Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Three, Episode Two: Subterrfaenean

 Vex and Kenzi are at an underground performance with Kenzi's friend Aussie. When a human jumps out at Vex, he tries to use his powers to push him away but when his powers don't work, Vex pushes him into a wall and holds a knife to his throat. Kenzi is forced to tell him that it's all make believe and that he needs to back off.

Bo and Lauren are having sex and Lauren pauses to say that they need to start stocking the fridge with sports drinks.  Obviously, keeping with Bo is exhausting for her. She then comments, "I must be the only woman in history who has to pretend to be a ditz to repel sexual attraction." They are interrupted when Bo gets a message from Trick asking her to come to the bar.

At the performance that Vex and Kenzi are attending, they suddenly see creatures moving quickly. The lights go out and the man dressed as a sewer alligator on stage is dead. The crowd quickly starts to disperse, as Kenzi yells for her friend Aussie.

Bo wakes up from a dream about her stealing essence from someone outside of the Dahl, which we saw at the end of last week.  Lauren asks if she is okay and Bo says that she is fine. Lauren points out that for the last two nights that she has slept over that Bo has woken up screaming and so she asks if committing to her is scary. Bo reassures Lauren and tells her to go back to sleep.

Kenzi and Vex rush in and tell Bo what happened. Vex says that he believes that the attack was fae related. Kenzi says that they have to go now but when they ask Vex to join them, he declines saying that there is a "Real Houswives" marathon on. When Kenzi moves to attack, Bo tells her that it is not worth the effort and threatens Vex if he goes near her girlfriend.

At a gym, Dyson is boxing and a woman walks in and says, "20 bucks if you kill the white boy."  It turns out that the woman is Dyson's new partner Tamsin. Dyson says that he has not heard anything about a new partner and she hands him a folder about a fae which is causing trouble. In even more shocking  news, it turns out that Tamsin reports to the Morrigan and their team is part of a peace project between the Light and Dark fae.

Kenzi and Bo use a storm drain to enter the area of the festival.  When Bo asks how Kenzi knew about this, Kenzi admits that after running away from home, she used to live there.  Bo says that she has never had to live below ground and Kenzi replies that her life was easier because of her abilities as a succubus.  Bo gets a call from Trick, who has contacted a weaver to help her with her night terrors.  Trick says that the weaver is specialising in annoying him and wants to know when Bo will be there.  Bo tells Trick about Kenzi's friend, so Trick suggests that Eunice has other places to be and things to do, but Eunice grabs his hand and replies that she would love to stay. Trick begs Bo to hurry after Eunice makes a pretty blatant pass.

Bo and Kenzi come across someone wearing a blindfold.  He moves away from them when he hears a rat and then promptly eats it. They follow the man and see more people just like him. Bo says that they are fae and that they live like animals. On the ground, Kenzi sees a dead man with his leg sliced off.  When they try to leave, the exit is blocked off and they are accused of trespassing. They are interrupted by a man who is also blind and Bo tells him that ripping a man to death is barbaric.

At the festival, Dyson and Tamsin are examining the body of the man who was pretending to be the sewer alligator.  Tamsin feels that Dyson is holding back information and Dyson replies, "orders or no orders, I've been around long enough to know that I would be a fool to trust someone from your team." Tamsin asks if Dyson means, "dark fae or women."

Bo stands in front of Kenzi to protect her but Atticus says that he used to live up ground and had  wife in child who were quarantined because their poor quality of life had lead to a disease.  Atticus  says that the disease was most likely a means to an end place them out of sight  The rat eater says that his coveted home did have an ocean view.  In frustration, Kenzi strikes him demanding that he return Aussie. The eater leaves locking Bo and Kenzi in the room and gas starts to rise from the ground.

When Bo and Kenzi wake up, they're back at home with Vex watching over them eating.  Vex asks, "how was it to finally consummate your marriage?"  Bo asks how they got there and Vex replies, "I don't know but if I had to guess, years of latent sexual tension." Bo and Kenzi start to beat Vex with pillows when they are interrupted by Dyson and Tamsin.

Bo heads to the precinct and it's clearly awkward between her and Dyson. Dyson says that last night they were investigating the old subway tunnels and he smelled her perfume. Bo admits that they went in to get Kenzi's friend Aussie.  Dyson says that city workers have gone missing and that they have been ordered to exterminate them.  Tamsin shows Bo a picture of the man she fed off of dead in an alley. When Bo says that it looks like her feed, Dyson tells her to stop talking because apparently this crime is punishable by death. Tamsin asks what she should tell the Morrigan and Bo is not at all pleased when she realises that Dyson's new partner is a dark fae. When Tamsin asks where Bo was at the time of the murder, Dyson covers for her and says that she was with him getting out of prison.

Kenzi is waiting for Bo at the stations and she stops to look at the pictures of missing people on the wall.  In frustration she picks up her phone and calls Aussie.  Back in the interrogation room, Tamsin tells Bo that she is not leaving the room until she confesses. Bo ignores Tamsin and tells Dyson that Aussie may get caught in the cross fire when they attempt to capture Atticus. Dyson is more concerned that Atticus plans to reveal the fae to the world. Tasmin leaves the room and Dyson comments that Tamsin is at least easy the eyes.  When Tamsin pours hot coffee all over a desk, Dyson leaves to confront her.  Dyson tells Tamsin that he is not pleased that she ambushed him with the case and that he knows Bo didn't do this because she has been feeding cleanly and safely for two years. Tamsin points out that there are still a lot of facts that lead to Bo. When Tamsin moves to walk away, Dyson says, "if we are going to be partners, you have to learn to control yourself."

