainee probation worker. Are you on crack?"

Finn tells Rudy that he cannot put up with finding him with a woman sitting on his face.  Jess joins the conversation and Rudy asks if she would be upset if a man wore safety goggles while he is going down her because he is dating a squirter. Curtis interrupts the conversation to ask about Lola and it seems that none of the Misfits have any clue who she is talking about. Curtis tells Jess that the other day, she saw him with Lola in the bar.  Jess replies that she saw him with some girl but had no idea who. Jess asks Curtis if he is alright and Curtis says yeah and walks away. Jess tells the others that she think that Curtis is in trouble.

Curtis goes back to Jake's apartment and the body is still sprawled in the middle of the floor.  Curtis touches the wound and then picks up a dowel. Suddenly someone rings the doorbell and it turns out that it's the other Misfits.  Rudy shouts out, "Curtis Donovan open this bloody door." Curtis opens the door and tells Rudy to shut up and stop saying his name. The misfits enter and see the body causing Rudy to say, "I'm sure that there's a very funny story behind this." Curtis admits that he killed Jake.

Curtis tells them that he woke up this morning and Lola was gone and that Jake is the only other person who knows anything about hr.  Jess asks if Curtis is thinking of bringing Jake back to life.  This does not please Rudy at all and he brings up the cheerleaders. Curtis' plan is to bring Jake back to life briefly so that he can ask a few questions, because Jake is the only one who knows anything about Lola.  Rudy says, "gentleman will you join me in the kitchen please." This does not not impress Jess but Rudy says that this is nothing to concern her and that it's just man talk.

In the kitchen Rudy takes a beer from the kitchen and asks Curtis how he feels about the little fellow doing the clubbing (referring of course to Fin). Rudy believes that this will make Finn look tough in front of Jess. Curtis asks Finn if he is up to this and Finn asks, "do you think I can't club a zombie to death? I'm a machine."

The guys head back to the living room and before he touches Jake, Curtis reminds Finn that he has to destroy the brain.  Curtis touches Jake and Jake takes a deep breath. Curtis tells Jake that he didn't mean to kill him but the gun went off and things got messed up.  Curtis says that he needs to talk about Lola and Jake says that the started seeing each other and she was in debt with some loan shark who beat her up.  Jake admits that he stabbed the loan shark, though he didn't mean to kill him.  Jake adds that Lola was using him. Curtis asks where Lola lives and Jake says the address and that he feels really weird.  They tell him that he his zombie but when Finn tries to hit him, he misses and knocks out the light instead. A struggle ensues and Finn manages to pull Jake off Rudy and beats him to death.  Curtis says that he has to go and Rudy tries to set up Finn and Jess but she doesn't want to hear it.

Back at home, Curtis looks at his arm and it seems he may have been bitten by zombie Jake.  He heads over to Lola's address and is attacks a dog.  Back at the community center, Finn and Jess are eating toast together.  Rudy asks them if they are eating marmalade and says that yesterday he might have stuck his dick in it.  Jess walks away in disgust and Finn says, "thank you very much. Jess loved my toast. The even butter distribution and now it will forever be associated with the taste of your cock. You've completely fucked it."  Rudy argues that the way to a girls heart is by inserting a penis into her vagina. Finn tells Rudy that he is going to have to find somewhere else to live because he cannot live like this. Rudy tells him not to do this and then adds a sob story. Finn says that they can still be friends and Rudy says that he doesn't want to live with him either.

Curtis rings the doorbell at the address Jake gave him and where there is no answer, he simply breaks the door down and enters.  Curtis starts going through the drawers and finds them all empty.  He comes across a CD with the name Lola on it.  On the CD she talks about an abusive childhood and an ex-boyfriend who was beating her. She says that she seduced a drug dealer who laced her ex's food. It turns out that this was an acting role for her.  We then see footage of the storm.  It seems that the storm turned her into Lola. 

When Curtis pushes the elevator button to leave he runs into Lola. He tells her that he saw the CD and that this is all an act and that she is an actress who stayed in character. Lola asks if he is trying to kill her and asks if she should go to the police.  Curtis grabs her but Lola says you killed a man and you have to live with. "I used you deal with it."  When the elevator door opens,  Curtis gets on quickly. As soon as the door closes, he opens his bag and eats some bloody meat.  In her apartment, Lola uses the iron to burn her hand.