Kenzi uses a key to open up the interrogation room and when she is stopped by a cop, Bo uses her power against him.  Robert pulls Dyson aside and tells him that if Aussie is down there that he could very well be a typhoid Mary and therefore saving him is not an option. To back up his point, the city manager tells Dyson that this is a direct order from The Ash. He orders Dyson to keep Bo locked up but when they all return to the interrogation room, Bo and Kenzi have made their escape.

Bo and Kenzi head back to the apartment and start packing up their things but before they can leave, Aussie shows up.  He apparently has no memory of being kidnapped and wonders what is wrong with Kenzi.  Aussie suddenly gets weak and blood begins to gush from his nose.  They take Aussie to The Dahl, where Eunice begins to work on him. Eunice begins to weave and they see an image of St. Thomas's shipyard.  When Aussie tries to get up, blood begins to pour from his eyes.

They head to the shipyard and look for the container 1285 that appeared in the weave.  When they open up the container, they free a group of humans, who are just as infected as Aussie.

Bo shows up at the station and tells Tamsin that they need to talk. When Tamsin makes some comment about kicking Bo's ass, Bo says, "oh relax bitch." Kenzi is quick on her heals with the people from the container, who also happen to be the people on the missing flyers that Kenzi was looking at earlier. Tamsin, Dyson and Bo go into an interrogation room, where Bo declares that Atticus is not guilty because he and his fae can no longer exist in sunlight. Bo says that Atticus lit a torch when she was down there and it looked like he almost burst into flames. Tamsin is not convinced and suggests that Atticus only wanted Bo to think that. Dyson believes that they have caught the disease.  Bo comes back saying that Atticus returned her and Kenzi to her bed but Dyson tells her to stay out of this.

Robert, the city manger, pulls Dyson and Tamsin aside and asks for explanation as to why they aren't in the tunnels. Dyson says that Bo found the missing humans and suggests that Atticus is not behind the attacks. Robert is not impressed and tells them that he is under orders to wipe them out and so Dyson suggests taking it up with The Ash.  When they return to the interrogation room, Bo has escaped yet again.

Bo and Kenzi head back into the tunnels as Hale shows up at the station.  As his cover for not being a cop any longer, it seems that the lie has been spread that Hale has won the lottery. Dyson grabs Hale and tells him that he is having a problem with how Hale wants the subterranean fae dealt with.  Hale assures Dyson that though this seems cold, that they will like their new home. Hale adds that the old guard dealt wrongly with these fae and he assures Dyson that this is not just because they need to put in a new subway line. Dyson thanks Hale and walks away.

In the tunnels, Robert suddenly appears and uses his powers to mesmerize Kenzi and Bo.  He demands that they shows him the secret way in.   Dyson appears in the tunnels, as Bo and Kenzi continue to lead Robert. When Kenzi and Bo suddenly become conscious, Robert admits that he has been known as the slender man, and more famously as the Pied Piper.  Bo realises that Robert has been the cause of all of this and that this is how he feeds. Bo points out that feeding on other fae is a no no.  Robert says that all he was supposed to do was to bring them down here but he could not stop feeding on them and declares that if they have eyes, they're his. He admits that in the old days he used to use a pipe, so that mortals would believe it was black magic.   Robert Hamlin then tells Bo that she has no business judging because she left a a dark fae in an alley.  Robert tries to use his powers on Atticus but now that he is blind, Robert's power no longer works on him.  Robert lifts a rock to attack Atticus and Dyson charges in and saves the day.  Bo suggests leaving Atticus alone with Robert and when Dyson says go for it, Bo closes them in.  Atticus tells Robert that he has to answer for the death of his wife and child and then takes a healthy bite out of neck.

This time, Dyson and Tamsin are boxing and she lands a great combination on him. Tamsin punches him and says that this is for ditching him in the middle of the case to go and play hero for his girlfriend.  She adds, "there's so much more to life than that unaligned kooze."  Tamsin leans in and kisses Dyson and asks if she tastes good. Dyson admits that she does but says that he does not want a new partner. Before walking away, Tamsin says that they moved the fae that Bo fed off to the dark compound and that when he wakes up, Bo is going to have to pay for what she did. She adds when Bo goes down for feeding off of one of mine, then we'll be good.

Bo goes to see Trick, who says that the fae owe her a debt of gratitude.  Bo sits down and the weaver starts to weave using a strand of her hair. It's an image of Bo feeding violently and the weaver says that she has to leave and does not tell Bo exactly what she saw. Alone Bo asks, "why do people always lie to me.?"

Thank goodness that this episode was less problematic than the season opener.  I do think that there where however still problems.  With Hale being promoted to obscurity, it would have been great if the producers of Lost Girl has thought to add another character of colour.  There is absolutely no reason that Tamsin could not have been a person of colour and her Whiteness speaks loudly about the producers commitment to racial equality on the show. 

I am not at all pleased with the introduction of Tamsin.  Of course we cannot possibly have two strong female characters get along.  The fact that they hate each other on site is so damn cliche.  Another issue I have with their interaction is the anti-woman language that both characters engaged in. Bo called Tamsin a bitch and Tamsin refered to Bo as  a kooze.  Really Lost Girl?  Considering that last week we had all of that anti-feminist language it does not bode well for where this season is heading.  Being a strong woman does not mean that one has successfully internalized negative sexist messages but you wouldn't know that from the language used in the last two episodes.

Vex is quickly becoming an irritant.  I know that he is meant to serve as comic relief but having him watch Bo and Kenzi while there were sleeping and then make comments dripping with sexual innuendo is beyond creepy.  It's not funny and actually constitutes harassment.  The only good thing about it is that neither Bo or Kenzi are willing to tolerate his behaviour