Lola's new man shows up at her apartment, and so Lola shows him the burn and claims that Curtis did it. Rudy wakes up and finds himself covered in snails.  He goes to see Finn and says that he thinks that a slug climbed up his anus.  He asks to move back in and promises to behave himself and says that he misses Finn.  Finn and Rudy share an awkward embrace and Rudy asks, "will you come help me shit this slug out?"

Curtis has a hamster and he talking to him when Greg walks in forcing him to hide the hamster. Greg asks Curtis if he likes to squeal, because he can make him squeal like a cute little piglet who is being raped by a bear. They both hear a noise and pause.  When Greg asks if Curtis was sniffing him, Curtis touches Greg and responds "I find you so very attractive, so butch; I like that." Greg tells Curtis that he is a very attractive worker but reminds Curtis that he is his probation worker and so some things aren't meant to be. Greg that it's a cruel bit of luck before walking away. 

Curtis is eating the hamster when Rudy walks in.  Rudy realizes that Curtis is now a zombie an asks if he has any plans to deal with it.  Curtis promises not to bite because he has just had a snack. Curtis begs him not to tell the others.

Later on the roof, Rudy tells the others that Curtis is a zombie and suggests killing him. Finn reminds Rudy that this is Curtis and that there must be something that they can do. Rudy says what needs to be done, needs to be done. Jess agrees that Curtis needs to die before he infects them or someone else. When Finn shakes his head no, Jess says, "it's either that or we spend the rest of our short lives living in a post apocalyptic zombie infested world and it's shit around here as it is." Finn asks how does this and points out that he did the last one.  Jess calls Finn a pussy and Rudy suggests that they draw straws.

Curtis is sitting by himself and Rudy walks up behind him with a hammer. When Curtis turns around he asks Rudy if he told the others and Rudy denies it at first. Curtis says that he cannot stop thinking about Lola and that he needs to try and help her. Curtis feels he needs to do something like he still can.  When Curtis stands up suddenly he knocks Rudy who drops the hammer.  Rudy says that it is nothing personal and that he drew the short straw.  Curtis hands Rudy the hammer and walks away.

Curtis is walking away from the center when he is hit over the head by Lola's new man.  The man has put Curtis into the back of his trunk and driven him to a broken down factory. Curtis tells the man that Lola is using him and that he killed a guy for her.  Curtis turns around slowly and says that he wants to talk.  Curtis swears that Lola is lying and playing a part because of the storm.  Suddenly a shot rings out and it's Lola.  Lola is now pointing a gun at Curtis who begs her to listen to him. Lola plans to set it up to make it look like the two men shot each other.  Lola shoots Curtis in the chest and he sits up suddenly and bites her. When Lola sit up, Curtis shoots her in the head saying that he is sorry.

The phone rings and it's Rudy checking up on Curtis.  Rudy asks where Curtis is to talk through the options. Curtis says that there is only one option.  Rudy asks if there is a way to manufacture a happy ending but Curtis says that there are no happy endings.  Rudy suggests one last pint but Curtis says it's better this way before hanging up the phone.  Curtis then uses the gun to blow his brains out.  At the community center, Rudy wipes the tears form his face.

Okay, the moment that Curtis got bitten, I knew that his time on Misfits was done.  This means that there is no one left from the original cast.  I don't like Finn, Jess or Rudy so at this point I have no interest in what is going to happen next.  Curtis was always the least interesting member of the cast but now that he is gone, I fear that there is nothing left of the Misfits I first started watching.

In terms of the Lola storyline the idea of a woman abusing men because they abused her is tired and done. She is literally now the Black widow spider consuming her mates. Given that the only female character left on the show is now Jess, the role of women on Misfits is underwhelming at best.  As much as I had problems with the Alisha and Kelly, they are a far sight better than the ineffectual Jess.

After four season, we finally have a gay character - Greg.  This is most certainly a case of erasure is better than representation.  Greg is violent, he intimidates men he views as weaker than him and constantly talks about violating men sexually.  He is a caricature at best and given Misfits habit of killing of probation workers, Greg is a dead man walking.  So this means not only do we have a horrible gay character, we have a character who is very likely to die in the foreseeable future. This most certainly does not resolve the epic amounts of homophobia engaged in on this show for shits and giggles and in fact increases the issue of homophobia on the Misfits.

At this point I think that they should just cancel the show and leave us with somewhat positive memories of Misfits.  I don't see it getting any better and the new characters are at best boring and vapid.